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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. CARING AND TRUSTWORTHY
my healthand people I care about are healthy.
Somebody that can type better than me.Just joking!
enjoying been with people that look to challenging events and i would do even though I dont really care to do.
Movies conversations jokes cartoons.
My kids boating cruising to foreighn eventually wish to buy a A class motor home and live in for a few months of the years in the sun

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. Do not like write about myself,but like a person that can take care of herself,but also need a man now and then,quiet but talketive is fine,I do not like fight and argueing.!! Smiles are Important. And to enjoy 60,s plus music.

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am a very kind, and considerate person. My passion, is playing the guitar!
My relationship should be based on trust, integrity,
honesty,and mutual attraction.
My closest frends,consider me, as a honest, hard
working person. A man is capable of literally anything, I set my mind to do!

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. -- i am alaid back business man good sense of humour, loves music especia lly jazz love good wine and food have alot of good friends love to entertain but need a nice looking women to share my desires, dreams, etc. age not afactor but must like to tavel south in winter---i like to golf. swim, taste wine. boat---but like to share what i do with someone special , am well established with kids all grown up but am lonely in this big house all by myself with my 2 dogs---am quite fussy though and only like to kiss princesses maybe you could help me out

Date a soulmate from Canada. Life is Good, make it so. I am a positive person, i need people around me that can give me love, make me smile and are there for me. In return I will provide the same. I have no time for negative folks as they get in the way of a great life. Socially I like to go out yo a pub or restaurant (depending on the moment) where we can experience good tasting foods of all cultures, laugh a lot and hug each other with our eyes.

Meet a man from Canada. Easy going , enjoys eating out with most sunny days spent on the lake listing to tunes fishing and thinking about life in the persuit of happiness. Looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors and simple things in life and equally comfortable in leather or lace. Life is a lot of fun and would like company to share experiance.

Date single man from Canada. I would love to tell you all about me over a brimming cup of rich hot coffee. And do not be mistakened, I'd love to hear al your impressions and insights. I have sacrificed way to much and would love to rebuild for myself and that special someone.

Meet someone special from Canada. I've had an active life in the television and entertainment business and pursue constant education.
Post retirement I completed four years of film school and now work independently as a writer. producer, editor on scripts and books and in many other capacities of the business.
Much of what I do is voluntary; working with students, colleagues and non-profits.
I like most kinds of music from Opera to Classic Country. I really love R & B, the Blues and Funk.
My excercise consists of walking, light hiking, my bike, a little freeweight and occasional kayaking or canoeing serene lakes to share time with and photograph wildlife.
I like art, architecture, history, exploring the off beat and off the map. road tripping, Vancouver Island, NYC, the east coast and west coast. The desert states are favorite places on the Americas and I want to do more foreign travel. Especially Turkey, Spain and Morraco.
I was the oldest and the only male in my family - seven women and me.
From this experience I'm a very good listener, sensitive to the needs of others, and very independent, self reliant and a thoughtful decision and home maker who willingly cooks and cleans.
I do my best to conduct my life based on karma conscieness and ethics and live it to the fullest.
I've been told that I'm funnier than a rubber crutch, warm, reliable, generious, witty and whimsical, and appropriately serious too.
I am not at all uptight and feel no need to be in the "right" about anything at anytime and a very open communicator who likes people and their stories.
I would like to meet someone who can laugh, have fun, be spontaneous and easy going but spunky and open natured, loves ro talk about anything, is assertive and has high self esteem.
Finding someone who is GGG, (good giving and game) as I am, would be a big plus.

. I am an easy going person, adventurous and love learning new things. I like the simple things in life. I am affectionate and would lke to meet someone with the same interests. My life is private and i only share it with those that I choose to

. You will find that I'm game for just about anything from attending the ballet to full contact mud wrestling. But, for the most part, you would find me at home working on my house or out clambering around someplace trying to find the perfect angle for the perfect picture. I lead a quiet life filled with pretty mudane pleasures. I love going to plays, concerts or the occasional movie. It's only in the past ten years that I learned the fun of travelling and want to do more of that. Camping and other outdoors activities fill my summers - and winters sometimes.
The person I am looking for is someone who feels the same way I do. I am 62 years old, I'm not lacking in passion but I'm way past wanting a lot of drama. The person I want to be with is someone who, like me, just wants someone to love and share a life with.

. very easy to get to know, enjoy people. I'm basically just filling this out because it came up on my screen and I can;t get out of the damn thing untill I finish it, However you never know.I'm originally from Sault Ste. Marie On however I have lived in Vancouver fot 37 years and obviously love it.

. Good sense of humor, kind, sensitiveand energetic. Good cook, love trying new things and going to new places. Cruising the summer away exploring the BC coast, enjoying the sights and the seafood. Wanting a friend, partner and lover to enjoy lifeand sail off into the sunset together.

. I am a person who would like to get to know a lady who is independent, strong mined who can laugh and cry when she feel like it. That is the person that I am.
I have not been dancing for at least three years, I miss that so much. Not really into "HipHop", but would try it. More into three step kind of person.
What I really like, is when a lady is her real self at all times. If there is something on her mind say it, don't wait for days later. That is when you know you have a true friend. That what comes first and will always be there if your totally honest in the moment.

. I am looking for someone who wants to have fun. She should be open minded, a little adventurous, and interested in our world. I would like to share the quiet times as well as the social times. A key word would have to "sharing."

. I am young at heart, and like living life to the fullest. I have three adult children, who I am very devoted to. I love to boat on the ocean in my dream boat. I am pleasant, caring, compassionate, respectful, kind, generous, polite, considerate, loving, affectionate, gentle, non offensive, always a gentleman.