Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Delta, 64 year old

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. Okay so I thought that I did this already! mmmm I need some time to do this so please work with me.
Okay so they want me to write not less than 200 words to move on. lol
I am an easy kind of guy to get along with life is to short to worry about the small stuff.
I don't like to treat people the way you would like to be treated.
I am a newbie doing this so how about if just meet & get to now each other. It shouldn't take long what women can't read between the lines?
I am looking for a lady that would like to join me for the long term.
Cheers & Big Hugs B
Big Hugs B

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a world traveller, either by cruise ship or flying as there are so many places yet to be seen, I enjoy meeting new people, trying out new foods learning about new cultures and looking for someone that also enjoy's travelling and can arrange to do so on short notice.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am 63 years of age, was married for 19 yrs, ha ve two sons both married, I have 1 grandson,and another on the way.
I like to exercise regularly,enjoy dancing to live music.
I enjoy the outdoors,walking,hiking.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. A little about me...
I have a kind of bubbly energy. I love to be in nature—on a kayak, for example, floating near a pod of whales. (I love that feeling when there’s only a kayak between you and the vast, vast ocean….I could do this everyday.) I recognize that there’s a richness in life. Also, I tend to see a half-full glass. Even difficult things inspire me—because they teach me. When friends are troubled, healing words and actions come easily to me. Also, I love adventure. I’ve lived in Japan and love to explore without an agenda when I get the chance. I have a way of projecting my good intentions when I walk into a room…..I let people know that I want to have fun. Besides this, I want to care for people. I might massage your shoulders while you’re sleeping. And, finally, the love I’m looking for is a long term warm, tingly feeling—like tasting great chocolate over and over again. Something blissful and delicious. Someone who reminds me of all the joy you can feel on any day.
About the one I'm looking for...
You’ll explore both the outer and the inner “worlds.” For you, retirement isn’t always just about kicking back. You want to make positive change. When you're with people they feel your presence. Every single one of your family members knows how much she or he is worth when s/ he’s around you. You light up whenever you get to hold a baby. And you need your quiet time, sometimes alone and sometimes quietly together with your loved one. Plus, you’ve created security for yourself…You’ve found your own strength. You take care of your needs, and you have few fears. On top of all this, you’ve got integrity. You do what you say. You’ll drive twenty miles to deliver food to a sick friend—especially when you’re not in the mood. And you’re willing to grow. You might take a course at night. Certainly, you recognize that a partnership gives you the chance to see yourself in another person’s eyes… reflect and grow stronger. And, lastly, you’ll take me on unforgettable dates. You'll surprise me - perhaps a fun day trip to one of the local islands, a hike on one of our gorgeous local trails, an evening out to hear music or go dancing; and maybe once we know each other better, we’ll fly to Paris. We’ll dance, treat our senses on all levels and stay as long as we want.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. My friends tell me I am a very giving person. I love to read, gamble, play crosswords, canasta. What makes me smile is when the sun comes out. I am looking for honest gentleman. My social life at the moment is ZIP.

Meet someone special from Delta, Canada. My closest friend say I care to much & give to much - I love life & have been through a lot of tragedy in the last 5 years - I love to talk to people - I just want companion to get on with my old age

Date men and women from Delta, Canada. I am a healthy person, I still work full time. I am honest, responsible, independent. I always keep myself busy with work or lawnbowling or curling and volunteer work. I think it would be nice to have a friend to share activities, holidays and may be more.