Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Duncan, 62 year old

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. One of the unique things about me is the fact that I live on a boat for the last fifteen years. One thing it teaches you is to is to organize your thinks, space is limited. Every thing has its pros and cons. The reason for the boat is to cruise the coast when I retire, I have already seen a lot of it by boat or plane its endless. I also like to hike and camp, I have done Cape Scott and one day would like to hike down Nootka Island. These two things tie in a hole bunch of other activates. I stay pretty busy with these things plus my job so thats why I'am on this site.
An ideal match would be someone how is interested in these activates, now these are my main interests but there is lots of things I'am Interested in doing, not inflexible.
I am pretty open mined and easy going I don't mind trying different things
Family is important, bother, sister,son,daughter and two grand children and we all get along.
I have a good job I travel around the southern Island and see lots of wild life and sites which is a bonus of the job.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Shucks and gee willakers, golly garsh darn, I didn't save and I can't do another 40 lines again, pouring my heart out and it's in cyber f'n space, excuse my expletive.
Bottom line is -
I miss a sigh on my shoulder,
a breath on my chest.
Protecting that someone special,
from those who constantly test,
Our resolve to love unconditionally,
and screw the rest. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. its hard to describe m self as i have never really been askesd i just try to bemyself and yake life as it comes deal with the good or bad as it appears work things out big or small right away and never leave anybody mad at the end of the day