Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Coldstream, 61 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. A product of 1950, totally W Y S I W Y G. (Confused? Google can help you.) Average mileage for age; some miles were apparently tougher than others. A bit rusty here and there due to years of neglect, but salvageable. Generally low maintenance but no warranty left at all, so gentle treatment is required. Otherwise, the crankshaft might be somewhat cranky and the pistons might be … well, you do the math!
Plans for this year are to try to finally conquer fears of heights and water by undertaking zip lining, white water rafting and possibly even jumping from a plane. (Actually, pushed by the unlucky person who gets to be strapped to me. Do they get hazard pay for listening to someone scream all the way to the ground?) An interesting (weird?) fact is that I can water ski but barely swim and have a real fear of drowning.
Motorcycles totally rock! My beginner model is a copper and black Harley 1200 cc Sportster. Motoring along highways and back roads while picking an occasion bug out of my teeth helps me feel totally alive! Totally not a biker chick; no tattoos and no attitude. For the most part, I am rather quiet and very gentle. Absolutely none of that helmet-to-helmet incessant chatter required from you and hopefully, not from me, either.
Please read this next line carefully, Pookie. With time, good experiences and gentle persuasion, I may be willing to be totally involved and faithful to you; however, if pushed too soon with the "C" word (commitment), my instinct will likely be to make a run for it.
I am often quiet and might be painfully shy until I feel comfortable with you .... and then let the hugging begin!

A few more facts about me. Yes, this is all about me!
My height is really 5 feet 4 inches with boots.
I am totally housebroken and will really appreciate you being neat and tidy. I want to be your lover...not your mother (or your maid!)
You can dress me up and take me out, but not too often, and you may expect some fussing and foot dragging on my part. My energy level tends to be high, so I would prefer doing something physical instead of just sitting around.
I do drink on occasion but would really probably prefer a jug of icy cold H2O.
Harleys. You get double points if you own a bike (any kind) and will ride with me! I wave at others riding other brands of bikes, but totally draw the line at scooters.
Skinny dipping. To people with more robust builds, that is called "chunky dunking."
Fishing for salmon, et al. I have rods, bait my own hooks and will even dig for worms..
Dancing in the rain...literally.
Homemade soup. Yours or mine.
Gardening. Well, one of us could maybe grow some ingredients for the soup!
Music. Rock, classical, jazz, country. Please, no rap crap.
Cats, a.k.a. fur babies.
Horses. I do not have one, but double (or triple) points for you if I can ride one of yours.
Slow cuddly dancing. You are smart, figure this out.
Reflexology. This is not just a shameless attempt to hold your hand and yes, I do feet. Your socks are coming off!
Eating healthy. Okay, this is a work in progress, but I am trying.
Water skiing. Got a boat or a friend with one?
Brisk walks. I am good for up to 10 miles, how about you?
For the right guy, I will consider learning golf or other sports. Are you brave enough to try a motorcycle? Alternately, I will cheer you on from the sidelines, "Way to Go, Pookie!"
SENSE OF HUMOR REQUIRED. If you are too uptight to laugh out loud or simply cannot handle being teased, you will likely not last more than 10 minutes with me! My motto: If the broom fits...ride itt.
II can no longer read or answer messages on this site. Disappeared July 01/12. A HarleyHussy might be found on POF if you look for her. In reality there might be 'plenty of fish' to be found anywhere; good lucking finding your "keeper."