Date women from Canada / British Columbia / North Vancouver, 65 year old

Date someone special from North Vancouver, Canada. I have also been told that I am a risk taker....not extreme sports, though. I look forward to getting together with anyone who continues to be amazed by the wonder of the world and life, loves trivia and all kinds of tripe, is still awed by nature's wonders and beautiful music...or share with me your heart's desires. Someone who understands the delicate balance of conversation so that both parties feel heard; all the other stuff is window dressing that we can gradually and gracefully disclose. You could be anyone--I am limited only by my imagination. I become small and confined in terms of describing the unique human being whom I would hope to meet. I know that I am open to meeting you as though we met at a friend's house, in a coffee shop, or as a man in the next seat to me on an airplane. I would be charmed I'm sure if any of these scenarios were our meeting place but that is not the case. If any of this resonates with you, please drop me a line.

Meet a woman from North Vancouver, Canada. EMAILS ONLY. I DO NOT RESPOND TO WINKS.
Attraction may start a relationship but LOYALTY, TRUST, definitly COMMON INTERESTS are what maintains it. If you are ready to start the rest of your life, so am I.
Fitness and good health are primary for me. I am very young physically and mentally. Happy and witty, outgoing and affectionate girl/lady with a youthful attitude and laughter in her heart, known for her integrity, honesty, good values and morals. Being unpretentious and non-materialistic, I am very frugal and the simpler things in life are enjoyable to me.
My 2 sons are successful adults, married to great gals and have blessed me with 4 grandsons. I have a very high regard for family and friends and occasionally love entertaining them over good food/good wine.
MY EDUCATION: High School, 2 years Business Administration College and 3 years University. I took early retirement and enjoy every moment. I was very fortunate to have the opportunities of traveling extensively over my life having lived on 2 continents and traveled to 3 continents with visits to more than 29 countries. Paris was my home for a few years. It was so great to have had those opportunities and to learn so much of other cultures.
Being on or by water is a favorite. There is nothing like the outdoors and nature in any seasons. Music starts/ends my day as I enjoy soft jazz, 50s60s, some country and other types of music. If you like GARDENING that would be great but not a necessity.
I would like to meet a fit gentleman who has similar interests and inspirations. It is important to take the time to enjoy life and all its adventures. A beautiful smile, stimulating intelligent conversation, the closeness of a warm and loving man, considerate and thoughtful, holding hands, hugs, that certain look will make my heart beat. You don't need me to complete you, but you know we are better when we are together. You don’t have to live in my pocket nor I in yours. It is OK to need a little space for ourselves. We can call it “YOU time, ME time and US time”.
I'm looking for a life long partner, companion, my friend and a good lover who will take pride in me as I in him. You love to laugh, remembering that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and with the right person any activity can be enjoyable. You are a sincere gentleman with some recent photos on your profile, at least 5'8" tall, 60 to 70, healthy in body and mind, on the LEANER side, have good self esteem and live life with integrity. You are warm and affectionate, flexible and considerate, non controling, loyal and the one who will make me laugh. I would like to be with the one who is able to listen with his heart and his head, that gentle someone who is kind, caring and enjoys holding hands and is not hesitant about appropriate public displays of affection and have a good sense of humour.. You carry little baggage, are emotionally and financially happy with yourself as I am.

Date a soulmate from North Vancouver, Canada. Morning is my favourite time of the day. With my freshly-brewed coffee in hand, I sit at a living room window where I can look out at the forest. I write in my journal, read poetry (Rumi, David Whyte, Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, Mary Oliver - to name a few). Sometimes listen to CBC Radio 2. Write some lines of poetry or rework a poem I am currently writing. Most days I spend time in meditation. I try to bring mindfulness into most of my day's activities. The peacefulness of the morning is carried throughout my day.
I am blessed to be retired. My days are filled with varied and rewarding activities. I walk and hike my favourite trails on the North Shore, meet with friends or family, volunteer in many organizations, meet with a great group in a poetry circle, explore new neighbourhoods, finish a Sudoku or cryptic crossword in a favourite coffee shop (preferably one with a view), take a new course at SFU continuing education, talk about great ideas with others.
I have done a great deal of personal growth work and know myself well. I strive to be authentic in the world and let go of defences that haven't served me well. I would like a partner who wants the same - to be real and to communicate and share all that he thinks and feels.
When I travel, you will find me in an art museum, a grand cathedral, walking in old ruins, strolling the local streets, meeting new people, learning about the history and culture of the area. My favourite places are in Europe - Switzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain. My next trip will likely be to Norway, a country of some of my ancestry. In addition, I love to explore this beautiful country and province on road trips.
Kindness and integrity are the ideals that I live by. My life is a constant evolution towards insight and compassion.
I would like to meet a man who is passionate about his life and lives with integrity and wonder. Are you on a spiritual journey - do you have more questions than answers? I have no ideal of physicality, only that you be attractive to me. Would love to travel, go camping,explore the world with a partner.

Meet someone special from Canada. Myself; happy, like to learn, not very serious, work hard at the things I'm interested in and not so much with housework, etc
Looking for; good person who enjoys life, dependable
Grateful for; health, home, job, family, country

Date a woman from Canada. My friends tell me I am much younger looking than I am.
Little children, friendly people, all animals, a good movie, etc., makes me smile.
I signed up for college at age 57 and graduated an honor student.
I am grateful for my excellent health and my two children and their families, especially my beautiful grandchildren.
I am hoping to attract a person who has similar interests as myself, who enjoys the outdoors, and is not critical of others.
Right now I am just looking for someone to share a cup of coffee with, or maybe a movie, or a walk and if it leads to something more that's great but otherwise I just enjoy meeting people and exchange views and experiences.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. My time is coming to an end with on-line dating, so thought I would update my profile somewhat to maybe get some open-minded younger men to respond.
I'm not a cougar, nor am I a well off widow or divorcee. I am not in debt, pay my own way and live a moderate lifestyle and I am a very well balanced and happy woman. It is my choice to be single - not one of these girls who only wanted marriage, children and live happily ever after. I am my own woman and stick to my ideals and true to myself.
Been on my own for a long time with some successful relationships along the way. I am not a needy person, nor do I want someone who feels they need to take care of me and be at my beck and call - not my style. I want someone who respects me and the same goes for you. I am loyal when I feel I can trust a man who deserves it.
Just looking for a gentleman who knows how to appreciate a mature woman who has a young spirit, mind and proud of my youthful look and petite figure. I take care of myself and, yes, somewhat vain about my appearance.
I enjoy my independence and my own space (hope you do too), but definitely want to share a part of my life with an honest, self-reliant, confident and young-thinking man. I have a pretty good and sometimes wicked sense of humour and enjoy that in others (corny jokes always crack me up!).
Developing an honest and open friendship first is extremely high on my priority list to any relationship.
I am a bit deeper than what I appear at first glance. You just have to be patient and get to know me. I've been told it's worth it.
My friends would say that I am loyal, honest (to a fault sometimes).
I am semi-retired, but keep myself busy with part time jobs, volunteer work and enjoying good times with my friends. No family in BC, so friends extremely important to me.
I may be set in my ways somewhat (hey, I'm 64, what do you expect?), but I am always open to new things to do, places to go and just enjoying life. I am a compassionate and caring woman, and there is no hidden agenda with me.
I have put myself out there with photos, so please only reply, wink or whatever with a photo. This whole on-line dating is quite an experience, wouldn't you agree?
Thanks for taking the time to check me out.

Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm just a woman who can be funny or serious depending......intelligent or rather stupid (can't find my way out of a paper bag, and that's why God created GPS).....outgoing and adventurous or quiet and a homebody.....I am a teacher and a student, someone who has travelled to 17 countries...someone who would love to travel to 17 more. I have been a hostel keeper, a caterer, a writer, a tutor, a postmistress, a florist, a cartographer's assistant (I had to wing that one), a tour guide, a doctor's assistant, a waitress, a salesclerk, and 'film reviewer' for 20th Century Fox and Kerridge Odeon Theatres, NZ and Australia. I love to laugh with others and at myself. I take care of dogs, cats and people.....sometimes for money, but not always. I believe in miracles.
My partner doesn't have to be perfect - I sure hope he isn't. He will be open-minded, like discussions but not arguments, maybe have a dog or cat. It would be nice if he likes sports because I do - and the theatre/arts - but I hope he is fine with each of us 'doing our own thing' now and then if we don't share all the same interests - I don't want to be joined at the hip. That being said, wouldn't it be nice to stay home, cook a nice meal together, cozy up by the fire with a glass of wine and enjoy each other's company?
I know you are out call me.