Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 31 year old

Date a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. 1. Talker not a fighter
2. Docile: Always in a constant state of Chilling, except when i'm not...
3. Happy bubbly girls are better for me, But not toooooo Happy,however youcan never have to much bubble ...
4. Spunk/Sassyness & Wit are all great things to have... I manifest the latter...
5. I work out 5-6 times a week but my diet is shot (I'm working on it)
6. Sports I play Most of them, minus the ones on skates & or in water...
7. Board games/cards king
8. I Dj loud music on the side... everything that sounds good i play/like
That's all I got Checks me out and do the rest... Lights out...

Meet a man from Cumberland, Canada. I live by 2 simple rules; work hard , play hard, and more importantly take care of the ones you love. I'm lucky to have a handful of such people in my life. the most special amongst them is my daughter, who with her intelligence and kindness acts as my mirror and ensures that every day I try my best to be a good father and a better man.
I was married for 10 years, and looking back i can recall more happy memories as opposed to unhappy ones. Perhaps that's how things were, or it's just in my nature to focus on the positive and only things that make me happy. Regardless, the last chapter of that book is written and done with. I'm looking forward to a new life, and figuring out day by day what that means.
I work for a major bank and my job is both demanding and rewarding. I also have my own business. So things are always hectic, but in a good way. My circle of friends is truly great and we always managed to keep things both joyous and up-tempo.But I'm tired of trying to have a conversation with a stranger in a loud bar after midnight; but alas my schedule doesn't really seem to be affording me opportunities for much. So I'm trying out this on line thing for the first time in my life.
I'm very laid back and prefer honesty to mind games and appreciate the same in others. I'm not particularly hung up on looks; I mean there always has to be certain physical attraction, what i mean is at my age a woman only truly becomes attractive through her personality and her mind. I'm very open minded and prefer to accept others as who they are and look for what might make me interested in them; as opposed to measuring them with a rigid set of categories or such. My interests are very broad and being open minded by nature I'm always up tp try new things. I also really enjoy cooking, so one of my favourite ideas for a date is to stay in listen to music have some good wine while i do the cooking!
So i hope to meet people that i can hang out with and get to know them better, and see it where it takes us....

Date men and women from Cumberland, Canada. Hi, I am an active person,dedicated worker who has many interests..I like sports staying active in all seasons (indoor, outdoor ) cottage life,music, the arts, traveling ,going to the gym or just spending time with family and friends.. Easy going considerate and fun with a good sense of humor would be an accurate way to best describe me..On here hoping to meet someone special...

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. While being a successful hard worker and enjoying my career I always find time to play Ice hockey and Competitive Volleyball every week which is my way to decompress from occasionally stressful decision making at work. I am secure & happy with myself , but...Life is meant for 2!! A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel (backpacked around ? of the world), camping, landscaping, home renovations, Comedy Clubs & Dinner Theater, playing music (Drums & Guitar), & celebrating special occasions. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor , & family & friends are very important to me. A women who ONLY has eyes for me & can make me laugh are important qualities! No Pressure! Let's just relax...become friends & get to know each other... and see what happens.
On my free time I do enjoy various activities such as Indoor Wall climbing, Hiking in the Gatineau, Golfing, rollerblading in the summertime, beach volleyball on the weekend and the list keeps on and on.
I love meeting new people who interests me in a friendly way, a challenge, a motivated partner and just someone to enjoy great conversations. These must be done anywhere but restaurants and coffee house. I am sure you can think of something active.
So take a chance, lets meet. The worst that can happened is not seeing ourselves relationship but I promise you that you will come out of there happy, smiling and maybe a new friend. Unless you are a psycho, I will be walking away without giving a hug.
Why would I be the perfect candidate for the person I am looking for….
1) I have a secure career, car, house with a lovely mortgage, motorcycle, and lots of toys for my hobbies. My trunk of my car becomes a busy storage for any sport that could be played.
2) I love travelling. I have backpacked around ? of the world and have lots of stories and memories to share.
3) I love to host and enjoy glass of wine, pate and crackers and in the winter time a fire in the fireplace.
4) I have standards, preferences and everyone has them as well. So if I am not interested I will let you know.
What I am looking for is very simple….
1) Must be Outgoing
2) Career Oriented
3) Family Oriented
4) Must be athletic. (great shape, well proportioned and shorter than me)
5) Must be playing sports, someone who enjoys the challenge.
6) Must be living a well rounded balance lifestyle
7) Appearances are important to everyone even though you don’t want to admit it.. So yeah, I am picky when it comes to what I like.
8) Must be honest with herself. (people seem to be living lies more and more everyday).
9) Must be independent. Yeah, we all need time for ourselves even though we love each other.
10) Must be able to initiate activities, conversation, emails and show your interest on here and in person.
If I added you in my favorites, then I would like to chat sometimes but then if I haven’t sent you a email that mean the site has blocked me from sending you a message because I once made the mistake of replying to a message from someone who was looking for “Intimate Encounters” without knowing before. So email me, break this curse and then emails will go through.

Date someone special from Cumberland, Canada. Hi, please note that I see world in a different perspective ,I will not pay attention to what you drive and how expensive your material valuables are.
I tend to get attracted to women in their mid 20s to mid 30s , who have discovered most of their spiritual happiness and have opinion of their own but missing the last few pieces of the puzzle to be happy in life.
In a natural course of events , You and I will take time to get to know each other, and i will participate in that venture and be only who i really am.
My interests include traveling , photography, cycling , hiking, live shows, great food and many hobbies. My business keeping me busy during the day and it inspires me to success and keeps my brain thinking all the time.
PS. Just a recent thought:
Sometimes people think that being a man is being strong and show your strength to others. All i know is - its all about taking responsibilities for your own actions ability to support and love your most loved ones for the rest of your life without looking backwards!

Meet single man from Cumberland, Canada. As a person I like to think of myself as confident, charming, charismatic but not arrogant or an a**. I’m a very humble guy. I understand that there’s a time to give and be loving and understanding. I believe in everyone’s right to stand up for what they believe and not to be walked on. I’m always there for my friends and loved ones. I don’t run from adversity. I care what people think of me because I believe in being the best man I can be. I want people who come across me to think “hey what a cool / great guy”. It’s not about attention for me. It’s about the importance of respect for myself and for those around me.
I have a variety of interests so I would not consider myself dull. I enjoy to travel and soaking the culture around me from the local food to traditions and party scenes. I really want to find a woman to love and share in the beauty that is life. I want to meet a woman whose interested in a relationship and all the thrills that go with that – holidays, romance, and fun of course.
What you may or may not want to know...and then some:
? I drive too fast.
? I eat too slow.
? I own a motorcycle
? I own my place
? I have a hot tub and enjoy relaxing in it.
? I am not easily offended.
? I love the music of most groups but some of my favs are greenday, offspring, 3 doors down, system of a down.
? I have many books…and unlike most guys here I have read most of them.
? I eat meat...get over it
? I drink, but its socially.
? I want someone to be my equal
? I like to cuddle at the right moments
? I love movies like boondock saints, fightclub, hackers, real steal,
? I work hard and play even harder
? I am spontanious but can plan things
? Sarcasm is part of my vocabulary and I know how to use it
? My critical-thinking skills are a blessing & a curse.
? I don't lie or play mind games, dont see the point
? I don't cheat or want to be cheated on

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hello there,
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my profile: P
I am originally from a small town in northern ontario and moved to ottawa about ten years ago. I would descibe myself as someone that is very active, motivated, energetic, sporty, passionate and hard working. I love to laugh and make others laugh:) Family and friends are very important to me and I am very close to mine. Hopefully you share the same views on this one. I have a wide range of interests including listening and playing music, camping, hiking, watching movies of all kinds and playing sports a few times a week. I am fully bilingual but French is my first language.
If my profile peaked your curiousity then I hope to hear from you:)

Meet a man from Canada. An active and fun-loving guy with a wide variety of interests, there is a quirky, zany side of me that suits my career as a graphic designer and web developer. The playful side is creative and artistic, but I also volunteer as a Scout Leader twice a week, love playing sports, and can cook some of the best BBQ ribs you ever put in your mouth. Intelligent with a good sense of humor, I think of myself as a multi-layered person open to discussing and exploring ideas and concepts, and willing to try new things. The girl I’m looking for might share some of my interests, but has some of her own to introduce me to. Respectful of other’s beliefs and boundaries, I understand the need for individual time and space, but also know the importance of spending time and having fun with someone special. Giving and generous with my time and talents, I’m also a loyal, caring, and loving man looking for those same qualities in a partner. The woman I’m looking for is capable of challenging my wits while putting a smile on my face at the same time. Not a woman to take herself too seriously, she can have a blast with me at Disney World, and still have a wide world view of life. Her eyes and personality would be the first thing to grab my attention, but if her mind and heart are open, she might be the “best friend” I can’t see myself without!
Chemistry is important of course and can only be determined in person. Still, you have to have a place to start. The next step would be for you to e-mail me so I know you’re interested and we’ll take it from there. Who wants to look back a couple of months down the road wondering, “what if?” I hope to hear from you soon!

Date men and women from Canada. I'm a jord, yes that's a phrase I coined that describe a jock and a nerd, copyright pending... Yes, I know it's very oxymoronic but I think it describes me well.
I'm into the usual sports like basketball, football and hockey. Go Sens, Wizards, Terps, Redskins and Ravens!!!
But I also have a nerd side, in which I like arts and poetry. Predominately the classical arts like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt. I not only likes to visit art gallery on a monthly basis, I also like to draw portraits and landscapes when I'm inspired.
I have also dabbled into writing poetry when the mood suits me. I also seem to have a knack for rapping, it figures huh...
It might seems that I can be nonchalant at first, but I'm actually very friendly once you get to know me. I am also very passionate about my life and I'm very loyal to friend and family.
The woman I'm seeking has to be attractive to me. She should be confident, intelligent and the right blend of looks. She should share at least some of my passions like art and sports so we can comment on the things that we both like.
She should also share my love of travel, as I would love to have a travel partner to seek out the majestic views of this world. Could that be you?

Meet people from Canada. I enjoy the simple things in life. I am easy going, and love adventure. Genuine, sincere, and respectful. It is essential to the success of any relationship that communication is always there.
I enjoy traveling, and would enjoy it more with some special by my side.
Life is too short not to enjoy it's pleasures.
I am not on this site looking for a one night stand, or hooking up. I am a serious individual looking for my partner in life, I am a 30 year old Financial officer employed with the Federal Government.
A picture is meaningless if one can't carry out a conversation with one another. If you like playing games, do not know what you want in life and are not willing to communicate properly then don't waste your time or mine.

Date someone special from Canada. Who am I?
I’m the guy who wakeup in the morning with a smile, someone who has a great career, works from 8 till 5 and is always looking forward for my evening activities. These two activities are Volleyball and Ice Hockey all year long. I’m also close to my family. Brother and his wife and kids live 10min west of me and Parents live 10min east of me. On my free time I do enjoy various activities such as Indoor Wall climbing, hiking in the Gatineau, Golfing, rollerblading in the summertime, beach volleyball on the weekend and the list keeps on and on.
What would make me a great b/f and possibly the perfect husband…?
1) I would call to say good night and good morning.
2) I put a lot of thoughts when I gift a gift to the one I love.
3) I will care for her, love her like no one else does.
4) I have a unique way of telling her that you love her.
5) Talk to her about your day - girls feel involved this way.
6) Honesty is the best policy - be honest to her and more importantly, to your relationship.
7) Give her the support and comfort she needs.
8) She has an important day ahead, make sure you see her before that and tell her that everything will be fine, she is perfect.
9) Don’t do anything to break her trust.
10) When she’s having a bad time, give her a warm hug - she needs it the most.
11) Praying together in a religious place or even at home.
What makes me who I am…?
12) I have my life in order and have no previous packages.
13) I have a great career / coworkers.
14) I own my house, car and motorcycle.
15) I have many goals and dreams.
16) I design house as a hobby.
17) When I am at the cottage, I can’t just sit and do nothing. I must be active.
18) I’m a handyman around the house.
19) I enjoy cooking and baking with /for people.
20) I am independent and enjoy playing Volleyball & Ice hockey all year long.
21) I have many hobbies and own my own gear / equipment.
22) I enjoy travelling, not a fan of spending much money for a room, but activities and food I will spend on.
23) I have backpacked around ? of the world and have lots of stories to tell.
24) I have a great immune system. You’ll rarely find me sick.
What I dislike….
1) Ironing my shirts.
2) Bringing my garbage / recycle at end of the driveway.
3) Driving in traffic.
4) OC Transpo bus drivers & Taxi driver.
5) Careless people in public.
6) Immaturity, people taking advantage of others.

Meet single man from Canada. I'm an honest hardworking man looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors, and is up for adventure. I'm active and fit, a non smoker, and enjoy spending my summers mountain biking, camping, riding my motorcycle and having a few beers on the patio with friends. My winters are spent on the slopes snowboarding, playing indoor soccer and dodgeball.
I would describe myself as very independent, someone who knows what they want, I’m not easily pushed over, and have a very witty and fun sense of humour.
Looking for someone with similar interests, an open mind and a lust for new adventures. Not interested in meeting just for casual encounters.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a real down to earth woman, very simple and family oriented. I love my friends like they are family. I love to laugh and I'm a very enthusiastic and optimistic person. I'm looking for someone who is honest, family oriented and very down to earth. If that's you give me a shout out!!!

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for the right person to share ideas, live life to the fullest, and be happy. If your the kind of guy who knows how to treat a women be kind and loving you will get the same in return. If you want the same let's get together and see if we have a connection.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Hi!, I'm looking to get out and meet new people. I'm easy going and relaxed; with a great sense of humour, a bit of wit and a sly little bit of je ne sais quoi.
I enjoy good food, good wine and simtulating the senses. I like to get out and do things in and around the city. Keeping active and healthy is important, but I'm not a going to the gym person. I have a good overall attitude which is important to me. Not everything is always peachy, but making the best of things and having a good outlook can make things easier to get through when it gets tough. This is something I would like my partner to have too. Honesty is something that should be shared.
I really enjoy Ottawa and all it has to offer. I make a great tour guide exploring our own backyard! I've done some travel in Europe and would love to see the rest of the world.