Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 30 year old

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. My peers would describe me as a sociable person; some might say I'm the link that keeps my group of buddies together. But I would just describe myself as an average guy.
I enjoy the company of my family and colleagues. I like meeting people and making friends of strangers. I'm not a religious person and I've been fairly liberal on certain issues but there are some morals that I hold dear.
What kind of person do I wish to meet from this? Well for starter I would say anyone. Though I want to see somebody of same values, I wish to meet people who can challenge my interests.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. Hello.... new to the Ottawa area here, although I lived here for a few years in high school. Many of my friends have had success with this whole online thing so I figured I would give it a shot. I grew up in Northwestern Ontario and have since lived in a few different places in Ontario. I have several interests, including aviation, wildlife, music, sports..... just to name a few. Being from the north I love the outdoors.
I have really enjoyed my time so far, especially in my 20's, and have been fortunate enough to experience some pretty amazing things. I've been across this country numerous times with a former job, and am excited to see the rest of the world. Taking a bit of extra time to figure out what I wanted to do for a career was a great decision for me. I am on my career path now.
It would be great to meet an intelligent, fun-loving, genuine woman with some of the same interests. If you would like to know more, send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. looking for an open minded lady
I work very hard , but also enjoy relaxing , blazing and playing vids. looking for a chill girl to hang with .
so if ya looking for a sugar daddy well here I am.
drop me a line

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Honesty is the best policy.... I am a good hearted, loyal, and well grounded person. I love to travel and see different cultures. Looking for a woman with somewhat of the same qualities and interests, and a woman that can mentally challenge me.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I will keep this fairly short for now. I will update more after I get familiar with site.
I say I am an outgoing person who not afraid to start conversation with anyone. People around me seem to get along with me and say I am good natured.
I consider myself athletic by nature but lately I have been slowed down with career and other aspects of life that men my age face :P.
As for my ideal match I prefer leave that wide open as don't want eliminate potential for great girl see what I wrote and take that as firm template. I believe people box their social circles far too smal.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a caring, loving, easy going man looking for the same in a woman. I like watching movies and going camping, I also like going on long car drives and getting lost, only then turning the GPS on to get back home.

Date men and women from Canada. I'm very easy going, like to have fun and want others to have fun with me. Looking for someone that wants to spend time doing different activities. Want a family oriented person who spends time with friends also.
Want lot's of good memories!

Meet someone special from Canada. Myself:
Living life to it's fullest, travel, nature, Human Rights, History, culture. I love to spend time with my friends and my family, I play football(soccer) when I can, I go to the gym 2-3 times per week however when I don't have time to go to the gym I go for a walk or I do yoga. I like anything outdoors, I enjoy nature.. from camping to just reading a book in the park. Challenging myself to grow as a person and about seeing what the world has to offer. I am a very positive person who is surrounded by some really amazing loving people. I am allergic to drama and games. I seek a mature, intelligent, adventurous fun-loving individual with whom I can share my life my happiness with. I am only asking what I can already provide.
I think the most important qualities I look for in a potential partner are emotional stability, ready and willing to be in a committed relationship, affectionate, intelligent, confident, dependable, a good since of humor. can be independent and stimulates me intellectually. Bonus if you love animals and nature.
Please if you practice hunting animal as a "sports" or if you just got out of a relationship, chances are you not ready for what I am looking for, please move on to your next match. Thank you

Date people from Canada. Passionate, faithful and trustworthy are a few words that best describes me. The simpliest things in life makes me smile but any of my God children can instantly put a smile on my face. I am grateful for life, love and happiness, to date my greatest accomplishment would be taking the step of starting something new. I am seeking someone who is funny, fun loving and ave the ability to take life to the next level...the equal of me. My social life is minimal at this time due to work. I tend to be the one who laughs at a memory unshared, a scene in a movie or the silly workings or behaviours of a child. To find someone who is sincere, genuine, honest and kind would be a great start. It would be an honor to meet my Boaz or King David....
In my lfe I have a certain level of passion for all areas....especial family and loved ones. One of my greatest qualities I poses is passion.

Meet men and women from Canada. My friend would discribe me as a positive, happy person who like to travel and cares about family.
I think that the most important thing is trust and looking in the heart of the person that you are with in a relationship.
Hope this person is you.

Date a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. So describe myself... Hummm.... I'm laid back and easy going... Don't like taking life too seriously. I'm not a party girl for sure... Not big on clubs or crowds. I'm a bit of a homebody but that has a lot to do with my two puppers (a 7 yr old Boxer and 3 yr old Rottie) who are the apple of my eye. My favourite things to do are having drinks in the sun and playing Foosball (I have a killer table... I'm not that good but still love to play!) I really love camping and being outside in general. I have an awesome family... Bunch o' Newfs... They brought me up to be very loving, loyal and fun loving.So what I'm looking for in a guy... Someone who's relaxed and with a good sense of humour. Someone who is trustworthy and secure enough to trust me too... Honesty is really important... Even if it's not something you'd think I'd want to hear, balls to say it goes a long way with me. Also, important that you like dogs. So yeah, those are the most important things to me. Nice person, good heart, who can appreciate a good girl. :)

Meet a woman from Cumberland, Canada. I am an outgoing, self-employed young lady in her late 20's. I love to travel and dance. I have have a cat and a dog.
I'd like to expand my social circle and live new experiences. Life is too short. I want to learn new things, have new hobbies and take more chances. I'm looking to change my day to day routine.
In the past year, I took a chance and decided to be self-employed. It is the best decision I've ever made. I love my work and I wish that my partner loves what he does as well.
I come from a good family with solid values. I am very dedicated to my friends as I will be with my partner. I'm looking for the same things in a partner.

Date someone special from Cumberland, Canada. Hi! Here it goes, just a little something about me, that we may call a glimpse... and even then, I'm not sure it is...
I will start by saying that I have various interests about many random things. I'm very close to my family, I have great friends and I'm very loyal to people that are close to me. I would do absolutely anything for them. I like to think that I have a great sense of humor, even if it's at my own expanse. I love to laugh (I know, who doesn't). I like to go see stand up comedy shows (in French first but in English also). I absolutely love to travel and even though I have done my share of it, I never find it to be enough and I always want to do more. :) I like to learn about stuff that the world has to offer. And by stuff, I just mean everything. I like to try different kind of food, paired up with a good wine (well, it's a bonus if it is, lol). Aside from that, I like to read, love music (live or not), I am a Habs fan, yes despite their horrible season, I told you I was loyal! ;) I try to stay active. I play volleyball weekly, try to do a workout a few times a week but I admit I could do more. I'm very open, I have played softball not too long ago, may try to get in a league this summer. I did figure skating and coached it for a long time. I love to talk about anything and everything, debate and share opinions in a friendly and respectful atmosphere. I am a very passionate person and I will fight to defend what I believe in, but I'm more than willing to listen and learn from another perspective. I actually enjoy it very much. More than anything else, I am myself. I'm far from being perfect, but I'll keep the rest for later, haha ;)
Just looking for that funny, intelligent guy with who it'll just click. I don't have a certain type, but I need to be challenged to stay interested... Good luck to all of us! :)

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. I try to keep busy and maintain a balanced life. I'm a sports fanatic - enjoy playing and watching most all sports, enjoy spending time with friends whether its hosting at home or out on the go, enjoy fine dining as well as cooking. I also appreciate quiet time, just chillin' at home with a glass ofwine or curling up on the couch reading a book or watching tv/movie.
I am looking for a genuinely good person, someone who strikes a balance in life, interjects humor when appropriate, and knows when it's alright to be serious about things, someone career-minded or professional, takes at least some pride and effort in his appearance, likes to do different activities, and someone with
similar interests that enjoy hanging out together. I am looking for someone to share my life with, someone who I can be myself with and be able to enjoy the simple moments of life.

Date men and women from Cumberland, Canada. I used to say that I'm looking for love at this point. And, yes, part of that is true. Like most women, I'm looking for a man who is smart, sensitive, caring, kind, loving and an absolute Prince. To be completely honest, I'm not looking for someone just for the sake of having a 'boyfriend'... I want someone in my life who shares a great connection with me, appreciates what we both bring to the relationship, and genuinely wants to be with me and see where the road takes us.
Life has taken me through many obstacles and has now begun to take me down the road to building the foundation of my own life - making a life for myself as a social worker and to finding someone to spend time with... and possibly someone to grow old with.
I'm not like most people... I have a mix of sarcastic and dry humor, and I love to laugh (and I can laugh at myself from time to time). I'm not into playing mind games when it comes to relationships. I'm also a believer that communication is key - if you feel something, let me know and I'll do the same! I'm a hopeless romantic, so small gestures go a long way! I like to be able to share most everyday things with someone, but time apart is definitely needed to keep a sense of self.
I like going out, spending time with friends and family. I would like to find someone strong, confident, honest, trusting, chivalric (at times), comedic and open-minded. I'm from a big family, so kids and family are important in my future.
I apologize now... I'm not a subscribing member, so I don't have access to the email on the site :(