Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Chilliwack, 64 year old

Date men and women from Chilliwack, Canada. Honest, thoughtful, caring, independent carver, photographer, writer, seeks honest, self-aware, sincere, low maintenance,companion. I am a faithful stay-at-home guy, a capable cook and homemaker, not a dancer or drinker, and not into travel.

Meet single man from Chilliwack, Canada. i'm a country-boy,from Columbia Valley.i'm a girlfriends.i make wine,cook,walks,cycliny,etc;etc.i smoke,i have a small Dog.i would like a womans love not her money.i gave up my dr; glass is 12 full,i don't like head-games.i'm a friends call me john-boy.Take care because i care,John.

Date people from Chilliwack, Canada. I am just a Happy go Lucky guy who has been married twice for over 36 year and truly believes in committment and I am still good friends with both of my X wives. My biggest problem is that I am a bit of a workaholic.
Love to design and develop new and innovative things...Always thinking....have just never found the right girl/woman to take my mind fully off these things at the right time.
God had blessed me with an unreal abilty to invent, design and develop new things and sometimes I get lost in the process. I need somone that understands this and knows it is not a way to ignore someone...just how I have been put together and "make" me want to change this at the right times.
I love slapstick comedy, pranks whether by me or on me...have a great sense of humor. LOVE TO LAUGH. I like individuals who like to take take chances, don't take themselves seriously but take care of themsleves and stay fit and demand that their partners does the same...I miss this and need it again.
My social life now is just keeping in touch with my old buddies and going out once or twice a week for a couple of drinks...don't drink much though...cannot handle the hangovers...and have not has one for years.
I am proud of the fact that I have been married, had children and still love them ALL.....and the fact that I have made it into the Hall of Fame, Wikopedia and all kinds of other places on the internet for things I have done and accomplished. Have a huge list of famous people as freinds that I have met through my business and sports.
But most of all I am looking for a partner that does not find the ABOVE BORING.

Meet a soulmate from Chilliwack, Canada. I am looking for a happy sexual lady who enjoys life and likes to travel to see new places. Someone who likes to spend loving times together.
I enjoy viewing sports on TV and enjoys cooking meals together

Date someone special from Chilliwack, Canada. i.would like an attractive slim to medium size woman who is loyal,honest and loving like i who likes new challenges and who likes to travel,explore new things,someone who is healthy and enjoys sex on a reguler basis,likes to hug and kiss and hold hands walking down the street,loyal to me and our relationship,respectful to my family as i would be to short i'm looking for the girl nextstore.

Meet a man from Chilliwack, Canada. With all my being I love to make others' lives happy. I love doinmg the small things. Decorating for occasions. Providing for those I care for.
Socially, while I like large sporting or social gatherings occasionally, I tend to enjoy cozy home times as much if not more.
I love "big" dogs. until recently, I always had two German Shephers with a sprinkling of other dogs, cats etc.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. i just want a lady friend to talk to and to be with,go for a meal,for a drive,playing cards, go to a casino ,imax theatre Seatle Zoo I love going to Vancouver granville island market ,flea markets,in life i have been poor rich poor to me money does not mean much any more i love my job i am an optimist and a perfectionist i never see the cup half empty it is always half full Sorry my grammer is not perfict Neither am I.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Most would say I'm loyal to a fault.
I love dogs (German Shepherds in particular) cats and most furry friends!
I'm a softy for "chick movies" and those long distance phone ads always "get" me!
While much of my spare time is spent relaxing with a bit of tv, a movie rental or a book, when time allows I love to hop into the car and just drive to places I either know or want to see.
My work schedule deprives me of the one thing I need to find..a friend and lover in whom I can confide.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for someone special to develop a friendship/relationship with. Hope the person enjoys camping because I sure do.
I am very honest and sincere.
Am an easy going guy and enjoys the simple things in life.
I like to golf and listen to most kinds of music.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. my closest friends describe me as being very organizedi am also proud of who i am because ivolunteer at my work with helping out with dinners for fundraiser and lots of other function i am very grateful for having my health .hopefully i meat a man who will treat me with social life is somewhat okay i dont do much .

Date people from Canada. I'm a fun loving, caring person who loves live. i would like to share this with someone. My son and my grandchildren mean more to me than anythiing. i also come from a very large family (12) and i would do anything for any one of them if they needed my help.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a loyal friend, would love to be a stand up comic but am afraid of talking to a large group ( that lets that out) Would like someone who is easy to talk to, likes music and dancing, golfing (I am not too good but enjoy it) I have many wonderful diverse friends whom I treasure. I work in the medical field and still enjoy it, Like to travel especially to warm places where there is water. My hobbies are tap dancing and ballet which I started much later in life. I am happy with almost anything except tenting and don't like out houses.
I am looking for someone intelligent, funny,and kind who likes to get out and explore new areas, or stay home and putter around. I enjoy anywhere warm especially around water. I enjoy travel and have lived in Europe, so got to travel to many countries. My heritage is Welsh and finally got to meet relatives in Wales which was awesome. I have travelled all over Canada except PEI which I would have liked to have seen. I have been to most of the western States, Mexico and Hawaii.
I have a bike but I really don't like riding around alone, so it just hangs there in my garage. I used to own a motorcycle but have given that up.
I live in a townhouse with a big enough yard to plant a small garden which I enjoy.
I would like someone with whom to go out for dinner, an occasional golf game, go hear a good band and perhaps dance, check out new areas of the country, cook together, talk and just enjoy the life we still have.
I love animals but since I moved from the country to a townhouse I have decided not to own any as if I want to leave for any amount of time I would need a babysitter. Throughout my life I have had many diverse and interesting animals and birds.

Date someone special from Canada. my friend describe me to be very friendly,and very cheerful , im grateful for my health, my accomplishments im proud of is all the work i done in my life, im looking for somebody who will love me for me, i love to walk in nature i love animals lesson the music and the sound of the wave.