Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 64 year old

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would probably describe me as being funny, serious, sometimes inclined to impulsiveness but generally in firm control of my environment and my place in it. I would like to meet a woman who could balance these traits with her strengths and weaknesses.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. looking for some one to go dancing with. I just love to dance ballroom. Iam also a good cook as i use to work in a restaurant a few years back. then took up ballroom dancing from the Arthur Murry school of dance in Hamilton ont.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. I am even keeled, reliable, and always loyal to all those who are close to me. I am not an extrovert, but have no problem in mixing with people of any culture or age. I do not go around cracking jokes, but people tell me that I have a subtle sense of humour. I love listening to people talk, especially to those whose background and experiences are different to mine. I am eternally curious and that is why I love to travel, especially distant places. And, that is why I also speak five languages, better to understand the world.
I am an avid reader, both fiction and non-fiction. I am not the outdoor type, but al least an hour of walking, biking or cross-country skiing is part of my daily routine, as is meditation. I have a spiritual side, but it is a personal quest. I am not into any organized religion, although I study them and respect the followers.
I am no longer young and I am looking for a mature partner. I can be intensely romantic, but I believe it is a tender plant which needs to be nurtured as part of a relationship.
I belong to a particular ethnic community, but my social life and interests are not confined to any particular set. I enjoy, good food and wine and conversation, at times intimate and at times in a larger convivial group. I like movies, the more thoughtful hollywood ones as well as international. I would like to go out more to concerts and plays, if the right partner can be found. The same applies to travel, whether domestic or overseas.
I don't crave company all the time, and periods of solitude do not bother me. But listening to music and reading a book with your partner close to you, with unspoken thoughts travelling between, is what I call the feeling of bliss.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a quiet person, down to earth. I like to think I use common sense in viewing daily events and things.
I am looking for an active person, with a sense of adventure and living in the present.
This person will have to live nearby.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. i love people, I am a happy positive person
love to laugh, active, love to travel, have lots of really good friends who mean a lot to me both near and far. have great kids, independent, self sufficient
|have seen much of the world and want to see the rest of it.
Looking for someone who is fun and fun loving, loves to laugh and will make me laugh
Not a great tv watcher but would rather be out doing something

Meet a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. My closest friends would say that I am kind, considerate,intelligent, energetic and love to laugh. Some of the things that make me smile are: friends, babies, small animals, the smell of coffee and flowers. Good conversation, a glass of red wine , a hug, the heat of the sun, the fresh scent of the dew are also favorites. I am grateful for my health, sense of humour, long friendships and my children. I am looking for friendship/compainship in this new chapter in my life. I look forward to creating new memories with a person of courage,character and adventure.

Date men and women from Cumberland, Canada. I am a good mixte of fench canadian and Irish. I am told to have integrity and being very honest. I am considered has having a lot of wisdom when it comes to life and I have some people aroun d me who find me funny and interesting. I am also a person who has her priority straight and I am looked upon as being a family person. I love children because they are totally natural with their comments and their way of thinking. They make me laugh and cry and they bring out all the passion of goodness I have in me.