Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Coquitlam, 65 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a happy, outgoing personality, with lots of friends. Let the sun shine in our relationship.Come join me in a happy loving union of similar ideals and family.
I want to live life to the fullest, with a partner, in my faith.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I dont like to tell anything about me,You have to know me end I have to know you, before we have a decision about we like each other or not. Find me...
I was told I have to write more.
I love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others.
I want someone who appreciates that and who also wants to get the most out his life.
I am kind of old fashioned when it comes to dating.
My last date was 40 years ago.....I have to learn to enjoy my life agein....

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. my friends would describe me as kind. I am greatful for a good life. I am generally A HAPPY PERSON. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BE a friend first then A LIFE PARTNER. NOT MUCH GOING ON IN MY SOCIAL LIFE. AM HOPING TO RETIRE VERY SOON. WOULD LIKE TO TRAVEL.I LOVE HONESTY AND INTEGRITY.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I love to laugh. I love quick wit and a great sense of humour. I laugh best at myself and really enjoy movies that are funny (romantic - doesn't hurt either). The best laughter tho - has to be that of a child. I have 2 grandchildren and I love hearing them laugh. I love to cook. I subscribe to 3 magazines - you guessed it - they are all about cooking. The most fun tho - would be to have someone to cook with.
I have been on my own for several years now - so I carry no baggage - I enjoy living alone but really miss having someone special in my life to do things with, taking a weekend away together or just making dinner together.
I am a caring person and somewhat protective of my family and friends. I love to help and am always ready and willing to listen.
I love music - cannot live without it. I like most - not crazy about rap, jazz or bluegrass but big on rock n roll - love Def Leppard, Fleetwood Mac, Honeymoon Suite, 38 Special.
I make my own wine and love having friends and family over for dinner and a wine tasting - anyone interested?
I quit smoking 3 years ago (after many, many years) and so have gain a few extra pounds. I was going to the gym before work each morning but getting up at 5.00 am and then trying to stay awake at work just got to be a bit much. I have a walker at home and do use it (occasionally). Went bowling with my grandchildren a few weeks ago and found out just how out-of-shape I am - so am in the process of changing that.