Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Chilliwack, 61 year old

Date someone special from Chilliwack, Canada. I see myself as a creative woman with many hobbies that include sewing, decorating, painting, etc. I love music, dancing and a good party. I love travelling and sightseeing which includes being adventurous. I also love movies and playing games with wine and friends.
Mostly I love to laugh, have fun and be with my friends, and I think they would say that I am a great friend in return.
People that know me would probably describe me as a very giving and caring person with a huge heart, who is a lot of fun to be around. I pride myself on being reliable, kind, sincere and most of all, honest.
I would love to find someone who also likes to travel, enjoys time with friends and family, and who is polite, open, honest, thoughtful and easy going. I'm very independent but I want a best friend, someone I can talk to and share life with. I'm not particularly into sports, so if you are an avid sports fan, we probably won't make a good match.
Ingredients of a great relationship in my opinion are trust, honesty and open communication.

Meet a woman from Chilliwack, Canada. I would like to meet someone who is also fun loving, easy going,spontaneous and adventurous. I'd like to travel, and spend time with someone special, having fun!
I enjoy bike riding as a means of exploring places, and getting exercise.
Always trying to do the healthy cooking lifestyle thing.
I'm thoughtful, kind tender hearted. Also down to earth, honest, easygoing, adventurous, spontaneous, serious at times, carefree, warm.
I smile easily and enjoy most nice people, places and things!
I read a variety of books from mystery, historical fiction,or anything else that catches my interest.
Love most music ( contemporary, blues, soft jazz, light opera, some oldies some new etc).
I enjoy music festivals, live theater, art festivals.
I am a quiet type of person, but do love to socialize.
A nice evening would be cooking up a meal together and sharing a good bottle of wine.
I'd like a man who enjoys all kinds of music and maybe a bit of slow dancing.
Walks on beaches, hand holding.
Road trips. Love to spend a few winter months down in the sun.
Family and grandchildren are important.
I have vacationed in Hawaii, Mexico and parts of the USA. Hawaii is one of my favorites, but would like to check out the south USA.
I'd like to find someone to share what life offers, to laugh with enjoy life together.
I hope to find my friend, hopefully my partner in life, for life, not just a companion.

Date a soulmate from Chilliwack, Canada. What do my Friends say about me
! My friends would describe me as a very nice , kind , loving , loyal friend !
What makes me smile ?
Seeing happy faces , children playing and sometimes just a sunny day to wake up too.
What accomplishments I'm I most proud of ?
Raising my son as a single parent , the most important job of all in life and you have no manual .
What are you grateful for ?
I'm grateful for my son , my pets and my good health .
My social life ?
I have spent the last 18 years raising my son and my social life included him with youth friendly events ( pony club , 4H , curling, golf , camping and fishing .
What makes make laugh out loud ?
Someone with a good healthy sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself .
What I'm looking for in a man ?
A man that will love , respect .care for and enjoy spending time together . Passionate about life and having a lover and best friend to spend the rest of my life with .
Sorry about the pictures I'm always the one taking them . But I'm 60 and still can be your " ARM CANDY "
Must be around my age please 59 to 65 !
But what concerns me the most is the fact that almost every man on this site excepts you to match there wealth . If that is a deal breaker then "Good Luck too you ". What I can bring to a relationship is priceless ! I have no saving and no high paying career at this time , will explain why when and if we meet !

Meet someone special from Canada. I'm a good friend and a big heart. I like to have fun enjoy my my friend and family ,my dog and people enjoying life. Hoping to find a man who will love me be my friend and lover . A man that will share is money on us both .I have no money and assets so if that is a deal breaker sorry . I'm very honest and up front I work and have no savings . did not plan it this way it just happened .

Date a woman from Canada. This is the hard one. My closest friend thinks that every thing I do is briliant, I love her to death but I'm not briliant, just a survivor. The usual things make me smile, kittens, babies, bunnies and a good autopsy on CSI. I'm most proud of my Boys I raised them by myself and none of them are known to police. I'm grateful for every thing I have and every one in my life, some people aren't as blessed as I am.
I'm hoping to meet some one who doesn't want to be taken care of, who can cook, do laundry and take care of himself. Not that I wouldn't do things for him, just that he doesn't expect them. I'm not athletic, I like to walk, but not alone. I want some one like my best friend who takes me just as I am and doesn't want to change me.
A really good joke (not about a race) makes me laugh out loud, the ----- fairy is funny.
I don't have much of a social life, mostly a night out is dinner with family or friends, I'm here because I would like to have a male friend to go to dinner or a movie with.
God has given me every thing I've ever needed in my life, so I'm hoping/praying that it is time for some one to love me.
I'm president of our strata council where I live and my mandate is to clean up our complex to increase the value of ALL our homes. I'm also in the process of setting up my own business as a care giver companion to seniors,(older than me) who are alone or neglected by their families.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Everyone says I'm a very sweet, caring person with alot of emphathy. I'm easy to be around and smile very easily. I'm layed back, down to earth and listen to everyone's veiws. I find it intreguing how different people are. I'm hoping to find someone alot like me lol. Someone who is fine, with who he is. Someone who treats people with respect, no matter what side of the tracks they live on. Someone who I can laugh and smile with, and who takes pride in family and friends. Someone who is not afraid to hug and hold hands infront of others. Just an all around easy going guy. Honesty is important to me. So is sharing the beautiful things that life has to offer, even without a price tag:) .. I'm very passionate and grateful for, and about my friends, family, and life in general. My attitude is you can't have the possitive without the negative of the world. In other words, I'm ok with about everything lol.
I'm very lucky that I have had the life that I've lived, or I would never know who I am, or beable to laugh and cry as easily as i do lol.