Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 56 year old

Date people from Cumberland, Canada. I am now grateful for everything I have and looking forward to finding someone to share good and more difficult moments of life. We should both be aiming for happiness in our lives.
Hopefuly we can laugh together and not take life too seriously when we can.

Meet single man from Cumberland, Canada. Looking for someone with an active social life to help bring me out of my daily routine. most people I hang with are the ones I work with and meet as I travel around the province, and other places my work takes me.
Looking for a woman that doesn't mind working around the house,gardening and such, most things I'm good at, and not a slob, but detailed housework happens monthly. realy need to build a social life again.

Date men and women from Cumberland, Canada. looking for friendship for life long journey.sports active winter skying snowmobiling xcountry skying travelling,summer swimming golfing camping looking for a kind caring honest,like going out on the town after a nice meal and a good bottle of wine

Meet someone special from Cumberland, Canada. My closest friends would describe as being honest, sincere, dependable, and caring, and very laid back. Friends and family, and my dog make me smile. The ability to help others, in both my personal life and work life is very rewarding to me. I am grateful for my 2 great children, (I would be a lot more grateful if their chosen careers would start to pay off sooner rather than later).
My job requires much planning, scheduling, and last minute changes. With that, I prefer, planning the "big stuff" and being very spontaneous with the "smaller stuff", in my personal life.
Mostly family functions, (and some gathering with friends), was the major component of my social life in the recent past. Now I am looking for a partner and friend that I can share, going beyond just the "family and friend" thing and willing to venture out into the rest of the world.
Ok, enough of the following the guide,and answering the questions.
The real me was raised by a loving Italian mother and father that raised me the way that they thought I should be honest, have integrity, be a good father and provider, and treat everyone well. For that, I will be eternally grateful.
After, raising 2 great kids, and then seeing my almost 25 year marriage end, my ex-wife and I both realized that we were living our parents lives and not ours, and we grew apart. I did meet someone new and we thought we wanted the same things, unfortunately, the more we got to know each other, the more we needed different things.
I love being in love. I love driving in my convertible in the summer, preferably with my "soul mate", or best friend (at least). I love spending time with my partner, whether it be at home, or out and about.
I love being is full of so many surprises, deadlines and various commitments, that being spontaneous and doing something unplanned can be refreshing
What I want, honestly, when I try really hard to think about it I am not really sure. Yes, there are the dreams, the destinations, the desires. I guess the reason that I am not really sure of what I want is because there is a piece of the puzzle missing, and that would be someone to share those dreams and destinations with, (kind of like getting a hole in one in golf when no one is around to share it with.....or maybe brag about it to...kind of empty).
There so many things that I should be grateful for, supportive family and friends, successful career, all the toys that I "thought" I wanted, however, like the hole in one, not so great when you can't share them with that someone special.
Ladies, I am not James Bond, so I won't be climbing the Himalaya's or going on a hunting safari any time soon. However, if you are open to a chance meeting over coffee or dinner, we can see if we have any other adventures that we can share together.
Here's hoping that all find that magic that we are all looking for.

Date a man from Cumberland, Canada. What qualities that you feel and have been told by others that make you feel special. Family is important how do you balance between them and that special person.
What kind pf person are you looking for? What are you not looking for?

Meet a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. Wow, how does one describe themselves? Here goes I'm 6'2" about 200 lbs. with more than my share of grey hair. I'm easy going, considerate, sincere honest and above all faithful. The glass is always more than half full, life is to short. I'm confident and comfortable with who I am and where I've been, with no regrets. I don't hate my ex or anyone else for that matter. I'm not the type to just settle so therefore I'm looking for Miss Right not Miss Rightnow. There must be chemistry. I will always open the door for a lady.
Looking for someone of the same qualities who is not into playing games. So you must be single and willing to commit to a monogomous relationship. Golf is one of pastimes I enjoy, going south and short vacations to play have become something I like to do.
If I have intrigued you let's meet for coffee or glass of wine.
Thanks for visiting and good fortune with your search.

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. down to earth woman
Hi: my name is beadweaver-(not my real name).
And I am looking for a nice man that wants a long term relationship with and that I can share my interests with and visa versa. I dont want to date someone that is currently separated, married and/or is interested in meeting someone for intimate encounters. i want to be happy with just one man and I am a woman who is interesting, honest, caring, and faithful and much more......
I enjoy the outdoors-going to the park and trails to walk and/or for picnics. I enjoy camping and i have gone to the Sand Banks in Picton, Ontario several times. On my days off, I like to garden, go to the flea markets, and art exhibitions. | enjoy any form of art-and i like to draw, paint and make traditional native beaded jewelry. I like to go to the gym and work out with my trainer and/or join the exercise classes at least twice a week.
At home, I like to work with various tools and improve my home such as adding a backsplash behind the kitchen sink, crown molding, staining my stairs, etc. I also like to do furniture refinishing and have restored several pieces in my home.
On occasion, I do dine out and I like to try a variety of foods. At home, I eat simple healthy meals . I am not a cook, if you can cook a good meal that is a added bonus. I enjoy going to a bar and to see live local bands and some of my friends are in bands and play various musical instruments. I enjoy playing a native drum and sing in a women's group 2x a month . I have good friends and family members that I enjoy spending time with on my days off.
If you like to participate in some of the above interests-and find my profile interesting-you can communicate with me.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Everything makes me smile, I'm very easy going with a good sense of humor. I'm looking for a trust-worthy man and mostly a best friend to share my life with and be happy As easy as it is.
I come from a very large family, born and raised on a french dairy farm.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Salut,
I don't know what to say about me. I tried so many different ways and it never works. My question is what to say or not to say. I will think on something to say about me later on. But for now, I am clueless. Sorry my friend...

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Let's start with....If you are someone who enjoys campfires, hammocks, fresh air, good conversation, fun in the sun, cycling, hockey, winter getaways, animals, social get togethers, thunderstorms and Heaven's rain...all wrapped up in a flannel blanket then we might have some things in common. I am searching for a genuine man who has a strong mind and is respected by others for his character, honesty, integrity and kindness. About me, I am a professional who moved to Ottawa not that long ago and throughout my life I have also been an athlete. After completing a century in distance cycling, sailboat racing, competitive tennis, badminton and squash, provincials in whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking and nationals in dragon boat racing, I have now finally settled in on cycling with my racer. I own a classic sports car which is a ton of fun to drive through the countryside, one of my favourite things to do. I love a great glass of red wine, the smell of campfires, popcorn, candy apples, pull taffy, an embracing smile and wink of the eye, open air and being near the water. I am confident and comfortable at a classy event just as much as at home in my jeans and flip flops. I have a Wire Fox Terrier who protects me from evil doers and I have a great Cabana for Martini parties. WIth all that I have, I search for only one man who must know himself well, be in good enough shape to keep up with me and genuine enough to hold onto me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and just in case you pass by today, tomorrow may never come and in that case, see you on the other side. The rest of the story, yet to be determined by maybe you. Smiles...D

Date men and women from Canada. I am a gentle fiftyish woman who enjoys a good book, a nice walk, movies, a nice dinner with a glass of wine and good conversation, cooking,sharing a good joke,,,I have a good sense of humour and this is a priority in a partner. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Since I have a large family , my social life is busy but there is that special someone missing. Family is very important to me. If you would like to share similar things , please contact me. Que sera sera!!!!
PS: If you live more than 60 miles from me, please do not contact.

Meet a woman from Canada. My friends would describe me as a very positive person, with a great smile. I act younger than my age (and feel way younger than my age as well), and I am generally fun to be around. I am looking for someone who likes to have fun, may be willing to do wild and crazy things(like para-sailing or bungee jumping),who wants to travel to far off places, and hopefully someone to spend the rest of my life with.
I am very proud of and grateful for my two kids, who mean the world to me. I love spending time with them, and they are great young women.
I am a very social person, but do get a lot of social time with my work. And I like spending quiet time at home with that special someone, watching a movie, or playing a board game, or just cuddling and watching a TV show.
I love music, and have a CD or the radio on in my car all the time. I love lots of different types of music, but right now seem to enjoy a lot of the new bands - Maroon 5, Usher, NKOTBSB, etc.

Date people from Canada. My closest friend would say that I am a good looking women and is a lot of fun. What makes me smile is when someone is so nice to me. My accomplishments are that any courses I take I'm proud of and also that at work I do my job well and clean. I'm hoping to attract someone that has the same goals as I. I'm looking for somone that is honest, sincere and loves to cuddle in front of a fire and talk. I also would like that person to be able to express his feelings. I'm very passionate about my cloths my shoes and my purses. I also like to look good all the time like well dress and well groomed.

Meet someone special from Canada. let me tell you aabout myself i am a northern ngirl come from a small town moved to the city to have better education and apportunity had some very good experience since i moved here was in bussiness for myself done well was involved with the goverment doing alot of catering for parliment i have change carreer since let me tell you about a little how i look 5 foot 4 medium built have 2 boys 30 and31 not living with me looking for down to earth guy that will be my best friend and companion

Date a soulmate from Canada. i am a fun loving person that comes from northern ontario has a lot to offer come from a very loving family with good values looking for a gentlemen with good manners dealing with public alot that has class like to travel dancing dinning at home and out at times love to cook as well as myself will accept his children as my own i think that is important