Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 51 year old

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Of course, this site expects me to write about myself, something I'm not really skilled at. Let's just say that I'm curious about the nature of relationship, especially when it comes to the realization that it is an opportunity for growth through all the levels of interactions that are possible, an especially when it becomes difficult and all of a sudden it seems impossible to trust each other and yet it is the only way through, i.e. re-committing to the discovery of life through each other.

Meet men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I consider myself to be a simple, responsible, respectful and easy-going person who quite easily adjusts and adapts himself to almost all kind of situations and environments.
I enjoy walking/biking, watching good movies/listening to nearly all kind of music and I also adore singing karaoke. I enjoy doing groceries, shopping, cooking, "cleaning" as I love to live in a clean house but I really hate to iron and I am seriously thinking about getting one of those steam dryers hoping that it really removes wrinkles as I wear mostly dressed shirts to go to work!
Single for about 5 years, I am hoping to find a good looking woman who has a pleasant personality, honest & sincere, who likes to laugh, to have fun and who is ready to start a new, but if possible a long term romance and love story with me! Je suis aussi francophone....

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Live every day with kindness in your heart and a smile on your lips. Forgive others as you cannot waste time with a heavy heart. Savor the special times with friends family and your love.Live without regret and you will live every moment. You cannot change others only yourself, how wonderful we have such power over our lives. Love with all your heart . If you are truly happy for others you will be happy with yourself.Be genuine and true it less complicated then you think.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. My friends describe me as positive, out going, full of energy, and very young at heart. I smile all the time, and have been told that I have a nice one (smile that is)!!! I have 2 fabulous grown daughters, whom I would very proudly say are great young women!!! I love to travel, cuddle, spend quiet times at home, going to movies, concerts, out to dine, spending time with my family, and so much more. I am looking for a great man to spend the rest of my life with, travelling all over the world, discovering new things. I am going to Arizona in the next couple of months and plan to take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon- can't wait!!! I want to try hang gliding, and maybe bungee jumping, and many similar crazy things.There are so many things I still want to do, and would love to have that special person to do them with.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. My friends describe me as attractive and adventurous; I'll let you decide. I love to laugh, mostly at dry "British" humour or word play and puns. I like to try new things like flying, sky diving and kayaking. I drive a bike (don't worry, only in the summer LOL) and take Karate (worry, I now feel I can speak my mind with impunity :)
I'm looking for someone with a positive, upbeat view of life who likes to try new things. I've been separated for about a year by choice. I would like to find someone long term and monogamous but not necessarily looking to make it legal.

Meet men and women from Cumberland, Canada. Why do you want 200 characters from me...I'm just peeking...not ready still in mourning. I was bored so I decided to see what my friends say I'm missing. Once upon a time I found my soul mate......I don't think they made two men that would I would like to spend my glory days with another so for me it's. TAKE A LOOK AND THE SLING MY HOOK!

Date someone special from Cumberland, Canada. Mother of two wonderful teenage girls...and a dog. Bilingual, outgoing, loves to share a good laugh, a good dinner, a concert or even a long drive for fun. Enjoy going to the gym, travelling, and trying new things.
Looking for a relatively fit and classy man who is self-assured and easy-going. Must be romantic. If you enjoy travelling, playing golf, and take advantage of life's simple pleasures like watching a movie at home, then great, let's chat. I'm open to your interests as well. Cheers.

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. Well here is a good idea of who I am.
I am an energetic, outgoing, adventurous, spontaneous, humorous and fun-loving woman.
Very sincere, open and honest in a relationship. I consider myself to be compassionate, kind and romantic. Love good conversations and being close and intimate with my special someone. I also love affection!
I am looking for someone of similar qualities whom I am attracted to and feel chemistry for and vice versa. I would prefer to share similar sports and interests with my partner but would love to learn about his interests if they differ from mine. I am not one to shy away from new experiences and would like my partner to enjoy some of my activities or interests if they are new to him.
Honesty, emotional generosity and availability, and intimacy are very important to me. Someone who is able to express himself and share his thoughts and feelings whether they be about current events, his achievements, his past hurts or his dreams.
As I am looking for a solid long-term relationship for the next stage of my life, I hope to find someone who is looking for the same. Someone who is loyal and faithful.
I am easy-going and flexible but also know what I want in a relationship. You should too.
I love the little things in life and random acts of kindness in a relationship.
I have a great career and love traveling and discovering. I like most sports and staying active. I enjoy skiing, cycling and sailing. Attending cultural/ sporting events, concerts and the theater with my partner are also things I like to do.
I take pride in my appearance and can dress up in a cocktail dress and high heels or dress down to work clothes while renovating and hammering nails to sports clothes to outdoors clothes while camping.
I have a real zest for life and love throwing parties at my home. Romantic cuddling while sitting by a fire (outside or inside) with a bottle of red wine is also high on my list of favorite things too.
I volunteer in the community and am very supportive of my friends and family.
If you are not married/separated and this is what you are looking for, please let me know. We may just be a few clicks away!

Date a woman from Cumberland, Canada. I am described by my friends as pretty,intelligent, funny, hard working, compassionate, honest and good natured.
I enjoy life and try to live it to the fullest. Life is far too short to sit on the sidelines.
I have recently started a bucket list and was fortunate enough to get to swim with dolphins this past winter which was on the top of my list. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I also participated in the CIBC run for the cure for breast cancer on October 2, 2011. An amazing experience to be amongst 9,000 participants all walking/running for such a worthy cause. Managed to raise 450.00 dollars in 4 days of which I am very proud!!!
I have a large circle of friends which mean the world to me and can't imagine what I would do without them.
I would say that I am shy until I get to know a person then am very outgoing and friendly.
I am most passionate about my friendships, my career, nature, paying it forward, and doing kind gestures for people "just because".
I have difficulty with people who are arrogant, dishonest, selfish, rude and self-centered as it is the total opposite of what I stand for.
I believe that everyone no matter what walk of life has something vaulable to offer to society and should not be judged by how much money they have or what they do for a living.
I am looking for a friend to partake in favorite activities and see if it develops into a romantic relationship. I am not one who believes in "love at first site", that worked in high school but honestly, aren't we past that at this stage in our lives.
Don't believe that a relationship should be stressful and high maintenance. Some people gel and some don't. I also don't solely base my attraction to another person on looks. As they say, beauty is only skin deep!
Please do not contact me if you don't have a picture posted, after all fair is fair.
If you haven't yet dealt with your baggage probably a good idea to sort it out before joining a dating site!
I am most attracted to clean cut, shaven, no tattoos or piercings, just my personal preference!
Wishing everyone much luck on the site and may you find that special someone!

Meet a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. Never know what to say about myself... I believe to be an easy going person. I enjoy my friends company as well as my co-worker. I love cooking and discovering new recipes. I love my work and it is very important to me but not as much as my children are: they will always be a big priority. Really looking for someone who will be there for me and who can expect the same in return.

Date men and women from Canada. Laughter is extremely important to me. I can usually see the humour in almost any situation. I believe we attract where we are at and I have finally become the kind of person I would be interested in spending time with. I want all of my relationships to begin and end in friendship. I've learned that my happiness is not dependent on people, places or things. I am content with my life but wouldn't mind a little more fun, meeting people to do things with.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am looking for a long term relationship, start off dating and see where that takes us.
I am looking for a good and sincere man.
I am looking for chemistry, and a healthy mind.
I am educated and grounded and would like to be with someone who has their life together.