Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Delta, 61 year old

Date someone special from Delta, Canada. I am interested in finding a partner to explore life in retirement or just life in today.
I would like if you knew that life was about growing and living.
A friend for life is far greater than a good time for a short time in a relationship
I love to paint and draw. I produce pieces in many mediums. Photography I'm passionate and have a great eye for composition I like to go on full day excursions and just take pictures enjoy the outdoors and its beauty,
I love to travel and I want to do lots of traveling when I finally finish working. My work is exciting and full never the same so I just don't get bored. My job is creative and I like it.
My path in life is now taking me on a spiritual journey becoming more aware of who and what I am doing here. I want to have that kind of a connection with a friend or partner. I've done my time with relationships in my old model where I thought love was, well you know.
I now let my inner guide show me. I haven't found that person yet but I know that we will meet. There is no rush I been waiting for me to be ready and I know that now is the time to find that friend, lover and partner.
I'm not the type to sit around for too long and watch TV but I do love movies if they have meaning and purpose.
I get up each morning and read and contemplate what it is I need to create today and clean my slate of all negativity.
Life is just getting simpler if it's not complicated with the drama of old times. This thought frees up my life to experience it today in joy and love.I'm looking forward to meet you.

Meet a soulmate from Delta, Canada. hoping to find a playmate, friend, and lover all rolled up in one.
I've retired a few years ago and thinking my "next chapter" could be a lot more fun with that special someone
I'm a happy and easy going , low maintenance gal - time is too precious to sweat the small stuff. I believe in living in the present and not wasting it dwelling on the past or worrying about the future .
I spend much of my time painting and reading and also do a fair bit of volunteering . Addicted to
I love to travel about by car so I can stop when I want , or just go down an unknown road ! I have enjoyed travelling to various countries and exotic places, but t here is so much of Canada and the USA that I want to see.. A trip across the country by train is also on my bucket list.
I'm beginning to wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something as the only "matches" they've sent me are from the states-( it's a skip and a hop to the boarder) - maybe time to get out of our comfort zones !!. one month left of my 3 months - figure if it's meant to be , i'll happen.
oh - the" exercising" is a little yoga and qigong to start my mornings and chasing a little grand daughter are my workouts .
my pictures are currant - thank the slovac good genes LOL (seem to look younger than most guys 10 yrs younger than me). Also 40 yrs. of meditaiton (T.M.) slowed down the metabolism .

Date a woman from Delta, Canada. I'm here to enhance my life.I have many things that I am thankful for and need a few more .lol.I love love love sun and warmth.In people as well as weather. I like golfing, playing cards, from bridge to uno. I like to play in the garden. Romp among plants and tulips. Love working at my career, and travel. Darn I hate this stuff. It,s so much easier to talk than put things into writing, never was good at it.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am an honest, average presentable reserve decent independent, mature person . I am not an extrovert nor am I an introvertt. Would like to enjoy life by travelling, partying, have quiet quality time by just going for walks any thing that is good clean fun. Wants a company of likewise individual looking for someone who is genuine,sensitive,down to earth, honest, have a sense of humor, decent and free or unattached and enjoys being with me and have the time to enjoy whatever is left of life.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I want someone who will laugh with me, treat me with love and respect, someone who shares the same values that I do. I want to be 1st in someones life and I will make them 1st in mine.
Family values, personel respect, travel, laughter,
sharing time and ourselves with each other.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. Ultimately, it would be great to find a lover, friend/, partner to share romantic, adventurous, family and social experiences with. Fine dining or dinner at home sharing a nice bottle of red wine, healthy eating, quieter times at home reading, conversing or cooking together are special, as well as socializing with friends, being outdoors, enjoying nature, and seeking the intrique of new adventures. Walks, talks, golf... shopping?! A bit of gentle kayaking on the river here in Ladner seems interesting. But so does curling up with a nice man and enjoying some great music, conversation and maybe a bit of flirting! Theater and concerts are great, too. I have had season tickets for the BC Lions for the past couple of years - an activity I share with my son.
I would enjoy the company of an intelligent man with a postive outlook, who can find the positive and beauty in everyday life.
Relaxing, lots of smiles, and enjoying each other's company, and hopefully, having that 'sexual attraction' is something to look forward to.Looking for a man who enjoys family and friends, has his own intellectual pursuits,his own dreams and goals and is also passionate about sharing his time and passion for life with a woman. I am looking for someone with whom to enjoy the discovery of a new friendship or relationship..of course, if that special feeling of mutual attraction is strong all the better! Someone who enjoys the outdoors, enjoys the social as well as the private times - someone who has a positive drive to make the best of the next 50 years!