Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Metchosin, 66 year old

Date a man from Metchosin, Canada. This is a self help solution for women who want the perfect man for them in their lives.
Test yourself on the following parameters and if you score 90% or better you may qualify for consideration.
Consideration will be made by the member posting this ad and is not guaranteed to result in you winning the "Prize Man".
• be a natural wonderful woman, full of the excitement and joy of Life
• Witty, humorous, compassionate, tantalizingly amazing, leaving a trail of delight as you pass
• be vibrant, exciting, self-confident, interesting, a seeker of the new
• compassionate, at times not wanting to sleep in fear you will miss something important
• passionate, questing, searching for fulfillment, for mutual satisfaction and joy
• able to meet any situation with the appropriate levels of enthusiasm, interest and grace
• delighted to dress down or up to meet the appropriate standards of the occasion
• love the outdoors, see the beauty of nature and of people,
• must love quiet romantic times, displays of appropriate public affection,
• Must yearn for cuddling, kissing, touching and being the object of my affection in private, must want to return the same.
• Have a strong and active Libido and glory in its demands and satisfaction
• Be compassionate and have feeling for those who have disabilities or are in need
• Be an everlasting student, always willing to learn, grow and expand your knowledge
• Know the meaning of compassion and be able to sympathize, relate without losing your perspective
• As I have a disabled daughter (27 years old, severe epileptic) you have to be able to look beyond the disability and see the
beauty, intelligence, and humour behind the disability that makes her such a wonderful person
• Rejoice in family and friends, the true meaning of Life
• Be a night owl/early bird
• Be able to argue me to a standstill (very difficult but do-able) and change my opinion or accept mine or be content
that we disagree.
• Must need time for yourself and friends, but always understand that this is a part of us both and will give us both
strength and vibrancy
• It would be nice if when I look in your eyes, smell your scent and hold you in my arms that I lose the ability to talk,
make a fool of myself and feel like I am a teenager in heaven
• Importantly, be honest, have integrity, keep white lies to a minimum, and want love!
Okay, a demanding list, so who am I? Everything above PLUS!
An accomplished Poet, mediocre painter, ex-dance teacher (beginner levels), eternal student, challenge the impossible and achieve the same on occassion, a Tarnished Knight in a world of technocracy, who tilts at windmills and believes that reality can be changed to the ideal, and if it can’t then it should be and I won’t conform to it beyond what is needed to survive.
I am always involved as a volunteer in Charitable Organizations and usually end up as a Director on their Boards;. I believe that we should all give back of our time and experience when we can.
Plan to live to 154 years old healthy, active and with a Libido that doesn’t quit. If I don’t make it, then I know I will have given it my best. Also, I am determined, stubborn (at times), compassionate and live by the credo that it is better to “Give & Receive”.
My epitaph should read “He changed the World, one kind act at a time”
Oh by the way, I do falter, make mistakes, lose patience and generally make a fool of myself from time to time. I do try not to make the same mistake twice although have not been perfect in this regard. I do need someone who is able to “kick me in the butt” once in awhile and bring me back to who I aim to be. Therefore you must also not be perfect and be capable of understanding that neither am I.
This contest is time limited and may be extended if the ideal candidate is not discovered. Good Luck to us both.

Meet men and women from Metchosin, Canada. I'm rather boring or I'm just bored sitting around between jobs. I'm semi-ret. Mobile crane operator when I'm employed. I generally work in AB. when I work(.Told you I was pretty boring).The excitement begins when I find a special lady to share good times and some bad of course (that's life) hope to change most of the bad.Being an Honest,straight shootin,person of integrity and principle,I would expect the same in a fine Lady.I'm the type of person that calls a spade a spade and to me there is no compromise for self discipline.Sounds pretty harsh eh! Actually I'm a nice person and a gentleman,treat a lady like a lady and hopefully the special lady I meet will have same values in her life.I'm not the party type although a good times among friends is special. I'm typed out now,talk to you later