Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Delta, 66 year old

Date single man from Delta, Canada. I'm an outgoing active guy who spends winters in the Palm Desert area. I love all the desert area has to offer... golf, tennis, hiking, restaurants, museums. Would love to share that with the last love of my life, that special friend, companion and lover to enjoy all that life has to offer.
My ideal gal would be friendly, happy, and would love to do some things together. Golf is an asset but not mandatory.
She would be a mature gal who knows what a special gift a committed relationship is, with the one you choose to love.
Sorry, I only respond to profiles with photos.

Meet a man from Delta, Canada. Although my age displayed on my profile may be perceived by some as otherwise I am a very energetic and adventurous person and people who know me consistently say I look and act like I am10 years younger and appear astonished to learn my true age.
I take pride in having strong morals and being honest,faithful and loyal to my closest friends and family, striving to be fearless, except for the roller coaster ride at the Pacific Exhibitions. Having a great sense of humor is paramount to me otherwise what is the point and I do walk the talk. I wish to meet someone who emulates these values and that we are attracted to each other.
I have been described as an honorable and devoted father to my 2 daughters who are presently 22 and 16 years of age and that my dedication to them is beyond reproach. They presently live with their mother who is equally devoted to our children. Both of my girls are beautiful both inside and out…THANKS TO ME…and I absolutely adore them and proud of their achievements. Being normal girls of that age group they are at that stage of their life of wanting to be with close friends instead of parents and are working towards their independents, which is a good thing. I keep in touch with them regularly through Text Messaging or dinners etc and they occasionally stay over at my place.
Although my ex-wife and I have been separated for a number of years I did move in January of this year to Delta and now live on my own, which is awesome. I remain good friends with my ex-wife and approve of her boyfriend very much, as do my daughters, makes for a peaceful arrangement. Regardless of our separation I am still very close with my ex-wife’s family. Her mother affectionately called Granny still considers me her son and calls me an Angel. There is a fourteen years difference in age between my ex-wife and myself so the dynamics meant I had to remain younger than my age from the onset. I feel I have managed to maintain the stamina of someone much younger and still desire to do so regardless of my failed marriage. This does not mean my partner has to be much younger than me as there are a number of women my age that have done their due diligence and represent their age group extremely well, which is fabulous to see.
I was born in Scotland but not cheap and grew up in northern Alberta and B.C. before coming to the Lower Mainland in1966 after I graduated from the Police Academy in Ottawa. I have been smitten ever since I arrived being so close to the Mountains and Ocean which I love. Having travelled there is no doubt in my mind that we live in the best part of the World. Living up north the rain is much more desirable in my opinion. I lived in various parts of the Lower Mainland from the North Shore to Chilliwack and very content.
My primary exercise is the elliptical machine, weighs and aerobic exercises. I believe Yoga and Swimming are important and occasionally include them in my routine, although my stretching in Yoga is entertaining to watch for a good laugh. Cycling and hiking is of great interest to me when I get the time to do it. I have one brother who means a great deal to me and is my closest friend. I am very grateful that he lives in Phoenix during the cooler months where I do most of my hiking and cycling.
Majority of my Police career was investigating Major Crimes so I can be great at a party. I am truly embarrassed with some of the headlines of late but having worked at Internal Affairs investigating police conduct issues you get a different perspective of what is fact and fiction. There is no doubt we have people who work in the police environment that are disgraceful and should be fired.
I have been active all of my life from playing the majority of team sports, Skiing & Tennis & proud of my accomplishments playing Squash competitively in the day. I want to live a healthy & productive lifestyle with someone special.

Date someone special from Delta, Canada. This is fun.....I am 65 years old, feel 46, love to
dance, mostly rock and roll and slow dance, but do other types of dance. Recent widower. Not bad looking, 150 lbs and 5'7-1/2 inches. In my youth, I
was compared to Elvis. In fact, my wife was his biggest fan. Actually, she was my Priscella, as I was stationed with the RCAF in Germany in the late 60`s, and she was a dependent daughter of a high-brow officer and I eventually married her in Trenton, Ontario, Canada in October 69. She just died of breast cancer in July 2011. I love cruising, and mwe have done 23. Been around the world.

Meet a soulmate from Delta, Canada. Well: I don't have a star on the Hollywood pavement !! So. I'm best described as an average guy. Had my share of great times, heartache and misery...Which seems required to reach this stage of life. I've had an amazing life where I've been 3 feet from humpback and killer whales. I swam amongst 5000 salmon in a spawning pool. I've caught 100lb halibut and 38 lb salmon. I've earned and lost a fortune and now don't care. I sought the glitter in women in my life but not the Gold..So NOW I'd like to find the Gold. A really nice lady to explore the wilderness I haven't seen yet