Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Cumberland, 65 year old

Date people from Canada. Friends and acquaintances consider me as caring, thoughful and intelligent. I am 64 and in good health; bearing a few pounds around the tummy, mostly because I eat with a passion.
When my eyes meets hers. Let me explain...often times, whether I'm shopping about or walking around downtown Ottawa, I will inevitably catch a woman's eyes and exchange smiles with her, as though we were soul mates never to meet again. Also, when I introduce myself to a woman I always smile sincerely.
I am most proud of my 14 year-old son.
I consider myself to have been graced more often than not with a good life, carrear, accomplishments, since having revisited
I would prefer a woman with like-minded values, thouhgts and ideas and education. A woman who can see outside the box in terms of the big picture and who is not afraid of change.
I am retired at the moment and drive a school bus, which I love to do as a community service. My social activities are limited to family and friends. Although I am a member or a few professional organizations I only frequent them during annual golf tournaments. I travel whenever I can, either to South America or the Eat Coast.
Funny situations or statements make me lol. Anything that captures my spirit.
As mentioned above, I believe that I have summaryzed what I prefer in a relationship: a woman who shares the same personality traits,
a woman who enjoys an active and intellectual life with a partner who is also keen on love and romance.
The thing that I am most passionate about since I was 10 is girls, lots of girls and hockey.
That sort of sums-up who I am.

Meet a man from Canada. I am a mature adult who is resourceful, patient, calm, a planner, thoughtful, a good listener, and values based. So I need to be with a woman who has similar values: family, friends, sharing, empathetic, willing to learn, outgoing, sporty, positive and can laugh and make others laugh (very important).

Date someone special from Canada. I am a widow since August 2011 having been married for over 40 years. I am looking for a life friend and partner with whom I can share thoughts and activities.
I am very active in my day to day with a little consulting, volunteering, recreation, and being with friends. I enjoy being with people who are patient, calm, good listeners, respectful, know how to laugh and make others laugh, and are genuine.
I am very flexible with my time, as I am my own boss, and therefore can take advantage of visiting my two children and six grandchildren in Alabama (daughter with her 4 children) and in Australia (son with his two children) and leaving town to travel or recreation activities.
The photos that I have posted are from my recent visit to NZ and Australia (April 2012).

Meet single man from Canada. I am a caring, compassionate, fun-loving man. I try to see the positives in situations and not dwell on the negatives. My motto is "Live and let live"
Hoping to find a great girl.... someone, caring, honest and fun to spend time with.
I believe communication is key to any relationship so looking for someone who likes to share her thoughts as well as listen.

Date a soulmate from Canada. fun and loveable, a joker, many years as a public servant, having good health and living a good life,funny,loveable and just enjoy life with no hang ups,enjoy playing sports such as tennis,golf, string attached.

Meet people from Cumberland, Canada. a clean polite man. lots of smiles, loving and truthful. nice dresser,clean hair and facial hair cuts. I am small and friendly and enjoy company, occassion outings. Going out for long walks and then a small dinner with continued talks.

Date someone special from Cumberland, Canada. I don't enjoy talking about myself, I find it difficult at times but I'm a pretty easy going person. I enjoy the a beautiful sunrise/sunset, I enjoy nature, like the simple things in life but that's not to say that I don't like the finer things as well.... My not so perfect companion likes to laugh, enjoys good converstion, likes a good movie or concert or just a nice walk. He is a gentleman but knows how to have a good time. He is romantic, likes to cuddle, likes to dine out but also enjoys a really good home cooked meal. I know that none of us is perfect, and by this time in our lives we have all picked up good and bad habits but then again that is what makes us who we are. I don't believe in trying to change someone since it is to late by now LOL! I still work full time but have flexible hours. I hope to be able to travel near and far. I'm looking for a companion to share things with.. a conversation, a dinner, a movie, a funny moment or a sad one, intimacy and whatever else our lives lead us too. I could go on but much prefer to meet face to face over a coffee...

Meet a soulmate from Cumberland, Canada. I am a professional person who enjoys life and values friends and family. I would like to meet a sincere and honest man who also values family and friends. It is the kind acts that make life meaningful.