Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / New Westminster, 63 year old

Date men and women from Canada. Looking for just occaisonal sensual times at her place. She has a busy life that will not change, and so do I. We will keep each others secret absolutely. We will enjoy entertaining each other between the sheets.
She wants to be with a gentle sensual man, because she has sexual needs, and wants to be with a man once in awhile, without all the other hassels and complications that go with "an affair" etc.
She might only call him up once a month or maybe even less, to have a good sexual time, and have all the rest of her life and loved ones protected from changes and entanglements that get complicated.
They will become ongoing secret friends.
Life is just flying by too fast not to savor some good wine, sensual hands, some great kissing, and all the rest that gives her a satsifed smile.
I am very married and staying that way. Maybe she is very married as well...all the better for equality. I am a truthful direct to the point kind of person, who is also cautious. Cheers

Meet a man from Canada. hi.....newly retired, healthy, financially stable male.....looking to meet adventuresome female for friendship and more. I like to travel both near and far. Enjoy most outdoor activities....hoping that this perks up some interest

Date someone special from Canada. I am passionate about golf, My bucket list is to see live as many PGA tournaments a spossible
I love to meditate, and help people heal. I have been clean and sober for 16 years, do not like to be around drunks.
I am very healthy, have disbetes (under control). love to walk. Laugh a lot, love coedy, watch movies, watch golf on TV.
I am a volunteer with many organizations including Red Cross (Board) I am very spiritual and respect all religeons.
Born in Fiji came to Canad in 1970 via UK.I served in the British Forces and was an Officer with the Canadian Forces
English is my first language.know four more languages.
Love to dance, great at waltz, foxtrot, grat at jive (some latin)
Tyr and avoid negative people and negativity
I am told I am good looking (matter of opion-of course)
Love quiet times, love intimacy..
Have had an exciting and varied life.
I wouls like to meet a companion that definitely does NOT drink alcohol and smoke. If she is a golfer then great , however I cn teach her.
Love to travel, Fiji Auss, NZ my favorite destinations (have family in all these countries)
I am comfortable with females of all raeces and colour. We have one race and that is the HUMAN race.
I have a home and a car. Live near the skytrain by the Fraser River.
Dont like loud and bossy people.
I am grateful to be sober, spiritual and very alive.
My closest friends would describe me a kind, generous and an overall great guy
My greates accomplishmenta- there are many, but beating alcohol for over 15 years would be the greatest. Education is next, Got a Pid in education. Avionics Technologist, REME Interprovincial / Red Seal Electrical . Recently went back to Univercity and got licensed as aproperty manager. I am currently president of my Strata Corporation.
Being the representative in Canad for Fiji was an honour. Love democracy and fighting for the underpriviledged.
In companion I wouls look for health, kindness, laughter and similar likes to mine. I am not a tyrant, do not like arguments and am avery loving and king person.
I am financially ina good place-would like my new partner to ahve some resouces.

Meet people from Canada. Have done a little of that and a little of this. Memories of bygone days are nice but I am still trying to make new and special ones. Hopefully with someone that would like to share them with me.I like to play golf and a little tennis along with going to concerts and live sports events. These things I would call a great date.Music and dancing are the two things that makes my heart beat a little faster.Someone, who can play with me and can still be strong enough to laugh at me as well as with me. Someone,who doesn't need me but wants me. Someone who would like to enjoy being themselves with me. I hope this works for you as well as me.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am 6 feet tall, atheletic/slim build, and enjoy the outdoors. Most of my time is spent researching, writing, and preparing lectures. When not working; walking about the city, enjoying restaurants, and taking in movies, are my main passtimes. Given these preferences I am looking for someone who is willing to explore new ideas, cultures, and is physically active.