Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 24 year old

Date a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. Well i guess my friends would say i'm driven, and very energetic, love to laugh and have fun around friends.. Have friends or family over for bbq's and sports games!! i haven't the slightest thought as to how to continue talking about myself so if curious be sure to write

Meet men and women from Cumberland, Canada. To describe who i'm looking for is hard to say really.. It's all about a feeling i get when someone..
But, i am attracted with someone with pretty eyes with a great personality.
I'm hoping to attract someone honest and trust worthy, who can take a joke and be serious when the time calls for it.
As for myself.. I tend to be a man of few words, I am artistic. I tend to let out a few jokes, some times not at the best time but I try to hold it in the best i can. My friends tells me i'm weird and unique. Not sure if they always mean it in a good way :p But what can i say, we are who we are. I'm currently graduated from college in the field of design and doing it part time for the time being.
I like to go out with friends, just hanging out, or having a few beers or just watch a good movie.
Not quite sure what else to write..

Date a guy from Cumberland, Canada. Well I am a vary nice person to know,I am a bit shy sometimes, I'm smart, polite,logical,courteous,handy and I tend to think of others before my self. I can speak both French and English. I would like someone that I can be myself with relax and share moments with

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. People frequently mistake my even-keeled temperament for seriousness when they first meet me .Get to know me and u'll discover that am the most passionate ,loving and caring type of guy.
Intensely cool,humble and laid back ,,who love living life to the fullest.
Not really the clubing type,,a movie ,romantic dinner or just a late night walk at the park holding hands watching the stars in the sky would do
I look for the good in people ,despite the situation .I am prone to laughter and playful at times. Most likely i would do almost anything to get my girl feeling needed or wanted by me,cause automatically if she's happy am happy and thats a sign of a healthy realatinship N a healthy lifestyle helps you get more in life ...
Perpetual positivity is my mantra . Do good and good will follow . Do unto others what you will like them to do unto u .
(As a man think's in his heart :so is he ,,If u envision the life of your dreams in your head, u plant the seed to live the life of your dreams ) with that being said Iwould like a honest ,respectable ,understanding ,outgoing girl with a great sense of humor ,who never says no to trying new things.I think it would be nice to learn sum on date .

Date single boy from Cumberland, Canada. I'm fully bilingual (French/ English) I like to hang out with friends, I love to watch movies (all types really, from the action packed summer blockbuster to the 'chick flick' ;P), I like shopping, listening to music, taking walks, socializing... open to anything really! I love to cook and eat, and I'm always up to try something new. I love to go camping and hiking when I have the time. I don't play any sports, but I do enjoy playing tennis or badminton during the summer and I'm always up for bowling. I'm looking for someone who knows how to have fun and isn't shy to do something completely spontaneous.
I like to go out and have fun, but I also love to just stay in and relax. I enjoy playing video games with my friends. I'm looking for someone who is honest and trustworthy, and I'm a firm believer of the truth and I need people who are ready to say the truth even if it hurts. I’m a very social person, although I’m usually pretty shy when I meet someone for the first time, but I get comfortable very quickly. I consider myself a romantic, but I’m also a goofball at times and just like to have fun. I’m a great listener and I’ve always been told I give great advice. If there's anything you wanna know, don't be shy!

Meet single girl from Cumberland, Canada. I love people who enjoy humour and who are genuine in their acts. Someone who isn't always negative and looks at life with open eyes. And of course, a love for dogs is important. I'm a picky eater but I enjoy eating food as much as anyone does. I enjoy working out and would like someone to encourage me to try new sports. Maybe help me face my fears of water sports. I'm pretty silly and awkward sometimes - laughing at random things. But I love people who can make me laugh. I enjoy playing guitar, drums and singing whenever I can. Planning on learning more instruments eventually. I've lived in Ottawa for almost all my life and haven't really had the time to appreciate the city. Would love someone to take me on an adventure here or maybe across the country. I'm easy-going and not really materialistic. Clubs and pubs aren't really my scene. I enjoy staying home watching tv/movies or playing some video games but don't mind going out to eat or travel places. I'm a pretty quiet person at first but once I see we have things to talk about I become more comfortable.
Random tidbits:
- I'd rather eat a burger and fries than salad
- Comic Con was one of the best events I've been to
- You are = you're. Everyone should know this and more
- I love Jackie Chan movies and sad that no one has taken over the stuntman role in films
- I sing to my dogs. A lot. Even if they hate it
- Would love to drive across the country one summer
If you agree with those few tidbits let me know =)

Date a girl from Canada. I'm short but a lot of fun. I love movies and hockey but a good book by the fire place is just as awesome. I can be spontaneously wild at times but know when it's time to act like a grown up ;)
I havent decided yet just where i stand in life so i decided to do something different. Either just for fun or to start something serious...

Meet someone special from Canada. Intelligent. Honest. Kind. Caring. Artistic. Creative. Giving. Determined. Patient. Passionate. These are just a few words I would use to describe myself. Always the optimist, I’m on a quest to find new ways to make myself happy and to challenge myself. I truly believe that without challenge, there is no growth… and there is always room for improvement!
Current challenge: pushing my personal limits for several months and competing in a fitness competition (my first ever!), after not having been very athletic since high school… From 0-100 in just a few months! When I have a goal, there is no stopping this lady! As a result, I’m looking for a man who is secure enough to handle a woman who is strong (both mentally and physically!) and independent.
I’m curious by nature and enjoy experiencing new things (food, language, places, …). I spent a year abroad recently and have travelled a fair amount. My kind of guy would want to see the world with me (off the beaten track/out of ordinary places are my fave!).
IРІР‚в„ўm very friendly and easygoing. Currently a student and about to start my Honours project in Environmental Science.
IРІР‚в„ўm allergic to bugs and negative people. Some qualities that I would like in my future other half are intelligence, ambition, loyalty, sense of humour, kindness, and with whom I have great chemistry... Could it be you?

Date men and women from Canada. In a nutshell: I'm outgoing, love adventure and enjoy taking opportunities and turning them into experiences. I'm grateful for the moments that have made me who I am today. I enjoy travelling and taking risks, my goal in life is simple: to live life each day as if it were my last. I relish the opportunity to meet people, because I think that everyone can learn from someone else if they just take the time to actually listen to what the other person has to say.
Nutrition and physical activity are key elements in my life. I eventually want to work towards becoming a registered nutritionist and personal trainer, but for the time being I'm focusing on increasing my knowledge in strategic planning. I Work hard but also Play hard! I believe that moderation is key, of course I like to eat nutritious foods most of the time, but I do enjoy the occasional burger/pizza and beer on weekends!
I'm looking for friendships, which can eventually grow into something more; In my opinion a relationship is like building a house, the right foundation must be put into place in order to build upon it.

Meet people from Canada. Hello gentlemen,
Thanks for stopping by and taking a read. I am a well rounded girl looking to meet some new people.
I enjoy spending time with family and friends as much as I can. I believe A healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. I am looking to add a little spark to my life and see where it takes me.
Chat soon

Date a soulmate from Canada. Always looking for adventures to embark on, however they may end. I love making people laugh; to me, that is the greatest accomplishment. I am looking for someone who shares the same positive outlook on life as I do.

Meet single girl from Canada. Hi boys,
Hello, I just want to give you a heads up because I am unable to clear my account. Sorry, I would love to meet you!
First off, if you speak what's on your mind and are receptive to blunt honesty then we'd get along great if we were stuck on an island together.
I am a very uncommon individual. I am sporty and nerdy. I play the flute (nerdy) and play hockey (sporty). Just to clarify for those of you who thought playing the flute was considered a sport. I am somewhat shy but also outgoing once you get to know me. I love to be outdoors and with people but can also can sit down and relax. I have a bubbly personality and tend to be very optomistic but not in annoying, ditzy way.
My hobbies include playing and watching hockey, swimming and being outdoors. I am an avid skier (down hill, cross country and water).
My goals include working with children and completing teachers college. I am currently working for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board as a Registered Early Childhood Educator.
I am very family and friends oriented. I appreciate people who have admirable morals and a sense of values (good or bad, I'm not opposed to a little insubordiance). I value independence in myself and others.
As for my taste in music I like classic rock and the newer rock, with my favorite bands being Three Days Grace, Nickleback and Greenday, to name a few. I also, very stereotypically, love chick flicks with the occasional action movie.
I am looking to meet someone who shares my enthusiasm for life. Being a hockey fan is a must, more specifically the Sens (Leafs fans kindly move on to the next profile). I also think that communication, respect and honesty are crucial for a successful relationship.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop me a line and ask. I hope to hear from you.