Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Mill Bay, 65 year old

Date single man from Mill Bay, Canada. Some correspondents, reckless enough to write, have told me this profile is intimidating . So I decided to attach this, as a kind of disclaimer, as cautionary words.................. on the ground, I'm straightforward, harmless and without pretensions, though I do like to have fun with words.
I admire competence, especially in a woman and probably, I'm best on my toes, when I have to reach out, even reach up. I'm a romantic, unafraid of challenges, resourceful, retired. Practical, good with my hands and in a kitchen.
I like alleyways, the colorful of society, color in tubes: don’t enjoy the pretension of galleries but like the pictures. Music is a fixed point and I work at jazz guitar, reading and painting. My sense of rhythm is good, I’m happy swing dancing. ............. though I wouldn't care if a woman didn't enjoy this, it would never be a deal breaker.
I tend to enjoy hearing about places I haven't heard of, I like adventure and surprise. I enjoy differences and peaceful people.
I may well have a sensible attitude to looking for and working at commitment in a relationship, I think there's a wisdom, selflessness and gentleness now, that would support the process nicely. Intuition nags me all the time, it understands what's wholesome, what's needed between people and anyway these days I can't get out of the house without it.....................
Presentable, according to taste; with a self deprecating humor. I’m bound to respond well to an unpretentious, gently vivacious, open minded woman who reads, thinks, has a presence and an easy humor.
Being free to deal with wisdom, experience and desire suits me and the idea of a life partner appeals. Distance isn't fun but with a reason it wouldn't be a certain problem.
There are acres of flexibility in my preferences. If you smile and have an acquaintance with selflessness, if you have a liking for independence, if you can abide compliments, if you can endure affection, if you can tolerate politeness, if you dare risk compatibility, then why not write?
I live in Mill Bay 30 minutes up the road from Victoria