Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Metchosin, 61 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I'm classy , intelligent, friendly, attractive, passionate, sensual, outgoing and caring person.
I am a kind, honest, sensitive, peaceful woman with a gentle demeanor and an inner strength.
- I am an incurable romantic, healthy, physically active, definitely-“Not a Couch Potato”, creative, practical, and non-judgmental, emotionally stable
I value integrity, good conversation quiet quality time.
I have a passion for photography. I enjoy doing art in its many forms.
I love Nature, watching sunset, listening and playing music, cooking, traveling and much more…
My hope is to meet a decent man whom I share common interests and values.
That someone special who is intelligent, romantic, generous, loving and kind, emotionally stable, has a good sense of humor is physically active living a healthy lifestyle itРІР‚в„ўs important to me.
A friendship that grows into the ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams of... I don't want to just live with someone; I want someone I can't imagine living without... I hope that makes sense... I guess I'm searching for my soul mate...I want to share it with a partner on all levels.. I must admit that there must be a physical attraction as well.
-If you are interested, please write to me at my hot.
My name is Grazamel

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Kindred Soul wanted: to share an Incredible Life with...Here we are... :) still looking for that someone "special"....our "other half"...not someone to complete us but rather to complement us. We share many of the same core values, goals,desires, hopes, dreams, joy for life,expressed in spirited conversations and in action... Authenticity is a great place to start.... then there's the dreaded "chemistry test 101" Once we've passed that...we move on to the parts of life that truly matter. We genuinely like and respect each other (and ourselves) before we transition to the best friends/love-stage.We've experienced so much in life, the "highs" and the "not so highs"... and now choose to share our precious experiences with another like minded soul. Shared laughter is intoxicating...(those "inside jokes" and "knowing looks" that only a couple truly in love can share). Then there's your smile, that look in your eyes that melts my heart when we connect... Perhaps we even finish off each other's sentences and thoughts. Our Hearts skip a beat or two when we gaze into each others eyes .. Romance and sensuality are a precious part of who we are.. We are there for each other through it all. We support each other through "life", and whatever it brings us...We enjoy time to our selves, yet can't wait to hold each other...and reconnect at the end of the day....(Hi Honey, how was your day? :)'s like coming "home". We enjoy quality time spent with family and friends....and equally important, time alone to reflect. We communicate honestly and openly, from the Heart.We share a zest for life and can't wait to express our passions. A meaningful relationship encompasses mental/physical/emotional/spiritual commonalities.Travel and learning about other cultures and ways of life is an enriching experience. Lifelong learning is is a lifelong exploration of the depths of each other's souls....I'm looking to cherish and be cherished...Let's meet in the "middle"..:) "Love flows to you when it flows though you"..... Neale Donald Walsch.....Now let's get off here and LIVE IT!... :)

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I love to laugh/cry/talk and share time/space with people who seek to fulfill their potential, question our purpose here and make our world a better place. I seek out people who want to live peacefully and with loving concern for others. I am not gregarious or ostentatious in most aspects of my life. I find myself attracted to energetic people whose good humour supports a warm and open and accepting nature. I try to see 'the cup' at least half full or filling. Life can be a lot of fun and when it's not it's always workable somehow.
Family is very central to my life. Two of my three daughters and grandson live here in Victoria (not Metchosin as above?). My parents who are 86 live up island. I drive up to see them often.
My work is in healing and helping.
If this balance appeals to you,and you have a 'twinkle in your eyes' maybe we shall dance and celebrate?