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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I am thoughtful of others feelings,not verbose but not quiet,have a happy disposition,and would love to meet someone who is similar who enjoys travel,dining out,movies etc etc.Ican laugh at myself and would expect my friend to do the same,sharing is abig thing with me if you really like the other person you will do things that you may not really like because you care for the other person and you willdo it willingly.There is a saying-----don't sweat the small stuff and i believe this is a big thing in any relationship.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. I'm rather boring or I'm just bored sitting around between jobs. I'm semi-ret. Mobile crane operator when I'm employed. I generally work in AB. when I work(.Told you I was pretty boring).The excitement begins when I find a special lady to share good times and some bad of course (that's life) hope to change most of the bad.Being an Honest,straight shootin,person of integrity and principle,I would expect the same in a fine Lady.I'm the type of person that calls a spade a spade and to me there is no compromise for self discipline.Sounds pretty harsh eh! Actually I'm a nice person and a gentleman,treat a lady like a lady and hopefully the special lady I meet will have same values in her life.I'm not the party type although a good times among friends is special. I'm typed out now,talk to you later

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. My friends describe me as easy going, friendly and someone that cares about people and a great many issues. I like a good laugh and would like to meet someone who has similar characteristics. I like to travel, hike, and walk or bike ride in the forest.

Meet a man from British Columbia, Canada. I'm loyal, faithful, honest, warm, loving, passionate and respectful. I am also very much a caring person, and my profession as a Medic, gives me the opportunity of helping others.
I am a one woman man, and expect the same from my mate. She will welcome cuddling while watching TV, as well as dressing up for an elegent meal or "evening out".
I'm very comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt while doing justice to a 3 piece suit.
My partner for that is what I'm looking for, will be one that likes to become involved in my activities and allow me to share hers.
She will also be faithful, loyal, passionate, giving, and willing to always try new things- both in our private moments and in our life.


Meet single man from Canada. i enjoy bossing women around and the women i chose does as she is told nwithout an argument im very good to my women i dont like to hit women but i wejj if i have a very privtew person and only have a few freinds.i like my women to be with me at ajj times .she has a wright to make freinds if she likes dut woujd be on call at ajj times

Date a soulmate from Canada. This,
The human condition is that we are individuals in relationship, and there are tensions between individuality and relatedness. A humanist spirituality is not one of complete dependence, nor of complete independence -- neither condition can be defended as primary. Rather, a humanist spirituality is one of interdependence.
There is an energy field between humans. And, when we reach out in passion, it is met with an answering passion and changes the relationship forever.

Meet a man from Canada. I need someone with a good sense of humour, yet with a serious bent. I enjoy a diverse lifestyle from going hiking in the mountains to river cruising in Europe and Asia. I believe that people in a serious relationship would be open to giving and receiving affeciton and not be afraid to be open with one another.

. I think I am a straight foward type of person who doesn't play games with their partners head,communication trust and honesty are a must.I am a one woman man no games here.I would like to meet someone who when you meet them for the first time it just feels right , the two of us just connect. The person must give love and will receive love in return,must be able to be open and communicate, problems just don't go away they like they do in the movies they have to be worked out ,a relationship is a 24/7 proposition for both people involved.

. I am a person with a lot of life expirance I have been thruogh a lot in my life I have so many stories to tell that it will a long time for me to tell just some of them. I would`nt like to write those stories here on this site I am looking for is a very good listener that can share some of HER stroties with me.I am also avery good listener.The most important is the firs step the is easy.

. I'm proud of my kids.Happy to be healthy and realy enjoying the outdoors.I like privacy as well,but have no problems saying what I think.Like free spirited partne who enjoys hikes,cycling, (mountain bikeing as well) skiing.I used to help out a lot on kids ski racing but last winter joined DSABC(Disabled Skiers Association of British Columbia) and spent every Sunday afternoon with the adaptive skiing mostly driving the sitski.I didn't have the faintested idea how much those kids love to ski and going fast.Quite an eye opener.

. I looking for a casual friendship, with lots of honest talk and warmth. I have been told I have a definite talent for lovemaking and have always satisfied my lovers first. It has been too many years between meaningful relationships, I'm ready now, and want to enter a relationship before it is too late for me.

. I am a kind, loving, interesting, intellegent, person who loves life and always looks for the good in others. I love to travel, love to interact with all types of cultures and show interest and respect. Be kind to those less fortunate than you and love all of our furry little friends. Encourage those who can not help themselves. When someone needs to speak and be heard, LISTEN , you might just learn something. Always put 100 % effort into everything you do as 99% is just NOT a commitment. When you love someone, tell them every day.

. I live to see God's ceation on tis planet and do not expect to settle in one place. I a a happy soul, happy wonderer. Dreamer who makes dream come true.
People who love life, are flexible and can adjust to situations and enjoy new situations can be of interest.

. grew up on a farm in sask sold the farm in 85
became a city slicker had a couple of succssesful
businesses moved to bc in 92 and im still here
i am looking for an honest loyal lady to be my companion and my best freind
i would like to drive across canada coast to coast
and inbetween
hope to find a partner before i do that