Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Kelowna, 65 year old

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. gentle, humble, athletic, emotionally available, financially secure, intelligent, generous, respect women, affectionate, likes children, likes concerts, movies, good sense of humour, hard working, happy with pda

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. social,sincere,striving constantly for inner honesty,realistic self evaluation and understanding.Being an Aries am a total committment type.When I go into something I jump in with both feet and go whole hog.Have tended to be a workaholic ,an extreme which I am striving to restrict to a much more reasonable balance.Love a positive,jovial attitude to life,there is always an upside to every circumstance and situation.When tough things come my way I find the best reaction to be " Ooh Joy,now just what am I going to do with this one?"Most passionate about sharing.We live this life to learn and grow.This is best done with open exchange and sharing.I am also an avid cuddler./

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Good luck in your search
I'm seeking my final relationship. I hope to find a loving, loyal,funny woman who wants to share our lives. I am retired and looking forward to traveling atleast for much of the winter, anywhere warm works for me doesn't have to be in the USA.. I like to dance dine out, theatre, I love boating and spending time in/on the water, sharing making a great meal, fine wine and conversations about anything interesting.I know its hard to find 'the' one but I only want to talk to ladies who are interested in developing a long term relationship be it marriage or another form of a union. I'm new to town (3 months) and not in a hurry but am willing to spend the time getting to know you. I'm not into casual dating so ladies please only answer if you are serious

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My subscription on this site has expired, so I can't read your emails, nor can I send any emails. But if you wink, I'll know who you are for when/if I resubscribe! :)
About me...
I'm a retired fellow with a diverse set of interests; internet investing, spirituality, traveling (especially south in the winter), socializing, water and cross country skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and connecting with my 18 year old son who lives with his mother.
About My Date
She should be attractive(to me), sociable, friendly, physically active and tall(at least 5-6). It would be great if she is retired or able to take time off to do things and spend time together. And of course we must have that all elusive chemistry.

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Will know my ideal match when I find it,can you tell me what your ideal match is? to many variables to consider and try to put on cyber paper.Describe myself simply a guy looking for a simple woman to share lifes ups and downs with.I am not retired just tired of the same ol B.S these sutes try to feed me,so I am checking to see whay makes this any beter than the rest

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. People regard me as being intelligent. I am honest, straight-forward, and sincere. I've been told that I'm a good conversationalist and that I can empathize with others. I treat people with respect and am sensitive to their needs. I'm not materialistic or status-conscious and value time well-spent over money. I am casual in my dress and liberal in my attitudes. I'm not your typical male in that I'm not particularly interested in watching sports and am handier with a pen than a set of wrenches. I'd like to meet a woman who has some depth but who can also be natural and feminine. This description probably makes me sound very serious, but I also have a good sense of humour and don't take life too seriously as I can see the comedy in much of it.

Date men and women from Kelowna, Canada. Home body. flea markets. Moderately disabled, You can't tell by looking. can't do sports, Don't do bars. Like to accasionally eat out. Eat healthy, fruit vegetables etc. Like a good steak occasionally. Looking for someone who is possibly able to sell things on the internet. Would be nice but not required. I know....tough to find. Oh well I am in no hurry.

Meet single man from Kelowna, Canada. Intelligent, flirty and self confident, you are comfortable in your own skin.
I am witty and love to make your day with humour that may at times have just a touch of double entendre and might push the limits of political correctness :-)

Date a soulmate from Kelowna, Canada. I am intelligent, good looking, spontanious and always joking. I am a sr. living in assisted living with minimum means. I am a great cuddler and give great massages, whole body including feet and head(most important). I am diabetic with bipolar adhd ocd, all very well controlled by medications.

Meet someone special from Kelowna, Canada. Single man living in Kelowna and interested in finding conversation and companionship with gentle woman. Healthy, financially independent and kind. Interested in travel, current events and making the most out of the time I have left!
More to come soon...

Date people from Kelowna, Canada. I am financially secure and live by mself. I like to travel and explore,or be active when on vacation.Whereas I enjoy my home I also like to be outside both summer and winter for what activity can be enjoyed.I like to make my friends feel special and love to cook them a great meal that I know they will enjoy.I feel very positive about life and can add so much to a good relationship.

Meet a man from Kelowna, Canada. I am a tall single white male university educated professional living and working in Kelowna, B.C. and I am athletic and considered handsome by most people. I am seeking a single white female, non-smoker, slim and very attractive, who likes the finer things in life, but feels comfortable in an evening dress and high heels, or blue jeans and a tee shirt. Hopefully you will be romantic and affectionate as I am...and enjoy picnics, cuddling by the fire and listening to soft music.

Date men and women from Canada. I am apx: 6 feet tall average weight healthy with no baggage and love life , Would like to meet that special lady from fourty to fifty
must be a non smoker and who can take care of her self, is confident, honest, sexy,and fun. Loves to travel and enterain, is somewhat financially secure with very little baggage, one who can leave the past behind and look forward to what tomorrow will bring, within a reasonable distance from Maui, or could be as much as a eight hour flight away.
There are many more things I could say about myself and what I am looking for in a woman but I would rather talk about that when we make that connection.
I am sure when we meet and have a connection we both will think of more fun things to talk about and like to do.
I have been told by quite a lot of my friends that I could be a pretty good catch, and feel that this is the right time for me to meet share and enjoy the company of one fun loving beautiful woman
I know you are out there some where and I hope to meet you real soon.
Now I have done my part, now come rescue me from this single life . ha ha.
All the best to all of you looking for that special person to share your life with, Isn't that what life is all about to be with someone to love, share, and to be there for each other at all times.
Now let's see if this has the magic to help us find who we are all really looking for.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm friendly, active, enjoy playing pool and dancing in the winter, camping and fishing during the rest of the year. I'm looking for an active easy going guy who is open to new adventures, one who still has some fire. I'm quite independant and will go and do things on my own but it would be so nice to share the adventure with a partner.

Date someone special from Canada. Attractive, fun loving with a sense of humor. Love to be busy - hate being bored! I lead a comfortable, enjoyable life but would love to have someone to share it with who is smart, humorous, good natured and kind hearted. Enjoy yoga, skating, skiing, walking, reading and learning. Recently achieved Reike Master status and now enrolled in Shiatsu and Accupressurs courses and hope to open my own practice. Most recent vacation - Cuba last spring, next destination - hopefully Greece! I am considered by most that know me to be honest, open, down to earth and easy going although I do like dressing up and 'doing the town' once in a while!