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Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. I am healthy, happy , secure looking forward to a rewarding retirement. Looking for a lady with some of the interestthat I have. I am planning to spend time in the mountains and at lakes in the summer and then travelling to warmer climats in the winter.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm a bit needy, due to living alone a while. Self confidence is not high. I know this is not a great sales pitch but honest. I am fairly healthy, think daily 4 km. walks with my mutt help. Haven't traveled as much as I'd like. I have an older truck and fifth wheel that need exercise. It would be nice to have a partner that wants to share some activities and has common interests and abilities.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. I am easy going,kind and gentle,no drama.
I am a happy person
Looking for the same.
I am more attracted to an Asian lady who knows-how to treat a man and makes him happy.
And shares the same outlook in life

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. Above all, I am honest. I cannot tell a lie....I've tried but within a few seconds crack myself up...because I'm terrible at it. I have a dry sense of to laugh and enjoy others when they find humor as the best medicine. I have spent a good deal of the past ten years caring for elderly parents and others....and benefited.
I would enjoy a relationship with a a lady who is most importantly a friend...who has integrity and who can make me smile just by being herself. I would also savor the satisfaction of ensuring her happiness and contentment by being a good friend, patient listener and offering whatever wisdom and assistance is sought.
I don't intend to again be hurt, disappointed or used and discarded.
I love life and must be with someone who shares that view.
Though I toiled in the 'fast lane' of celebrity for many years....I have successfully managed to wean myself to a longing for a quieter time.

Date single man from Canada. Enjoy hanging out with good people, have good food,good wine! Lets have some fun, but dont go go crazy, not yet! What is a good travel destination? Be shure this is what we want! Good being on same page.

Meet someone special from Canada. i just want a lady friend to talk to and to be with,go for a meal,for a drive,playing cards, go to a casino ,imax theatre Seatle Zoo I love going to Vancouver granville island market ,flea markets,in life i have been poor rich poor to me money does not mean much any more i love my job i am an optimist and a perfectionist i never see the cup half empty it is always half full Sorry my grammer is not perfict Neither am I.

Date a man from Canada. I am easy going, passionate, caring, and enjoy life. I feel like like I did when I was in my forties. I would like a partner who is committed to share all of our new experiences together. I believe a complete relationship includes sharing all aspects of our two lives, exercise, sharing meals, going to various events together and a sexual commitment.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I was born with salt water in my parents couldn't get me and my fleet out of the tub. I spent my youth haunting the boatyards of New England to hitch rides on sail and fishing boats and to sweep up bottom paint chips and sawdust for a dollar a day. I thrive on sailboats. I have had a captain's license for over 40 years and have at least 150,000 sea miles, probably more. I am a complex, highly intelligent, and slightly nerdy person; and while sailing and boat building are my life's passion, I have also been involved in the theater, the graphic arts---a wilderness paramedic, 15 years a pro ski patroller and many, many years a massage therapist to high level athletes. Didn't sleep much......
I live outdoors and sleep with all the windows open. Recently moved here, I could spend a lifetime exploring the BC coast and interior in all seasons---no bad weather just bad clothing.
I am ready to dance as soon as the music is turned up, especially liking calypso and merengue--willing to try more formalized dancing such as tango or West Coast swing. I play the hand drums--bongo, conga, djembe--for personal pleasure and sometimes with friends. I get physical exercise every day and work out some, much more in the winter. I am definitely not into running. I bake a loaf of bread every week and try to eat seafood every other day with a glass or two of wine. I am used to living in cramped quarters with other people for long periods of time(sometimes too long). My home base, hopefully with a hot tub, has to be spacious to contain my many interests, projects, and guests. I have not had a lot of opportunity in my life for gardening---no deer fence here. I do miss warmer water for swimming and snorkeling in the sea.
I think that I am sort of handsome in a balding sort of way. Athletic and toned, about average, a few extra pounds all in the same package---hey! that's what you get at 63. I am very inquisitive and tend to be coarsely intellectual, I'm a sailor. While I enjoy deep, penetrating, searching and philosophical conversation......silliness, laughter, and fooling around is where it's at. I try to meditate every day; it's good for my soul.
I am looking for an outdoors gal who is or wants to be a hard core sailor and cruiser. An interest in skiing and/or hiking/camping is a definite plus. In her pack one might find a brainy(or not) book, an Ipod with a diverse range of music, maybe a board game. A self-reliant person who is not afraid to be beyond the bounds of a call for immediate assistance. One who wants to explore the near borders of the extreme without being extreme. One who likes to meander through art galleries and museums unhurriedly....and on the trail too. I am a caring, honest, and very dependable person and hope that she would be too. A woman who wants to build a good great intimacy based on experience, thoughtful exchange, and general mutual open hearted comfort and laughter. A lady who desires a lot of physical contact and attention, willing to give as well as receive and receive as well as give and who enjoys her own femininity and my masculinity ....and a dancer

. Am gratefull to still be above ground. A lady by my side should not be camera shy as I love photography. Bicycling is a fun exercise and enjoy my old car on dry weekends. For a good laugh attending a comedy club for laughter is the best medicine.

. When you look into your partners eyes and see open unabashed acceptance, love and admiration.
I am someone who can be your other. I prefer you to be happy and excel at whatever you engage in but it has to be the right fit. I would rather be alone than lonely in a relationship.
My ideal match would want the same for me. We could share our lives in the deepest sense and trust each other without reservation.
Of course chemistry matters but beauty is not only skin deep

. Most would say I'm loyal to a fault.
I love dogs (German Shepherds in particular) cats and most furry friends!
I'm a softy for "chick movies" and those long distance phone ads always "get" me!
While much of my spare time is spent relaxing with a bit of tv, a movie rental or a book, when time allows I love to hop into the car and just drive to places I either know or want to see.
My work schedule deprives me of the one thing I need to find..a friend and lover in whom I can confide.

. I should start with the fact that I've 'just (sept 13) signed as a paid up member, so have been unable to contact any of you until now.
I have been a widow for ten years and retired for five. I still seem to keep very busy - don't know how I ever had a job. I was as teacher / administrator then gave up the admin. after my wife passed away. - Just didn't want any more unnecessary stress in my life. I've done a little travelling but want to kick that into a higher gear in the next couple of years. I love going to the Mexcan all-inclusives and could spend hours snorkling. I've also travelled to my home country, England, for a couple of times, although want to see more of Europe during further overseas trips.
I love the summers. I get out in my boat lots of times and love just sitting there, reading a book...and jumping over the edge as the need arises. This time of year is great because I hate being cooped up inside, although there is time for that. Bike riding and golf are a couple of other favorite summer activities. The winters aren't empty, though, as I've taken up curling in the last couple of years, and really enjoy that. Another favorite thing to do in the summer, is to go on a number of local winery tours. Outside of the Valley, I also thoroughly enjoy trips to Seattle and the Oregon Coast
I do spend time with my grandchildren who range in age from 2 to 7. These are times that I cherish.
I've been involved in the local theatre scene for over 30 years, often taking on various 'character' roles, one of the most recent being that of 'Uncle Max' in 'The Sound of Music'. Unlike many guys, I'll spend a fair bit of time shopping - a past time I quite enjoy.
I enjoy the roamantic comedies and am a real movie buff with over 1000 DVDs in my collection - likewise for music and my CD collection.
Many friends refer to me as a real sensitive, caring guy, and I think I am - in many ways.
I look forward to meeting a lady to share my time with. In the winter it would be wonderful to go out for a meal (The Greek House is a favorite), come back home, cuddle up in front of the fire to watch a move and sip on a good bottle of wine (if you haven't tried Larch Hills, Salmon Arm, you're missing something. Also locally Arrowleaf)
I hope what I have written stimulates some interest in maybe 'taking the plunge' and going for a coffee or a wine.

. I am a world traveller, either by cruise ship or flying as there are so many places yet to be seen, I enjoy meeting new people, trying out new foods learning about new cultures and looking for someone that also enjoy's travelling and can arrange to do so on short notice.

. I'm an honest caring man. Sometimes cheezy, sometimes to attentive i've been told but I'm not changing. Can talk about feelings, can cry at a sda or happy event and put the toilet seat down. Now i have to put more cause I didn't write enough. Lets chat and I will tell you any and everythikng you would like to know. I am open and honest and very willing to work hard on a loving relationship

. I'm reasonably content with who I am and am still working. Have three children not living with me and four grand children. I guess my greatest accomplishment are my children . I'm someone who most of the time thinks his glass is half full. I have good friends and like to socialize with them. Also like to cook eat out .Anyway this is avenue I'm not used to but I'm trying to do the best I can.