Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 47 year old

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am an athletic type person. I like to try many different activities. I do not enjoy the winter cold. And will try to vacation down south if I get the chance. I love spring summer and fall. I enjoy learning and enjoy talking about almost anything.
I enjoy my job and love to balance that with a social life. Family is important to me and like to keep in touch with close family. I like to do road trips in the summer and enjoy cottage life. I would like to meet some similar some one who is some what independant enjoys life. Will hope on a roller coaster (Ok she doesent really have to go on a roller coaster as I will never jump out of a plane) but will try new activities. I am not looking for a couch potatoe. Although staying in on a miserable night watching a movie and a bowl of popcorn is great. She would like to spend a day at the beach or go fishing. She would go skiing in winter or skating on the canal. Go out to a pub or two. Dance bars are ok but it is very hard to have a conversation. She is able to manage her work and social life.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm a down to earth, girl next door type. While I'm very independent, I'm also a loving, affectionate, caring person looking to meet that special man to possibly change the me to we. While I'm always on the go.. it's because I *am* single. Why not enjoy life? When I'm not out visiting friends, I like to travel, sail, go see movies, volunteer, and visit musuems. I like to go camping, but I won't complain if there is a hotel or bb nearby. History fascinates me. In the winter I enjoy making quilts - something to snuggle under while the snow is blowing outside.
I'm looking for a man who likes to get off the couch for travel, movies, sports etc.. and he can afford to do so.
I've never been in the slender category, but I enjoy my gym membership - be it the pool, the cardio equipment, ZUMBA or the weights.
What type of man am I looking for? I would rather not write myself into a corner about who you must be. Maybe I haven't considered your type and we would be a great match.
Extra points however if you
like to travel,
spend time with your special someone
visit museums
like to visit your friends (and mine)
have a short hair cut (short is sexy, super short is sexier)
have a sense of humour (and appreciate mine)
oh super bonus points if you are handy. Nothing is sexier than a guy who can fix things around the house... and does it.
We don't have to have all the same things in common as I'm usually interested to learn new things.
I do know what I'm not fussy on (these are deal breakers) - still living with your wife or girlfriend, (living in her garage still counts), thinks a first date is coming to my place to see "what happens", or in debt up to your eyeballs.
Don't be shy - if you think we may be a match (0ver and above we are both breathing) send me an email - lets see where it goes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Date people from Canada. Food for thought... If you or a loved one was seriously injured in an accident how would you want to be treated , how would you want to live your life? Hopefully your answers are: I would want to be accepted and loved for who I am regardless and I would want to live my life to the fullest even if I can no longer do it all...
I am in a wheelchair because of a car accident at 15 and you may sadly not be able to look beyond this but 95% of the time once people get to know me, they see the person i am and not just the chair... I can understand this may be scary if you never met someone in a wheelchair but i am very normal and cute :) I may not be able to do everything you can but as in any relationship everybody has differences and the key thing is to support thoses differences, as long as they are healthy and good for you.
I am independant, drive, work, live alone, have travelled, and am well educated. I enjoy simple things in life such as eating out, entertaining , family , friends, photgraphy, being outdoors in the summer, etc.... I am honest, kind, caring, etc....and of course and sadly not perfect:) I forgot if you are still reading LOL i hired a personal trainer last summer and enjoyed boxing and keeping healthy physically and emotionnally... My emotional and mental health has always been important and with age my physical is more and more important...I have also had a passion for wanting to learn how to shot a gun:)
I am hoping to find a best friend, someone who will get to know me , accept me and want to be with me.. I will hope he will enjoy my company as much as I will his. I also seek someone honest, who has a heart and soul, open minded, caring, not complicated, healthy, fun, intelligent, etc...... Someone I can grow with and he will want to grow with me...
Ps. If you read this far i am not into scams! Pls save me from this sad reality on the Internet. I appreciate it:) and if i wink or send mail, its just my way of saying hi... I am not flirting or chasing cause I don't know you yet and written words are not the whole package...As I once read falling in love with your best friend is so much better then falling in love with a complete stranger:) but you do have to start somewhere....

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I moved to Ottawa in the Fall of 2011 and have spent most of this time settling in. I love to travel to warm places in the winter time to get away from the snow. I like hanging out with friends, talking and laughing. I am a Senators fan ... Really hate the Leafs and that's only because whenever the Leafs made the playoffs they would eliminate the Senators ... I have worked at my same job now for 29 years - it has provided me the opportunity to meet alot of people and travel all over. I have a great sense of humour ... I'm looking for a strong man who likes to laugh, have fun and knows how to treat a woman.

Date someone special from Canada. I am an active woman, enjoy being outside whether it is walking, biking or just hanging out. I am employed full-time and have a very busy life.
I have a great sense of humour , am very easy to talk to. I am looking for friendship first and maybe it will develop into something special. I am looking to meet someone who is fit and takes pride in his appearance. He would be kind, caring and always thoughtful towards others and a non-smoker is a must.

Meet men and women from Cumberland, Canada. Warm and kindhearted .Flexible and tolerant though up to a certain limit.Selfless person AND THEREFORE CAN`T GET ALONG TOO WELL WITH SELFISHNESS.
Enjoy the simple things of life .Easygoing though I have my feet firmly on the ground

Date a woman from Cumberland, Canada. Genuine, funny, intelligent, compassionate, and mischievous are a few words that best describe me. The highest compliment someone can pay to me, is telling me how much they trust me. I am a deep thinker who enjoys serious conversation, but I also like pure and utter silliness. I love the comfort and quiet of home, but I am also curious about the world and people, and I love to explore...a new area of town, a different city, a different country. ThereРІР‚в„ўs a little village with a view of the Himalayas that I would like to return to one day with someone special.
If there is a festival going on, youРІР‚в„ўll probably find me there. Hiking, working out at the gym, walks, theatre, outdoor concerts, and reading are some of the ways I spend my time. I have a passion for photography- even the most everyday things become fascinating when looking through a lens.
It all begins with dating, but I am hoping for a connection that will unfold into something long-term… someplace soft to land. I’m not looking for the perfect man, just someone that I see as perfect (and I to him). I appreciate a gentleman who is intelligent, romantic, communicative, and sensitive to others. I’m a sucker for a killer smile and someone with an incredible sense of humor :)

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. I am a 48 year old, starting over in a fairly new city. Have been in the area for a few years. I love to laugh and joke around. I have a terrific son and a fantastic job. I am hoping to meet someone who appreciates life and does not get tied up in knots about the little things!

Date a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. caring, sensitive, like to have fun. Love to travel and explore the world. Not into bar. Love to walk and nature. Enjoy my friends and movies, wine,etc. Looking for a sensitive guy who loves life A people person. Love animals, especially cats. Family is important.

Meet someone special from Cumberland, Canada. im a simple is not a major issue for me ,just want to meet someone that can make me smile, i love doing outdoor activeties,camping,boating,with my children,im hoping to meet someone that value family.i want a man who knows what he really want in a relationship.i want a happy go lucky guy.