Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Kelowna, 61 year old

Date someone special from Kelowna, Canada. Are you the icing on the cake? Looking for a man to share life with laugh, love, share and have fun! To travel, be physically active, have quiet times and family well as solitary times..

Meet a woman from Kelowna, Canada. I am trouble, and I am grateful that I have good friends and good health, someone that is rather attractive, you need to have that first connection
like to socialize, watch some good movies,
I have some great friends, and I hope my partner
will also like my friends, and I like a tidy person,
and I also like to spend time with family, like someone that has children, and I love my little dog
I can do yard work, paint, and do other jobs but at the end of the day I can clean up pretty good,
I would like to stay in the Kelowna area, as I don't feel up to moving,

Date a soulmate from Kelowna, Canada. I am kind of a warm & fuzzy love-bug kind of girl.
I am grateful for & I love my God, my family, my friends and myself. I love to laugh, dance, sing & play. I love nature & my planet. The guy I attract & I will happily sail through the rest of our lives together. He is healthy, happy, honors himself by taking care of himself. He loves to laugh and makes me laugh & he loves to travel. He cherishes me & I him. We only have eyes for each other. He is sexy & virile and wealthy enough to enjoy the best money can buy.
I am not so big on going out as much these days. I love getting together with friends, going to plays, going for dinners & drinks, attending fundraisers. Well maybe I do like to go out hahaha! Many things make me laugh out loud. Where do I start? This relationship is open & honest and loving and respectful and passionate & committed.
I am passionate about Love, Peace, Joy, Optimum Health & our planet. I am passionate about many things in life,. I am passionate about Life :0

Meet someone special from Canada. I have been very fortunate in this life. I have a great family and wonderful friends. I am happy, healthy,& fit.
At present, I am looking for that one special man to spend the rest of my life with.
I am faithful, trustworthy, responsible, polite, and fun-loving, and also, a nice person.
I am respectful, caring and considerate of others.
I'm very romantic.
I have been told by others that I am attractive but as they say, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and I believe chemistry plays a HUGE part.
I have an eye for fashion and enjoy dressing for the occasion, whether it be for downtime at home, a casual outing, a sporting event or a high end nightclub or restaurant (which by the way, should have some awesome jazz, blues, folk or pop music :).
I am private and sensitive to a degree but at the same time, am very outgoing and confident in a social setting. I communicate easily with others, and friends enjoy my sense of humor.
Please consider that I am looking for the same qualities in a partner as the ones I mentioned above.
As well, I prefer that you are retired, close to retirement or have a lot of flex time and holiday time. I have worked hard and now it is time to enjoy all that life has to offer. My time is my own and I am ready to go and do. I would love to be able to go somewhere warm for at least 3 of the winter months. As well, in the summer, I want someone who has time for the beach, the pool, boating, picnicking, walking, going to concerts & any other music events, wining & dining, sleeping in, cuddling, etc. etc.
I'm looking for a partner in the true sense of the word - someone that loves to do things 'together'. I have lots of amazing girlfriends but find I like the closeness and excitement of being with that one special person for most of life’s activities. Golfing together, getting dressed up and going out together, coffee and conversation, going on trips together, entertaining, and visiting family and friends together – all of these activities, to me, are just that much more fun with a loving partner.
Spending 'some' time with the guys or the girls is great ('I' would be the one with the girls lol) but if that is the main focus, then we are probably not a good match. I am looking for a 'partner', not just a 'roommate'!!
Two more things you should know: 1. I do keep up my physical appearance and am definitely a young 60, and 2. I'm pretty easy to get along with :)

Date a woman from Canada. I am the mother of four daughters and grandmother of eight is very important to me . I appreciate a man whose family is important to him. I love to laugh and to enjoy life. I am well travelled but also enjoy camping. I no longer run but try to go for a long walk almost daily. I am a soccer fan and follow Liverpool in the English league although I will watch almost any game. I enjoy watching most sports except for baseball. I consider myself a people person and enjoy social interaction with many age groups. I am a glass half full person and try to appreciate what I have as opposed to what I maybe missing. I am looking for a man I can laugh with, walk with, travel with,drink wine with, enjoy a nice dinner with or sit quietly reading or watching T.V. I am able to sit reading a good book for hours and have mastered the art of relaxing. I can also spend the day exploring places. I am very happy with the life I have but anything can be improved.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am very easy going, compassionate lady who is looking for a 'no nonsence' kind of guy who truly is interested in taking the time to get to know me. I love my family and have many good friends who are very important in my life. It would be nice to find someone,like myself, who is tired of being alone. I am not a push over and do not want to play the dating games.. I enjoy nature, love to walk, bike and most of all dance. I would like to find someone who enjoys dancing as much as I do. I have 2 wonderful sons, who I am very close to and recently a new grandson. So if you are out there, and you want to meet a nice lady, who isn't half so bad, come on, send me a line, I just might take your bait, heehee.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am a good friend, and dedicated to my family. I love my job and find the work I do very rewarding. I like to look at life as an opportunity and every day as a new adventure.
I am honest, loyal, committed, compassionate, have a positive outlook, and hope to find someone who shares these values. My favorite time of the day is the first cup of coffee in the morning, with the newspaper.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I love adventures, laughter and smiling I enjoy people and socializing. I like to walk/hike every day. Family and friends are very important to me. I have two great sons, one lives with me the other is grown. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I like renovating and creating nice environments. I like cooking and pairing foods with wine. I like going to sporting events and concerts. I love to read. I am looking for a best friend to laugh with and share lifes ups and downs.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am kind, loving, giving and thoughtful of others. like to make people laugh.. Like being with people, sharing. caring and giving... Am looking for someone who has the same qualities, and has a good, positive outlook on life...

. i love life, music, romance, just to pass time i love earth just too be me and you to be you to explore this great world to be real no baggage that is so much water under the bridge i have a great lilfe i just want too see more i love to fish camp to be in this great gift of earth

. I am a very active person, have a job, love to be with family and friends. I am very grateful for my life. Very close to my children, love pets, Do not like game players, I am not looking for marriage or any thing to complicated. I would just like to have someone to have fun with.

. All right - here goes. I would like to meet someone but have kept putting off the online search. I've seen many guys out there who I believe would make me smile and hopefully connect with.
I would be described as pretty adventuresome. I've travelled to many places in the world and hope to scratch a few more off my bucket list in the coming years. And speaking of bucket list, I have taken a few baby steps to overcome some of the fears I've had (like jumping off a cliff and introducing myself on
My kids and grandkids are the most important people in the world to me. We visit, enjoy each other, argue and eat together on a regular basis. I have four grown children and 10 absolutely magnificent grandkids. We recently did a trip to Mexico as a family group of 21 and had the absolute best time ever. I also have a continual influx of foster kids and am currently raising another teenager.
I believe I'm a very optimistic person and I try not to judge other people. I love to laugh and enjoy good times. Movies, books, swimming, hiking, walking the dog, cooking, baking, and of course, raising kids and travelling takes up most of my time. I AM going to start a running program and will continue to work on getting fit if it kills me!(putting it in writing will certainly motivate me, won't it?)
I do go out socially and would love to do more of it. I've got some great friends who I enjoy going to the pub with. I like seeing a movie, going for lunches and dinners on the town. I enjoy concerts, wineries, art galleries, festivals, and watching the Stanley Cup Finals to name a few things. I like being at home enjoying the quiet times.
I would like to meet someone who is independent but not too self-absorbed Someone who likes social activities, camping, travelling, people, places and things. Someone who likes to relax and enjoys the moment. Someone who enjoys being with me.

. I am nurturing and affectionate; supportive and a great listener.
I am a great cook, classy, well-groomed. I like to entertain and keep a beautiful home. I travel with my work but will retire soon. I workout at the gym 5 days a week and love the outdoors especially when the weather is warm.
I am looking for a financially secure man who is full of life and likes to have fun. Let's email, talk and meet ; and possibly travel the world together.