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Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I have recently returned to my favourite place to live to be near family, friends and find the kind of beautiful, charming and intelligent woman that Vancouver has always been famous for.
I moved in to the False Creek area and am looking forward to walking the seawalls and Granville Island markets with? . . . perhaps you? After 15 years of doing the single parent thing for my 3 kids in Edmonton, it's time to get back to civilization and have some "grown up" fun now that my kids are all on their own. I'm looking forward to meeting that special west coast woman that is warm, loving and takes pride in her appearance.
About me . . . I enjoy gourmet cooking, romance, street shopping, golf, Kim Crawford, dirty martini's, my weekend morning coffee and croissants in bed with someone special discussing the previous week's events, and although not a jock, I work out at least 3-4 times a week to keep in shape.
I am always attracted to women who take time to dress well and take care of themselves physically and smell as terrific as they look.
My taste in music is very diverse as my MP3 player will attest to, everything from Lightfoot to Lady Gaga and Vivaldi to Billy Idol.
I enjoy going to concerts, plays and travelling to warm interesting places as often as possible.
The Lady I'm hoping to find . . . is honest, romantic, self sufficient, light on any excess baggage, is comfortable with who she is, her sexuality, and is looking for someone fun and sincere to travel with and share her future.
As much as I know it reduces the number of potential partners, I will concentrate my search on ladies living reasonably close to where I live in Vancouver so I can give them the personal attention they deserve, so no long distance romances.
I tried online dating a few years ago, and experience taught me to only consider those willing to show a good, and up to date photo of themselves, therefore pictures are a must . . . no pic, no reply.
Sorry, but automated flirts, winks and other pre-packaged forms of contact that don't require any thought or effort won't get a response either.
Drop me line and say Hello!

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I like too spend as much time around my horses as possible and enjoy riding and camping with horses I am proud of my way around horses and am always trying to learn more I am looking for some one who is willing too enjoy the simple things in life like a good meal after a good ride around a nice camp fire

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am seeking friendship. Having just separated for a year and a half, I am in the process of defining who I am and what I want to do. It would be foolish to jump into another committed relationship but I do expect that will come with time and no... I have no unmanageable "baggage". I am definitly separated.... no going back, no issues with my past. I am interested in meeting people who I can do things with: cycling, scuba, travel, movies, parties, hiking, new stuff! And, the list grows.
I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful friend in my x-wife. We started and parted as friends. We have both worked together through this process and, what started as a great friendship has only grown greater. She has found a wonderful new life and now it is my turn!
I have returned to my hometown of North Vancouver but you never know where life will take me!
Here are my top 10 things I seek:
1. Honesty
2. Active, healthy, athletic/fit
3. Always learning
4. Not a control freak
5. Starts with friendship
6. Young minded
7. Attractive
8. Available
9. Spirited
10. Emotionally secure
It starts with friendship and taking time. I want to find my last love, my storyteller, that person I can create a lifetime of experiences with. Who can sit with me in years to come and reflect on our adventures, our happy times and, our pains. A person who only needs one look ….. one word and we flood ourselves with rich memories of our life together. I may be older than the person I seek but I need someone who is vibrant and still willing to discover and learn. Not someone who is seeking retirement from work….and life. I am youthful in all ways because I want to live life, to continue to learn and share.
I am a fun-loving, professionally employed. Love to laugh and surround myself with positive people Very funny, easy-going and I want to enjoy every day of my life. I’m down-to-earth, spontaneous, affectionate, kind, fun-loving, open-minded, adventurous, extremely adaptable, loving, sentimental, giving, creative, ambitious, generous, great communicator, and affectionate. Do I really have to go on… I’m a nice guy! And… I like to talk!! I look and act much younger than my age and I'm not ready for retirement ... I love my job way too much. I also own my own part-time business.
Oh... and please... if you have a picture... please ensure it is current.


Meet single man from Canada. I am a professional, and have practiced law in Victoria for quite a while. I am a father, financially secure, very healthy, and very fit. I like to keep things simple in my life, and I really work at that. I work full time, practicing in Victoria. I exercise daily, walk to work, live downtown, enjoy going out for dinner or a drink, and spend my time: with my adult children, sticking to my exercise routine, practicing my music, ( I play an instrument ), taking long walks, going out with friends, enjoying my home. For what its worth, my friends tell me I am a very good man! I am not too good at sitting around, and watch little TV, mostly history and documentaries, and I enjoy movies. I am very much a people person, like to travel, and have done a good deal of that. I am very financially secure, and proud of that, and would like to meet an accomplished, educated professional woman who appreciates courtesy, manners, and a confident man with excellent self esteem. I have worked my entire career in Victoria, have fantastic adult kids, and I have a wonderful and satisfying lifestyle, however I would very much like to meet a woman who is fit, energetic, interesting, and balanced in her attitudes, with a view to a long term relationship. I am respectful of others and, I 'm told, lots of fun to be with.

Date someone special from Canada. Hi
I thought that I would re-write this in sentences. I would say that I am intelligent and (com)passionate. Others woulld say that I am gregarious and very funny. Inside, I am shy, but apprehensively confident. (Haven't fished for awhile.)
I am and passionate, trustworthy and loyal in relationships. I love walking, photos, arts, travel (especially Italy), and good music (Etta James, Anita O'Day, Lucinda, Lightning in a Bottle); except rap and opera. I also love learning about other cultures, places and people. I enjoy movies and plays. I work and volunteer with children and people who have experienced homelessness.
I grew up in relative poverty now I am a health professor. Also, I am interested in Buddhism (Dalai Lama) and meditation. I don't play golf. I can't swim due to hearing aid.(I can hear fine now.) I am also an ex-skier (due to two many broken legs). Flexible personality, somewhat stiffer body.
I like the quote from Bertrand Russell. Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. Last, I have sought to alleviate loneliness, poverty, and pain.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Thank you for stopping by.
I am looking for my best friend. who is looking to enjoy life. A life of traveling, a companion, a fishing buddy. I have two great kids that I enjoy time with. I love watching them play sports. I also am blessed that I am able to coach and participate with them in there activities. I'm a loyal person who expects the same in return. I am easy to talk to, and a great listener On the final leg of my divorce which
has taken three years.

. I am hardworking,honest,caring,optimistic and grateful for life both past present and future!I'm really looking forward to meeting my possible soulmate and sharing my life with her!SNL,eddie murphy chris rock tina fey rick mercer report make me smile and laugh as well as playing crib and helping take care of my grandkids.I'm hoping to attract a down to earth,fun loving, happy,low stress, upbeat, positive type of person, who also enjoys inteligent,meaningful conversation, good food,good music and likes to have a dance with me at home or out for a special occasion. I'm passionate about finishing the renos on my home and other projects as well as finding the right person to share my life with!

. I,m very laid back. Not into confrontations or a lot of drama. Need the same in a friend or partner. A sense of humor is not optional but required. I have been told that I'm handsome but I guess thats for the eye of the beholder.

. I was born into a dysfunctional family. My father was a raging alcoholic and my mother, as kind and beautiful a person as she was, was his enabler.
I grew up poor and angry and became a classical 'bad boy'. I was kicked out of the house at 14 and spent a while living on the streets. I quickly learned the ways of the world and eventually got a good paying job by age 16. From then on, I always had cars and money and never had a problem getting girls. I was married at 22 and divorced five years later.
Venting my anger through alcoholism, it took me until age 40 to understand I was heading for a sure death at my own hand. I had an epiphany one day (not the religious type) and decided it was time to leave the anger and the alcohol behind. It's been 22 years now since I had a drink, and surprisingly I don't miss it one bit. I do, however, enjoy a joint on the weekends and make no apologies for it. If you judge me for that, then you're not the type of person I'm looking for any way.
I have volunteered for Special Olympics, contribute regularly to causes such as WAVAW and Foster Parents Plan and write letters to the paper to help change the world. I relax by jumping on my bike and going for a ride, taking a nice long walk in the park with a good book, playing my guitar and singing a few tunes, or heading off to a karaoke bar.
For the present moment, and perhaps for a while, I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone. I'm trying to find women with similar interests to 'hang' with and have some fun...if it turns into a relationship, then that's alright as well.
You are honest about your feelings, interested and informed about what's going on in the world, and caring about the issues that matter in life - democracy, the environment, social and economic fairness and equality.
You don't engage in drama on a regular basis, and you have lots of laugh lines that demonstrate your zeal for life. You're accepting and grateful for what life has to offer, and you're supportive of others. You live an active lifestyle not just out of a sense of maintaining your youthful good looks, but knowing how important physical activity is to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Money and possessions are way down near the bottom on your list of the most important things in life - not that money isn't important, because it is. It's just not as important as other things.
There are a lot of bios on this site wherein the writer is looking for a man who is financially secure or independent. I'm not sure how one would determine this of another person unless that person wears a sign that says 'Fiscally Responsible'. There aren't too many people who are going to admit up front the poor state of their personal economy until a fair amount of time is invested in the relationship.To save your time and mine, I I'll fill you in on my financial status up front...I own equity in a condominium (the bank owns the rest), I have a moderate amount of savings and investment, but am far away from being able to retire. I have a patent pending - a retirement package, if you will - on an invention that's looking more and more like it's going make me a huge amount of money. Maybe. But until a check comes in the mail , that's just a fantasy. If that comes to fruition, and since I have no heirs, I will be blowing it to help save Canada from the Harper Conservatives, and having a great time doing it.

. My ideal match should enjoy music, and be willing to let me enjoy singing in my current chorus.
I am most comfortable at home, but I do enjoy going ou, taking drives to enjoy local scenery, but my work hours are very late; I work most hours until Midnight, and work Sundays. That can change if I meet somebody spiritual. I enfoy attending church, when possible

. Shucks and gee willakers, golly garsh darn, I didn't save and I can't do another 40 lines again, pouring my heart out and it's in cyber f'n space, excuse my expletive.
Bottom line is -
I miss a sigh on my shoulder,
a breath on my chest.
Protecting that someone special,
from those who constantly test,
Our resolve to love unconditionally,
and screw the rest. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. I am an easy going guy who is young at heart. I am looking for a lady who I can spend some quality time with who shares similar interests. I am an old fashioned guy looking for real romance. I know that might sound hoakie but its true, I wanna grow old with someone by my side.

. I am a people person. I enjoy meeting and talking to people of all backgrounds. I have travelled all over the world through out my life and to me, people make the world go round. I would like my match to like people as well but if she is a little shy that is ok as well.