Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Delta, 25 year old

Date men and women from Canada. I am very close with my family, and they are very important to me. I am hoping to meet someone with the same types of values as me. I enjoy going out with friends and attending social events, however at times I can enjoy just sitting at home to watch a movie and cooking something. I love to go out of town as much as possible for short trips. (weekends) I am looking for someone that shares similar interests.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I have dreams... big dreams. And I think that there isn't a single reason why I can not fulfill every aspect of those dreams. But I can't do it alone and need a partner who has my back 100%. I have a loving family, great friends, and have always worked hard to build strong relationships with myself, God, and everyone I meet. But there is still that one relationship that is missing, and is a key part of the puzzle.
I am looking for someone I can relate to, and to find that out I think we should meet in person. But to give you some examples: I am very honest and loyal, and I think that is a quality a lot of people I have met lack. I am very considerate of other peoples feelings. I am very dedicated and motivated, and I am very active, I love the outdoors and having "a sense of adventure" is an understatement. I live my life by strong morals and principles, somewhat influenced by my upbringing but also a conscious choice. Everyone always says that I am very self disciplined, I think it is because I don't go out and party all the time and am always setting and achieving harder goals.
So if you are looking to for commitment, exploration, and discovery into something longer and lasting, we should definitely meet.

Date someone special from Canada. i am a very humble and fun-to-be-with-guy.I smile especially when i've got something or someone special by me.the one i will love to meet is someone cheerful and great,has good sense of positivity and and we will always have to give each other helping hands at all times necessary.I love to help the society.i am also into so much art work like,drawing,singing,and poem writing,amongs others.meeting the one that has beauty from head to too is my ideal desire.

Meet a guy from Canada. Hey how r u my name is harj I like to be outside wit the people I likem I like pets kids everything a person like to do I am going to college and if u have some time on ur hands u would like to go out for coffee I would be more than intersted give me call they r cheezy as they can get

Date people from Canada. I've Been Travelling On And Off For Nearly 5 Years, And Now I've Come Back Home To Start The Rest Of My Life.
I've been told that i'm a genuine nice guy, but im "Just Me". I'm easy going, laid back and optimistic, looking to get out and enjoy the day, i try to have a clean house, but everyone's place get messy at some point, and also i am more of a dog person if you really must know.
I enjoy playing sports such as Soccer(Football!) and Hockey, and i'm looking for someone who could show me her own sporty side, and isn't afraid to try new things as i thrive on it.
I'm originally from LaSalle, Quebec, and moved to the Lower Mainland back in grade school, and ever since this cross country road trip i've had the travel bug ever since. Starting with living in Lake Buena Vista, Florida; I worked at Walt Disney World, as a Cultural Representative of Canada, I was disguised as a lumberjack, Canadians.......Lumber Jacks? Go Figure!!
After living in the deep south for over a year, i called it quits, before coming back to vancouver for a short stay over til i left, and was travelling through France for 6 months, before settling in Leeds England for the last year and a half, all of that til the last month that i've come back where it has last been home for me, here in BC, and here i plan to start the rest of my life, now i just need someone to share my trips and stories with, as well as someone to make new ones with........
I Know I'm Not Saying Much But If You've Got Something To Ask? Just Ask Away!

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm an honest person who is just missing that special someone in their life. I'm pretty easygoing and very open minded. I'm just giving this a chance as I'm too busy to actually meet people face to face these days. So, this is why I'm resorting to the internet lol lame i know. Sorry, won't be able to reply. I don't feel like paying money to use this site. Kinda sucks I know but, hopefully, anyone who has messaged me, will be able to read this. I wanted to reply, just didn't know you had to pay!

Date people from Delta, Canada. I am a volleyball, excersing chick that loves to be outdoors and to travel. i love to watch sports and have new experiences. i am looking for a guy that can make me feel beautiful and be super kind and loving but still has that edgy side. I hope i can find a guy that makes me feel like im the only girl in the world and makes other girls jealous of me. He has to care for me and love to dance. Well, at least try. He should be outgoing and open to new things. He can tell me if a dress makes me look fat or if he does not like it. He should have an open mind and always speak the truth, no matter what the truth might be. Im really hoping that mr. right is out there somewhere!

Meet single girl from Delta, Canada. My friends and family would describe me as easygoing, funloving and humorous. I try to keep an even balance between work, my social life, family and just plain me time and would love to meet someone who does the same.
I just recently went back to school to work on my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. This is keeping me extremely busy, but I am enjoying it since it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time. In my spare time I enjoy staying active, being with my friends and family as much as possible, sleeping in, food and drinks, and good times with good people - anytime, any place! :)
Qualities that make me happy are a sense of humour (as cliche as that sounds, I just love to laugh!), someone who doesn't take themselves or life too seriously and can see the brightside of things. I like guys who are gentlemen, driven, open minded to new experiences and most importantly sweet, because that's what it basically comes down to at the end of the day.
I'm not looking to jump into a serious relationship right away nor am I looking to "play the field". I think there's a middle ground between the two where things can start and we can go from there :)

Date a girl from Delta, Canada. Looking for someone who can make me smile and treat me right. I'm a real sucker for sweet guys.... Real gentlemen!!! Not looking for a party animal..... I'm getting too old for clubs! Want someone more serious

Meet someone special from Delta, Canada. I would describe myself as an eternal optimist, who loves to laugh and spend time with the people who are important to me. My family and friends would describe me as funny, quirky, adventurous and very loyal. I tend to be shy at first but I warm up pretty fast (I will admit, I am a talker...but I'm a good listener too!).I try not to take life too seriously and also tend to be pretty sarcastic - and yes, I can take it as well as I can give it out! :)
I am a girl who likes to get her hands dirty, I worked in construction as a painter so I do not shy away from hard work. I quite enjoy partaking in home's nice to see the finished product once it's done. I am not big fan of the clubbing scene or going to bars, but that does not mean I don't enjoy dancing (i LOVE to dance) or sitting with good friends/family enjoying a drink or two.

Date a soulmate from Delta, Canada. If you were to ask my best friends to describe me I'm pretty sure they would all come up with combinations of: "outgoing","honest", "caring" and "a very interesting sense of humor". I tend to find things funny when others do not and I am very comfortable laughing at myself first and foremost. Though I am driven and ambitious when it comes to my education and career goals I put family and friends as one of my first priorities. I love children and animals and I can't imagine life without enjoying the world beyond my front door. Whether it's hiking, horseback riding, going to the gym, grabbing a gelato or playing board games I try to live it to the fullest. I am a loyal person and friend and I am sensitive to the needs of others beyond my own. I've learned different lessons from past relationships and I look forward to the one(s) to come with an open mind.
I would love to have someone who can role with the punches and wants to genuinely be with me. I'm looking for a guy who's down to go out for a drive, to go walk on the beach, get out and go on a camping trip somewhere new, a dinner/games/karaoke with friends or a laid back snuggle on the couch with a movie and some popcorn. I am a busy lady but I make time for the things i really want and relationships tend to take a high priority in my life when they are with someone I care for. I won't give up my friends or family for a relationship but I would gladly share them and I would expect the same in return. I believe wholeheartedly in romance and I hope in my heart that chivalry is not dead. At the end of the day I am looking for my partner in crime, play and passion.

Meet men and women from Delta, Canada. I'm loOking for someone who is fun and out going that also enjoys staying in for dinner and movies. I would like someone that's funny polite and has a strong love for what they do. Let me know if you're interested in getting to know me!

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for adenture and a non stop fun filled life. I Love my family and am usually with them...I just finished hairschool so im lookig for a job in that department. My fav thing to do is camping. i Love the outdoors. I Love caramel machiattos from Stabucks..i Love painting drawing and i know how to play the piano by going hunting for the first time this year. I Love going on the boat fishing & crabbing. Im always on the go and wanna find that someone who will keep up with me and i can with them and help me back up when im at my lowest and keep me high up when im at my highest and i wanna do the same for that person. Just ready to Live&Love x.