Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Courtenay, 62 year old

Date someone special from Canada. If this was a car ad, it would read:
Available: late-model used caucasian
Body color: Tan and Silver
Fairly high mileage, but the body is still in very good shape. Headlights are getting a little dim, but the unit is still accident free. Has a racy motor, but the exhaust is sometimes a little noxious. Has lost a little horsepower over the years.
Suspension creaky when cold, runs smooth when warm. Could be a little sawdust in the transmission.
Starts slow on cold mornings - may need hand cranking or won't turn over. Brakes are good - CAN stop but sometimes doesn't know when. Oil change and lube required at regular intervals.
Runs on regular Pinot Noir. No need to pour that expensive, oaky stuff into this unit!
All reasonable offers accepted, unreasonable offers considered. Drop by the dealership and take this little baby for a spin!
Well anyway...
It's hard writing these things without feeling like you're bragging (and I hate braggers) - so I'll do it this way:
I'm pretty good looking, quite fit, fairly intelligent, nicely well-off, kinda funny, reasonably well adjusted, a better-than-average cook, a not half-bad golfer, and a decent sculptor (see photos).
I am a happy, healthy, stable guy who is looking for the same type (female!!!) to share healthy fun. I am interested in a committed relationship - I'm a one woman kind of guy for sure. I am very centered with no baggage. (well, maybe just a little carry-on, but EVERYbody has one of those, and I can stow it away in that overhead thingy no problem)
I love golf, art, science, history, music and many cultural pursuits. I love great food and wine. I'm even fond of some of the crappier wines.
I also like to be out on the ocean - I am also a pretty serious wood sculptor. I am a musician and I spend quite a lot of time in the gym. I am warm, caring and affectionate and fiercely loyal. I come in two configurations -with beard or without - currently without - take your pick.
I am also handy with fixing things and I enjoy doing stuff around the house - I have two homes and they are both very well maintained. I can usually figure out what you did to your computer as well.
I have quite a strong personality and will often lead the pack - but I DO NOT try to dominate anybody - especially the woman I'm with. I have no problem with strong women, but I definitely don't want a boss. I think things work best when people agree. If you want someone who's not afraid to make a decision or won't get rattled when things go sideways, you can count on me. I have had many years of married life so I am quite well trained, but I still don't take orders well.

Meet single man from Canada. I want a social friend to enjoy outings and to talk with. Someone who keeps busy on here own without being needy all the time. Able to make decisions on her own but doesn't mind advice.
I enjoy watching TV but hate housework. I do it when I need to. I am not MR fix it.

Date a man from Canada. energetic both in work and in play
love to try most things in life
like travel but also happy at home
always room for more love in our hearts
like to be open and honest and able to discuss even the most intimate things