Date men from Canada / British Columbia / North Vancouver, 66 year old

Date someone special from North Vancouver, Canada. Each day is a gift. I would like to share that gift with my best friend/lover. I am definitely not a jock, enjoy good books, most music except rap and hiphop, preparing /or eating good food with good company (my partner and/or friends). I believe that a good relationship requires 3 C's (courtesy, compassion, consideration)

Meet a soulmate from North Vancouver, Canada. My friends would describe me as sensitive, intelligent, good sense of humor, considerate, generous, curious about the inner/outer worlds, somewhat eclectic. Hmmmm....make you wonder what they do not say...Yikes!!!
Many things make me smile: counting my daily blessings, fresh ocean air, conversations from the heart, RR / blues dancing, good company, witty intelligent conversation, a good day skiing, little children playing / laughing, good music, being kind, new experiences, flirting, learning about something new, cooking for others, the Cariboo in the autumn, trout fishing, beauty of all sorts, spiritual insights, exploring, a good walk, a good book, Ambleside, Commercial Drive, ....and lots more..
I'm most grateful for my life's experiences both good and bad....there is a lesson in every experience and it is my job is to find that lesson!! I am greatful for the friends in my life. I am greatful for the many gifts that the universe has given me (I just wish I had used them better at times).
Social life: I need / like people in my life. I need to be connected. I like to stay social active and engaged (read.... I can be a social butterfly extraordinaire if need be) but I also need my down time. I very much enjoy intelligent evolved people. Life is a lot more fun when shared with the right person/group. prefer dinner in a home setting than a restaurant, duplicate bridge, live theater / concerts, doing almost anything with interesting people.
Relationships: as I see it, the ingredients for a healthy relationship are emotional honesty, trust, openness, respect, willing to communicate, lotsa playfulness and let's not forget the "C" word..committment.
My relationship needs: passion mutual respect, playfulness, communication , emotional honesty, gentleness, awareness, and common interests ....tideally, my partner will still be part little girl....someone that I feel that I can protect and part woman equal.
The things that make me laugh out loud: good natured quick wit with other people, almost any humour as long as it is not slap-stick.or demeaning, and of course old Clint Eastwood dusters.
PLEASE READ: do not expect me via a wink or without a photo...

Date single man from North Vancouver, Canada. I am a kind and caring man who enjoys individuals who have a similar zest for life and relationships.
I strive to be candid with both my feelings and thoughts, and I am comfortable in my own skin. This is a good thing, as it is the only one that I possess and trying to be another persona is not worth the effort required.
More interested in the journey than the destination, not terribly into material things although I appreciate nice stuff. Still involved in finding out the meaning of life or at least experiencing the joy of discovery.

Meet a man from North Vancouver, Canada. Just too much to say ...but comfortable in any setting---talented in all social graces---somewhat naughty in all phases of life--quite presentable...send an e-mail & i'll send a photo only to you.
Travelled to many parts of the world ---but still so much to see and learn.
Would enjoy a lady to be with me to cherish equally as a friend -a partner-and my "love" of all share all of our joys-and overcome our difficult times together as one...if you understand that...then we should have that "coffee" and see if we create that "chemistry"!!!!