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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Looking for someone to share those lonely times. Am busy and you are too but there are times when 2 is just better than 1. I find I am willing to accept things I did not earlier in my life. Alcoho;lism, drug addiction and womanizing are 3 that I still won't accept.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. My friends describe me as easy to be with, adventurous, a very good listener, one who likes conversation, down to earth, attractive, looks younger than his age, kind, sincere and a romantic at heart. I love to have fun, and people say that I am fun to be with. I enjoy all types of music, opera, motorcycles, live theatre, kayaking and the outdoors, woodworking, gardening and home renovations. I hope to get back into cross-country skiing, and saxaphone lessons, this year. What I look for in an ideal match is a good communicator, honesty, is happy within herself and is adventurous and spontaneous. She must be able to laugh at herself, yet have a serious side and is fun to be with. She enjoys a walk along the beach, picnics, sunsets, travel, biking etc. Some people describe it as chemistry.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I AM MUCH YOUNGER THEN MY AGE I am a good honest man that needs a good honest woman.I am a secure man and want a secure woman. I need to give my total love to someone and I'm lost when I'm alone. Talking about myself is not easy most people I deal with think I'm funny and I do try to make them laugh and feel better,that makes me happy.My humor is a bit sarcastic sometimes but not harmful.I am an average man not a pinup, but not a sicko either, I'm easy to get to know but can be a little shy also. Anyway that's me for now more when we get together decide for yourself.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. Work hard and then play harder, looking for someone that has the same attitude and likes the same things I do. Would like to meet someone who is outgoing and not afraid to go out, sometimes for long periods of time.

Date someone special from Canada. Very caring, love to help people, always look at the lighter side of life. Family is the most important thing in my life, I have 12 grandchildren who are the love of my life. Love to watch them grow and contribute to there lives. Greatest accomplishments, walking the great wall of China, 4 day hike to Machu Pichu.

Meet single man from Canada. Mature, sensitive, sensual, adventurous, open, genuinely interested in others, intelligent, well-off, heavier than I shoujld be. Looking for sensual, small busted, slim, sexually active, clean and healthy.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I,m very positive man, down to earth,easy-going,and patient,Iam kind,generous and thought ful. I would also add that any girl that goes out with me will be treated like a lady. Iam a people person. I love music,of any kind. Iam looking for someone to have fun with.

Meet a man from Canada. Some correspondents, reckless enough to write, have told me this profile is intimidating . So I decided to attach this, as a kind of disclaimer, as cautionary words.................. on the ground, I'm straightforward, harmless and without pretensions, though I do like to have fun with words.
I admire competence, especially in a woman and probably, I'm best on my toes, when I have to reach out, even reach up. I'm a romantic, unafraid of challenges, resourceful, retired. Practical, good with my hands and in a kitchen.
I like alleyways, the colorful of society, color in tubes: don’t enjoy the pretension of galleries but like the pictures. Music is a fixed point and I work at jazz guitar, reading and painting. My sense of rhythm is good, I’m happy swing dancing. ............. though I wouldn't care if a woman didn't enjoy this, it would never be a deal breaker.
I tend to enjoy hearing about places I haven't heard of, I like adventure and surprise. I enjoy differences and peaceful people.
I may well have a sensible attitude to looking for and working at commitment in a relationship, I think there's a wisdom, selflessness and gentleness now, that would support the process nicely. Intuition nags me all the time, it understands what's wholesome, what's needed between people and anyway these days I can't get out of the house without it.....................
Presentable, according to taste; with a self deprecating humor. I’m bound to respond well to an unpretentious, gently vivacious, open minded woman who reads, thinks, has a presence and an easy humor.
Being free to deal with wisdom, experience and desire suits me and the idea of a life partner appeals. Distance isn't fun but with a reason it wouldn't be a certain problem.
There are acres of flexibility in my preferences. If you smile and have an acquaintance with selflessness, if you have a liking for independence, if you can abide compliments, if you can endure affection, if you can tolerate politeness, if you dare risk compatibility, then why not write?
I live in Mill Bay 30 minutes up the road from Victoria

. I have had a life of spiritual adventure working the land --as a rancher-great horses dogs and cattle-raised two children -lost one-now have a grandson-I have had some wonderful relationships with beautiful women over the years-love to find my next best friend-lover and world adventure partner

. time to see the world at large! train, plane, or cruise ship or bus the world awaits for our discovery. free to roam anytime the system says go. are you ready to have fun and discovery in your life ? lets go to Rome,Paris,Spain,Asia or relax at the resort of sun and fun ///

. Sorry there's no photo. I’ll send a couple of pics to anyone who asks, plus an explanation of why I'm being so coy. But I assure you I’m not trying to hide from ex- or current wives, creditors or the cops. And while I’m certainly no Sean Connery, I don’t think you’d be embarrassed to be seen with me in public
Recently retired from my profession, hoping to find cheerful, thoughtful companion to share adventures far and wide, and daily life closer to home.
I think it's fair to describe myself as cheerful and contented with life. Considerate (usually) and even-tempered. I value fairness and balance and try to exercise it myself. Can't tell jokes to save my life, but everyone says I have a good spontaneous sense of humour. More comfortable in small groups of family and good friends than large ones, though small doesn't necessarily mean quiet. I like to think I'm fairly intelligent and thoughtful with wide interests, and I enjoy discussing current affairs etc, especially over a good meal. I'm healthy, fairly fit, and enjoy walking in the country and this beautiful city. Want to start kayaking this summer.
Am halfway through writing a novel about early Vancouver – usually enjoy the writing; always the research. Given any sort of opportunity I could easily get extremely boring on the history of the downrown area.
I'm hoping to find someone who would fit in with my family and friends - very easy to do - and I expect to do the same in return. Intelligent and thoughtful. Wide interests - hopefully not all the same as mine. Tolerant and funny. Either quiet or exuberant is fine. Someone proud of her accomplishments. I can't imagine getting close to anyone I didn't respect and value and who didn't reciprocate.
Someone who enjoys travel. I haven’t got to anywhere very exotic, but I do try to get off the beaten path, like driving to Inuvik (twice) and Newfoundland and down the Mississippi, and I’d love to take similar trips with an interested and interesting companion. Exotic would be good, too. Sri Lanka? Is New Zealand exotic? I’ve flown to Vegas a couple of times, stayed a day (and really enjoyed it), but then rented a car and spent the rest of the week in the National Parks in Utah, and it would be wonderful to find someone who shares those priorities.
All that, and a smile that lights up the room

. I am fun loving guy who has a great sense of humour. I like to travel and explore and would like to meet a a similar minded partner to explore the road ahead. Someone who is interested in developing a close and strong relationship. Accepting new family ties would be important. I can appreciate the smaller things in life as well as the big picture.
I would match well with someone who also has a good sense of humour and is easy going.
I have a son and daughter and four young Grandchildren who live in we go back and forth.
I retired in October of 2004 and spend time drives...points of interest in Vancouver....watching world events unfold.
I like most music except rap.
An out of town match would be fine if it is a good connection. Sometimes you have to make a greater effort to find what you seek!
I live at the edge of the Richmond Dyke near Steveston.
Send me an email if you have some interest.

. I'm independent and like to work, when i'm not working like to take 5 and put my feet up or gad about. Enjoy going to Canadian tire to see what is for sale or go fishing if not too cold. Sometime just like to drive around to see what is going on in the area. Like to go out to a dance or dinner now and then not a habit.

. Honest, fun, down to earth and easy going, good sense of humour, affectionate, retired and live in Whistler, def not high maintenance.
I have recently retired after having my business for 35 years in Toronto.
I spend my winters as a ski instructor in Whistler, so I am in reasonably good shape, and play a little golf in the summer, but not a fanatic about it, don’t watch or participate in team sports, want to do some fishing next summer as well as travel BC primarily and the West coast. I do spend time with family across the country. Must have a recent picture, fair is fair.
Want someone that takes my breath away every time I am with her and every time that I kiss her, that laughs and can make me laugh, very affectionate, low maintenance attitude and gets excited with high maintenance treatment. Chemistry is everything, the spark that exhilarates.

. People regard me as being intelligent. I am honest, straight-forward, and sincere. I've been told that I'm a good conversationalist and that I can empathize with others. I treat people with respect and am sensitive to their needs. I'm not materialistic or status-conscious and value time well-spent over money. I am casual in my dress and liberal in my attitudes. I'm not your typical male in that I'm not particularly interested in watching sports and am handier with a pen than a set of wrenches. I'd like to meet a woman who has some depth but who can also be natural and feminine. This description probably makes me sound very serious, but I also have a good sense of humour and don't take life too seriously as I can see the comedy in much of it.