Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Metchosin, 25 year old

Date a guy from Metchosin, Canada. My name's Jim. I live in Victoria.
I'm looking for confidence without the attitude. Maturity balancing inexperience.
The simple life appeals to me. I really enjoy quality and the attention that goes with it. I value curiousity and the humility of its pursuit.
I would describe my overarching views as humanist: culture, knowledge, and well being thrive in peace and partnership.
My medium is food. I cook. Really well.
I don't just want to create flavourful fashions; coming and going with expensive ingredients and TV chefs.
I want to nourish and cultivate a lifetime of learning.
Hiking, camping, canoeing, and otherwise experiencing the outside world is something I love. Gardening and farming are things I'm working towards.
If I don't do we get in touch?

Meet single boy from Metchosin, Canada. I'm more than a friendly face; I'm a loyal companion. I'm extroverted, yet consistently expanding my ability to achieve balance. I'm grateful for my fun job at TD Bank where the great people make it so much fun!! I'm energetic, confident, and live life to the fullest, funnest extent!! I love my friends.. One of the best parts about being a full time student and volunteer is the people I've met in the process.. I'm proud of my decision to be in school! I'm probably best suited with another student because I love to study and stay sharp! =) I'de like to meet someone with a positive outlook on life whom is upbeat, inspiring, and fun. My ideal date is someone FUN, whom I get along with easily; a smooth operator. My ideal partner is my best friend. I'm looking for someone who is down to adventure or stay in. Someone who gets along well with others. I like to stay in or go out, whatever the mood requires. I'm not into putting people down or negative forms of gossip. Sense of humor is a huge plus. I love interesting people who can make me laugh, and would expect my partner to insist on nothing less!! I love listening to music and enjoy creative activities such as poetry and art. I'de love to exchange poems or paint through rainy Sundays. I love working out at the gym and playing sports with friends. Dependable work out partners and shared interests make for easy living. I am currently studying towards a Ph.D in Philosophy and Psyc!! I like the idea of online dating for both the short and long term opportunities it represents, however am more into long term relationships then any other. I love electronic music. I love to dance, write, rap, game, and hike. My ideal date is rollerblading and drinking bubble tea!! =) =) I've always wanted to hit up Europe and Thailand; travel destinations I wouldn't mind tackling over the next couple of years. Hit me up, lets figure something out!

Date a soulmate from Metchosin, Canada. im waiting for a lovely charming lady to come my way but not just anyone, some one that will be a friend when i need one, and also a partner, someone i can enjoy spending time with, laughing haven fun,
but mainly to love and be loved,
im a very easy goen guy, but i do have a wild side, im a risk taker but with in moderation, im gentle and soft spoken but on the out side im rugged and have a manly persona, im realy passionate, and i love affection, im honest, careing, and trustworthy, also loyal to my friends and family, altimatly im waiting for the right girl that can offer a great relationship and friendship for longer than just a while

Meet men and women from Metchosin, Canada. im a daring risk taking kind of guy, but only within moderation, im passionate about life, i love loving, i have many amazing qualities such as being honest,loyal,kind,careing,dependable,trustworth, and being acountable,im strong mentaly aswell as phisicaly, but still soft spoken and gentle,
Idealy what im looking for in a relationship is a lovely balenced lady to be charming, funny, smart, sexy, loyal,loveing, affecionate, careing, thoughtful,and just as bold and out going as me, a wild but classy lady that apriciates me for the person i am. most importantly a solid friend,someone i can laugh and have fun with

Date someone special from Metchosin, Canada. I have been told I have an amazing sense of humour. I can be witty or sarcastic, or even both at the same time. I am pretty laid back most of the time.
I like to hike and spend time in the outdoors. I have all the essentials to make overnight hikes and am hoping to do a lot of them this summer. Juan-de-fuca trail anyone?
I enjoy being active:
I commute to work on my bike on an almost daily basis (I fear really really rainy and windy days), I am an amateur boxer and you will usually find me practising three nights a week, and I like to go for walks just to clear my head and get away from the house.
I own a guitar, but I will be honest and say I can’t really play it...yet. I am finally finding the time to sit down and learn. It is slow going but I am sure I will be the next Jimmy Hendrix... because you know, just starting something when you are 24 that most people spend the majority of their lives doing is super easy... :P But if you are really into “Ode to Joy”, I can play you that one all night long.
I am also pretty disappointed that it is consider a socially awkward for a girl to make first contact with a guy. Why do I always have to make the first contact?
So if you want to hang out or just chat it up, feel free to drop me a line.