Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Chemainus, 63 year old

Date someone special from Canada. Like so many others, I find it somewhat strange to be sitting here preparing what essentially amounts to a personal marketing brochure. It's like preparing a business resume - capture all the good points, find just the right words, sound intelligent but don't come across as egotistical, give just enough information to create interest but not enough to cause a reader to make a 'discard pile' decision. WHEW!!
That said, here goes - I enjoy life in all its aspects. I love to travel, especially in my motor home because of the flexibility it affords such as taking the road to the left when the original plan was to turn right. You just never know what might be presented to you over the next hill. I have a great sense of humour and love to laugh. I get tremendous satisfaction from my business in terms of both the sense of accomplishment every time we get a new client or a 'fan mail' note from an existing one. I also appreciate the life style and freedom that has come from the success of my business. I have amazing, wonderful employees who do make subtle comments at times, such as "Go ahead. Stay down south as long as you like. The business runs just fine when you are away.' (GRRR . . . still love them though.) I love cooking, especially with wine, and trying different cuisines. I believe in politeness and manners. I guess I'm old-school because I still open the car door and walk on the street side when I'm with a lady. I'm also a serious romantic that thinks the unexpected hug, or note, or simply holding hands while walking through the mall, mean a great deal in a caring, loving relationship. I like smart minds that do outrageous and silly things just for the fun of it. I hate conflict; one should always be able to achieve compromise if it is that important to you. I believe that sharing a rolling-on-the-floor, tears-in-the-eyes laugh with your special someone is one of the best moments in life..
I do admit to being an avid golfer who will play in almost any weather. I enjoy canoeing on the lake in front of my house. I prefer playing sports rather than watching them although I will also admit that playoffs do get my attention. I enjoy reading almost anything and love live theatre, good movies, and most music, with the exception of rap. Sorry, but I just don't get rap.
I grew up in southern Ontario in the snow belt so feel that snow is best when it stays up in the mountains where it belongs. It's there to play in but I not too crazy about living in it. Would much rather swim in warm waters, hike serene forests, or explore the desert.
I hope to find that person that makes me want to grin from ear to ear whenever I see her because I am so happy she is in my life. That may be because we have become really good friends or it may be because she is 'the one' and I can't bear to spend a moment away from her. I think I should clarify that last statement by saying my perfect 'one' is not dependent on anyone but rather an individual who wants to share experiences.
Best wishes in your own journey.