Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 23 year old

Date people from Canada. I'm quite shy but know what I want. I'm very kind hearted and like to put others before me. I'm studying quantum physics and have an interest in engineering and space which yes, may sound kind of nerdy but I make it cool lol. I can be esoteric but interesting. I'm not looking for anyone in particular I like to keep an open mind.

Meet someone special from Canada. im a fun, loving, funny guy who loves making friends and family laugh. i can be serious when i need to be but enjoy living life to the fullest and having fun. i love sports and being active.
im looking for someone to make me laugh and share great memories with. someone who shows me they really care in little ways means the most to me. i love making the person im with feel special and secure, and given the chance i can really show my soft, big hearted side.

Date single boy from Canada. I'm a third year linguistics student, and I wouldn't say education is important, but intelligence is to me. I need to be able to have a conversation with any potential dates
I love movies, if it's at home, or going out to see them, my favorite being old b-movies
I'm not so much into the bar/club scene, but I do enjoy going out for drinks with friends.
I love music, and going to concerts. I enjoy many different types, with the exception of gangster rap, so I'm usually up for anything.
I enjoy trying new types of food, and going out for dinner, my favorites being sushi, mexican, and indian

Meet people from Canada. I am an ambitious young woman who is looking for casual dates. I have a big sense of humour and love to laugh. My friends would describe me as out going, thoughtful, opinionated, supportive. I have big goals for life.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm a loyal, kind and loving person. My friends and family are my world. I'd like to find someone who appreciates the people in his life as much as I do. I'm pretty open-minded and often off the beaten path so someone like-minded would certainly simplify things.

Meet men and women from Canada. How would your closest friends describe you?
Optimistic, sunny, cheerful, dependable.
Who or what makes you smile?
I smile a lot; I try to always look on the bright side of life. :)
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
I have graduated with a diploma in business, and I have done a lot of travelling and have lived abroad.
What are you grateful for?
My family, my friends, my education, the chance to travel.
What type of person are you hoping to attract?
Someone who enjoys travelling, being active, has ambition, and is motivated.
How would you describe your social life?
I enjoy going out with friends regularly. Outings or events such as pub nights and trivia, bowling or movies, boating or going to the beach, boardgame nights, and dinner parties. Going out dancing occasionally is fun too.
What types of humour do you prefer?
Witty, dry, intellectual, some slapstick, humour in day to day life.
What are you looking for in a relationship?
Dating that has the possibility of turning into a longterm relationship.
What are the things in life you're most passionate about?
Travel. I travel frequently and quite extensively. I love Europe, the Caribbean, and North and Central America. I would love to visit Asia and South America sometime.

Date a girl from Cumberland, Canada. Hi, my name is Patricia. I like many different things, like video games, cars, interior designing, fashion, the 1920's to the 1950's and anything else that allows me to stay close to home. I own an xbox 360 and I tend to play first person shooter games. Also, past wars, and anything that has to do with the military, I find is fascinating. I have been describe to be like an onion, to get to know me and understand, you must peel away one layer at a time.
My ideal match would be someone who can relate to my interest. I've been with guys who has barely anything in common, and it went nowhere so I truly believe we need common ground to be able to socialize properly. I prefer a guy who has some sense of humor and doesn't mind making me laugh. He would have to be patient, independent, loyal. I'm pretty much old school type of girl, I want my guy to hold the door for me, treat me like a princess.

Meet single girl from Cumberland, Canada. I am a calm person, firm believer of -whatever happens, happens for the good. I try to find the best in every situation that I come across and derive happiness from the little, seemingly insignificant things in life. I am blessed by special family, friends and coworkers. Just finished a rigorous university life and am looking forward to a more balanced lifestyle.
Being able to have a constant sense of respect for each other and each other's preferences is key to having a successful relationship in my view.
Loyalty a MUST. Looking to for someone to share my philosophy, and beliefs, someone who is honest, down to earth, sophisticated, and understanding. To be able to laugh and share together, and try new things, would be a perfect match.
This is my first attempt at online dating and dont know the rules! :).

Date a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. I am an outgoing girl with a great smile and love to have fun.
I like going out once a week and have fun with my friends, and just have a good night with no drama!
I own my own horse which is something I am so passionate about. I compete all summer long each year, and it is something that I never want to give up.
I am looking for someone with similar interests, that is open to horses and/or at least realizes that they are what make me who I am and likes to go out and have fun with no drama!

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. My friends and family would describe me as extremely loyal and down to earth. I love to travel and learn new things and I hope to find someone who is as keen for adventure as I am. I love to be spontaneous and live in the moment and am usually up for anything!
While my friends and family are always there for me, I am looking for someone who can make me smile when no else can. I am always honest with the people in my life and I expect the same in return.
I am looking for someone who can have fun and make me laugh, but who isn't afraid to open up and really get to know me.

Date someone special from Cumberland, Canada. Well now... im a very active person. Very much enjoy sports and cars. Very easy going. Ive never really used an online dating site but really work too much to really meet anyone either, so im givin this a try!