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Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Outgoing,easygoing, friendly. Love dogs and most other animals. Would love to take my motorcycle and tour the USA and Canada with someone on my bike or one of her own. Would like to take things slow and easy first. If thing progress so be it.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. From the descriptions I've read on this site everybody has an abundance of great qualities or they have been told they have. This will depress many psychiatrists. I'm a middle aged man and not ready for a rocking chair on the porch. I do certain things very well other things very poorly. I try not to hurt people and be supportive. In terms of values and opinions I would not be mainstream. I try and do what is right and really don't care what others think (that could make me sound like a criminal I'm not).

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. my frends describe me as funny kind and given person i am looking for someone kind and given given for me makes me smile social life is very busy and i love my kids and my five grand kids i also like to valantire my time a lot

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. My motto of life is to live and let live! We are all human and need our space to grow, and that is especially important in any relationship? I am very easy going and if anything may be a fault. Also I have a great sense of humour, if you cant laugh at your selve or events it ant worth living? My real calling in life is art and never went down that road but never too late. Chow....

Date single man from Canada. My optimum match would be an attractive woman at or near retirement who likes the outdoors and likes to play golf. If not a golfer then understands my need to waste my life on the course! Want someone who wants to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff-someone who knows how to nurture and strengthen a relationship.

Meet a man from Canada. I would describe myself as very down to earth, sensitive caring kind of guy. I like to eat healthy and exercise daily so I can enjoy life to the fullest. I am looking for someone similar to share my life with.

Date someone special from Canada. Well what to say
I could tell all my good and bad habits can't chance them [that me] so why try!!!!
You can't put a round peg. Into a square hole.
why try, If we meet and you like me then you can take me home
If you don't like my humour I'm sorry noone is prepect
And my dislike are Greenpeppers liars degrading humour [were people call down other]
I'm lay back not to much get me mad
but I'm out spoken If I don't like it I say something about it
If it important