Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Colwood, 63 year old

Date someone special from Colwood, Canada. I currently live in the country and for the time being am happy here. I was blessed with a long and happy marriage so I know what it is like to just enjoy being in the company of your best friend. Life can be a roller coaster but my philosophy is to put your hands in the air, lean into the curves and hang on for the ride. I am a hard worker, do not like day time TV & am a glass is 1/2 full type. Turn offs for me include negativity, shopping, arrogance, couch potatoes and smoking.
I just turned 62, but am young in both body and mind. I love laughing (I am the first to laugh at myself) and having a good time. Exploring the country side in a vehicle or on horseback is one of my favourite things to do. I prefer taking back roads and riding new trails always wondering what is around the next corner. I love being a couple, having your heart skip a beat when you see him in a crowded room even though you have been together for years. Enjoying each other's company whether you are traveling the world, sitting in a cabin in the wilderness, sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun set over a lake or just being quiet but together. I also enjoy my own time, I do not expect my partner to share all my interests and vice versa. I am happiest in jeans but like to dress up and head out on the town every now and then. Although I consider myself an outdoor type I am also a homebody. My bucket list is long and seems to be getting longer, I want to enjoy and experience all that life has to offer. I am financially secure. I am a one man woman.
You are independent, fit, active, easy going, secure and allot of fun. You are also motivated, do not have a quick temper and are a man without the burden of a large ego. You consider your partner your equal and are monogamous.. A love of the outdoors is very important. You enjoy socializing but are also happy to just stay home. IYou are tall, dark and handsome. Just kidding, but you take pride in your appearance.
Do I think its possible to find one's soul mate twice in one's life, yes I do but I think it will happen when I least expect it.