Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Coldstream, 65 year old

Date someone special from Coldstream, Canada. I'm retiring in June from a life of doing everything and ending my "many careers" with 20 years as teacher/administrator in a High School.-(oops -dare I say- chasing a pension !) and moving to Ontario. I am so excited about the millions of things I can put my energies into for the next, oh.. maybe 30 years ? !! My passion is to be outdoors and do what little I can to save the Earth from human related environmental calamity. I've always grown my own food- only 1/4 acre can produce enough for a family for the year. So I'm dreaming of buying a farm and having a farm club where members from Toronto can count on receiving their (non-GMO) sustenance as well as have a country place to visit and camp in summer while doing a few farm chores.
I am a pianist in my free time. Do you play an instrument ? I have lived "many lives" in my short sojourn on earth and learned too many useful things, farming, sailing, electrician, building, mechanics, etc. Doesn't sound too feminine, does it ? Believe me, I am feminine ! But the best part of life was having family, as that lasts forever.
I have a dream, but am flexible. I realize that a relationship, even with giving each-other time and space for our own creative endeavors, can't be one directional. Right now, I have a home in BC and one in Toronto. I'd also like to travel a little , again, perhaps exploring the geology of my destinations. Most of my desired archaeology designations are now quite dangerous, so maybe no middle east for a while. Friends in Australia have beckoned me back for a visit.
Friends and colleagues call me kind, sensitive and easy to build rapport with. Very little bothers me, and I extremely tolerant and gentle, but also passionate about honesty and truth so have been known to become an activist. I see myself as generous, but thrifty, living simply so as to have time for action, not spend it tidying up material possessions ! I believe in eating to live, not vice-versa, and I prefer to eat what grows, not manufactured packaged products- (and grow what I eat- hence my orchard).
Interests ? Really any project I take on becomes my interest... political, environmental, designing and building. If I ever have time again to get involved in live Theatre, I enjoy the teamwork and respectful camaraderie. I am doing repair work so I can sail my little Kolibri again ( maybe catch a few trout). Sure I loved to climb mountains, hike, camp, downhill ski, play tennis and swim when younger. Btu now I would be considered a slowpoke if I joined a team !
I am not conservative, as life is too short and exciting for that. I like to "climb trees barefoot" . I am comfortable with silence in company. Well, I believe we are social beings and retirement will probably be more meaningful if at least some of it can be shared with a partner !