Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 25 year old

Date single girl from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would describe me as a nice girl who deserves the very best. I am very versitile when it comes to what I like to do. I can go out and party with my friends or I can stay home read a book or watch movies, I like doing just about anything. Pretty much anything can make me smile. I have almost landed my perfect job but everyone strives for more.
I hoping to attract someone that makes me laugh and is a genuinely nice guy who doesnt take much to please. I am looking for someone who would put as much effort into a relationship as I would and treat me the way you would want to be treated. I believe that trust is the main component in a relationship and that if there is none there's no point. I am a very compassioniate person and care about my friends and family.
If you like what you read feel free to message:)

Meet a girl from British Columbia, Canada. Hey Hey!
Well, I'm an easy going, laid back yet very outgoing person. I love to have a good time and I'm currently working as a server at a local restaurant and as a supply teacher at a daycare. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art History and a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I hope to one day realize my dream of travelling around Europe and seeing all the art I've studied in school. I also volunteer at the National Art Gallery of Canada in hopes of it leading to a job in the near future. In my spare time I enjoy going to see movies, going out for drinks with my girlfriends or spending time with my family. I'm also very excited for summer as I love camping, cottages, going to the beach, etc. I'm always open to suggestions of fun things to do around the city.
Getting down to it, I'm looking for someone to share my life with. I want to be with someone who makes me laugh and who doesn't take himself too seriously. Someone with a sense of adventure and strong family values. I realize that we're not in highschool anymore so everyone comes with some sort of baggage, but I'd like to be with someone who leaves the past behind him and who can focus on the future. Basically, I'm not looking to play games... Got a little serious there, eh? lol
Anyways, if any of that sounds good to you, feel free to give me a shout :)

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. After being told by my bestfriend countless times to go on a dating site, I guess this is finally it!
What can I say about myself?! Well I can be a little shy at first but as soon as the ice is broken, I'll be my natural self. I would describe myself as a good friend, easygoing and funny. I love to keep busy, try new things and I'm very outgoing.
I adore spending time with my friends and my family occupies a big part in my life. I recently moved to Ottawa from New Brunswick for work so I thought this would be a good way to meet people since I don't know anyone here. That being said..Je suis francaise avec un bel accent du NB!
Think I said enough about myself! I'd like to meet someone who would make me laugh and who I would get to know better. You'd have to be confident but not too cocky! Does this sound like you?

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I love to laugh and enjoy making others laugh as well. I am a little bit shy but open up once I get comfortable. I have been doing teak won-do for 12 years and traveled to competed in 2 world championships both having taken place in Korea. Friends and family mean a lot to me and I would give them the shirt off my back.