Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Duncan, 25 year old

Date a guy from Canada. i hopin to find some1 who want to have fun and see where it goes from there we will do what u like then hmmm i dont know really but want to have fun and enjoy like while we are here i guess my friend always say i am a good person to have around an when im not the get bored lol

Meet people from Canada. I am pretty busy and like many people I have a hard time finding someone who is into the same things as I am and are ready to settle down. I am not the type of woman that looks for romance at a bar and I haven't bumped into the perfect man while running around a corner, so I thought I would check this out. I am not looking for casual, random encounters so please if that is what you are on here for just skip on past my profile. :)

Date single girl from Canada. I love to live life to its fullest, experience new things all the time and meet new people.I'm laid back and pretty open minded. I don't get easily angered because I try to see both sides to any argument.
I take everyday as it comes and try not to let anything or anyone get me down. If they do I try to rise above, show that I'm strong and I always get through.
My heart is huge but also guarded, not many can break through the barrier but those who do are with me for life. Being sarcastic is one of my favorite pass times :). I love most animals especially dogs but terrified of snakes and spiders!!
I am who I am.. so.. "Take me for what I am.. Or leave me" :)
I'm looking for someone who will stand beside me. Someone who wants to walk through this incredible journey with me and experience all life has to offer. I want to travel so the person I'm with either has to be very understanding and let me go for a few months at a time.. or come with me! I would prefer the latter.
Someone who can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry, holds me like he never wants to let me go but also challenges me when I need it and treats me like a woman... Not a piece of meat or just a replacement girl until the next love of his life comes along. I want to be the one, not one of the many..
That's the guy for me!