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Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am 63 years of age, was married for 19 yrs, ha ve two sons both married, I have 1 grandson,and another on the way.
I like to exercise regularly,enjoy dancing to live music.
I enjoy the outdoors,walking,hiking.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I live in the mountains in Whistler, BC. During the winter , skiing is my life. During the summer I work to travel and motor race. I am a mellow man with a passion for life and a love for my three daughters.
My life has been adventurous with extensive world travel, over land, deserts, mountains and continents . I have sailed oceans in small yachts. Lived on small islands in 'man friday' scenarios.
I have always made a point of 'doing it now' because who knows about tomorrow.
I am retired early in life from an independent income career as a builder, of homes, high rises and bridges.
I enjoy spending time with a fun lady, with a sparkle, shining eyes, a joyful personality and smile. To share a free laugh and a love of adventure.
I like to cook, although I am no expert.
I read, do not watch cable TV, but enjoy a good movie and a log fire.
I like to draw, take photographs play with artwork, I like the outdoors, fresh air and a free lifestyle.
I am content as a single and happy with my own companionship, but love to share and care.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for a lady with high moral standards, a lady with a good sense of humor, but appropriately so. I would love to have coffee and conversation to start. My priority is to help the needy wherever I can. I reject materialism, and believe cash is the only way to live.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. i enjoy goning to the the moves holding hands also im just learing how to use the compter ther is a saying kiss in the dark walking inthe park i would like to find a woman ho injoys sex a good bottle of wine on a stary night

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am a Christian man, divorced, and truthfully not even looking to date right now. I am completing this out of curiosity. It would take a very special lady to surpass my ex wife, who is and always will be my best friend.

Meet a man from Canada. I am very much myself, think independently and often "out-of-the-box". I tend to be liberal, tolerant, curious and creative. My partner would either be the same or have a compatible personality and be open to culture a trusting and romantic friendship.

Date someone special from Canada. my closest friends describe me as just being a nice and warm guy .what makes me smile is to listen to a nice melodyor meeting a person on my walk in west van who smiles ,,, THAT makes me smile and makes me believe in the goodness of most folks .I am greatful when waking up and trying to make the best out the coming day .i am hoping to meet a likewise person who likes to do some walking and is in a somewhat fit condition, loves music ( i write and play music , contemporary jazz and ballads ) .

Meet single man from Canada. Healthy ,sportsminded 62 year old who enjoys golf, skiing, racquet sports,& maintaining his residence & keeping fit. Would like to meet travel-minded lady, happy, cheerful, positive,spiritual and someone who enjoys sports.etc. Golfer and skier would be a bonus! Newly semi-retired living on Okanagan Lake,would prefer to meet ladies .Looking for happy ,cheerful gal from the interior or the coast who is fit fun & between 50 & 66. Preferably from Valley area.

. Writing about one's self is often a challenge for some, others it is liken to writing a novel. I am of the former individual. I personally prefer the more personal approach - being in front of the other person as a one on one situation, but ---
One must write something to fulfill this requirement. I am easy to get along with and open to new adventures with whom ever comes along.


. My friends and family feel as if I'm fairly easy going and sincere in my actions. My love of my career in the forest industry has created many lifelong friendships. If I had to do it over, I'd do it over again. Family ranks highly in my priorities and if help is needed I try my best to help out. Spend much spare time at a cabin in the woods on a lake, serenity no power, propane lights and appliances. Just happy life has been and is still good, every breath in life is precious. Fairly simple person am as comfortable in a suit and tie as in my redstraps and stanfields but was raised in the outdoors and still feel at home there. Looking for someone with same interests as a good friend and partner. Slow and easy wins the race so after 38 years of marriage, I'm out in search of a mate.

. good and kind,take live for what it is,a relationship of laughter and good times,i asked god for strength,that I might achieve.I was made weak,that I might learn humbly to obey.I asked for all things,that I might enjoy life.I was given life,that I might enjoy all things.

. A am an out going, independent, hard working. I'm fine on my own, but would much prefer to have someone to share with. I love exploring new resyaurants, all types music, concerts, wine festivals & tasting

. this is the part I hate, I am just a regular guy, hardworking, love my job and love my Daughter. When you meet me, I am what you see, no BS. I love to be active with out climbing Grouse Grind.
I want to share my life with a life partner. When we talk, I will look into your eyes, honesty is so important in your life as it is in mine. You like to hold hands, you like to talk about your day...good or like to shop...yes I like shopping...I love walking Vancouver all the sites and sounds and tastes. I love Whistler and all it offers. I enjoy all sports, I have season tickets for the Lions, get to see the Canucks fairly often. I have a new bike that needs to get out on the dykes or around Stanley Park.
I have been know to cry in movies, or watching a commercial....well, I am just an old softy as it turns out.
So, if you like this little bit of information, give me a shout and ask me some questions and I will give you some answers.

. health and welfare, a sufficient income, time and space to work and play, inner peace and joyfulness
playful and passionate and independant,caring and
generous. My social life is quite limited and I seem to prefer this.