Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Maple Ridge, 63 year old

Date men and women from Maple Ridge, Canada. I am an adventurous man, just beginning to explore new beginnings. I am seeking a n intelligent ,sophisticated woman-Thoughtful. Romantic .In love with life. I seek someone active ,engaging and ready to Go for it!

Meet a soulmate from Maple Ridge, Canada. I'm a simple individual who is a homebody but who loves his family and friends. They are extremely important to me. I would like my partner to have same opinions of their family and friends. I love to hug and cuddle that special individual.
I would like somebody to be my one and only chosen best friend, to dine out once in awhile, ( who perhaps or maybe likes..(not mandatory).. pasta, sushi, steak, mexican, greek and on and on... perhaps some vino, I prefer red/rouge myself, but will drink white. To take a day trip, or vacation trip and possibly take a fishing trip with, once in a while (not mandatory, but welcomed if you like). Someone to talk to and share special moments. I am not perfect, but who is.
I am into photography and computers as a hobby, but that doesn't mean they also have too. I occasionally tutor people with the uses of computers when I have the time. Perhaps I can enjoy what you like in life also. I love and enjoy dogs but really prefer little lap dogs. Had two watch dogs who were taken by Coyotes 13 hours apart in May 2010. Rolex and Timex would have been 5 years old in June and miss them very much. I will possibly get one or two again in the future, but right now is not the time, but I would honor my new best friend's wishes.
I need someone in my life for a life long companionship and structure in my life. I am somewhat shy at the beginning but I'm told I'm I make people laugh which is good for the soul. Perhaps we can start as an email pen-pal and become friends for life. Who knows what is in store for us. Better to have tried and fail then never have tried and not knowing what you have missed.
"I'm not a controller," so if you want to go out and visit yours friends, or vacation with your special girlfriends, go go, have fun. I'll be here to hug you when you get back. " But be warned though, You better like lots and lots of hugs and embraces because after all, I missed you very, very much while away" ...& now possibly for my turn,..Please can I go with the guys on a fishing trip? can I can I, please, please. (just really joking.. would very much like if you would join me if you so desire). .... I promise I'll come back home to you.
Rule # 1, is that you're always right, and for Rule # 2, if you perhaps make a mistake, I should then refer to Rule # 1...
Yes Dear, I love you

Date people from Maple Ridge, Canada. I'm an incurable optimistic.
We are surrounded with so much wonder and beauty, yet we often miss most of it.
I'm on a journey of awakening,; determined to make the most of each and every day.
I'm finding the right balance of health (exercise, food) with fun; not wanting either to dominate out of control.

Meet a man from Maple Ridge, Canada. over wait and poor lover I play a lot of pool have not been dancing in 20 years I like to play poker
I blush if a woman gets to friendly too fast. some woman think I'm a nice guy i shower daily and have a small dog

Date someone special from Maple Ridge, Canada. I am a simple affectionate individaul,easy going and relaxed.I enjoy music, movies and quiet moments with a partner.I am comfortable around other people or just going out for a nice walk or out for a few drinks.

Meet men and women from Canada. I am a recently .divorced woman who truly believes that "Life is too short" and that we should try to enjoy every day to it's fullest. I enjoy travelling, dinners, movies/plays/concerts, time spent with family friends, spontaneity, etc.... My friends describe me as being beautiful inside and out. My kids [two adult boys] describe me as being the best Mom they could have had. I love to laugh!!. I am youthful in my thinking, dressing, acting and in my energy level. I would love to meet someone who could make me smile, laugh and just really enjoy life. I would like to meet a man who would wake up in the morning, look at me and feel blessed. As I would feel blessed. A man who would explore with me, spend quiet times with me, etc..... A man who would enjoy the day with me and wonder what the evening and the following day would bring. I enjoy spending time with friends and family would love to have a man in my life that I could hardly wait to get home to.

Date a soulmate from Canada. For me this is the hardest part of completing this profile. I am confident in my abilities and in general have a very positive outlook on life but I rarely put pen to paper and describe what my feelings are or what I am really like.
The friends I have are very dear to me and have been in my life for many years. If they had to describe me they would probably say I was very independent, totally comfortable with where I am at but open to new adventures. I have a quick smile, laugh easily but cry at sad movies. In my younger years I was an avid world traveller and I have now reached a stage in my life where once again the travel bug is luring me to explore new places.
I do not need a whirl wind of activity to keep me happy and content. Just enjoying the simple things in life with the right person is always high on my list of things I love to do. Good food, great wine, dancing, music, the outdoors, sailing and sitting cuddled up by the fire are also high on the list.
What am I looking for in a friend or companion? Honesty, openess and confidence in ones self. You should be comfortable in old ratty blue jeans riding your motorcycle or attending a ball in a tuxedo. To build any kind of a relationship it takes physical attraction, mental compatability and lots of communication. In my world romance is not dead and it is a two way street.
If you are still reading this profile perhaps you fit the bill?

Meet a woman from Canada. Guess this can't hurt to try it out. Have lived in the city for part of my life and really loved it! Have done some traveling. Family raised, like where I am living. Feel good about me, and would like to feel good about someone else.

Date people from Canada. I am an outgoing 61 year old women who is looking for someone that is the same. I spend time at the gym and like to eat good food. I have no desire to sit at home all the time and go to the same places for dinner once a week, week after week. I seek some adventure and travel and love to be out and about. It is nice to be at home at times too, just not all the time. I like to go to hockey games or concerts and explore Vancouver and other areas. I love to ski in the winter and spring and travel to warm places to escape the Vancouver winters. I spend a great deal of time with my family as they all live quite close to me but I would enjoy the companionship of a man with similair life interests to my own. I love to garden and am proud of my home. I love to entertain friends and family, and enjoy heading out for a night or a weekend.

Meet someone special from Canada. Registered nurse; Friends describe me as attractive,youger looking than age; loyal;fun to be with;easy going;I smile and laugh a lot; . I am proud of all the people I have cared for over the years and always left at the end of mywork day' feeling I had made someone's bettwer in some way.There are so many things for which I am blessed...good health,loving family,wonderful childhood,children I am proud of.We are all unique, and must accept that in each other;I want a person in my life ,whether it be as a new friend,dating partner,companion to be an escort to social functions or if all things connect ,I wouldn't rule out long term relationship.Must be honest, no head games, non-judgemental, same social status( middle/middle upper class),so as to have same interests(Professional or business person,post secondary education).I am involved with many different social activities( live theater,concerts, dances, at home dinners/gatherings with friends and family;evenings out for dinner, events in my community and other communities that are evening formal wear ;walks on the beach in jeans /sneakers; Rotary Club;Many other activities .I tend to fight for the underdog, and human rights/equality;protection for children against the evil that allows children and women to be preyed upon;I am very passionate about my family/friends that they are treated with the respect and kindness that we all deserve.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I live in the slow lane, out going, love to joke, very
friendly, a no-nonsense woman seeking a man who
is happy with himself and would like a friend and
partner to share our lives.
San Francisco, long drives to nowhere, Chardonnay, pasta, laughter, reading, Bateman;
these are a few of my favourite things!