Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Port Coquitlam, 65 year old

Date a soulmate from Port Coquitlam, Canada. I'm soft spoken, gentle of heart and affectionate. When I feel comfortable with someone, I am an open book. There are times when I like to be alone enjoying my solitude, and other times when I must be with people, watching and conversing with them, being up front and sometimes personal. I am curious about different cultures and nature, to ever be bored. Browsing unique shops, picking through flea markets searching for treasure perhaps, can be fun but something I haven't done for a while. Reading a good book, listening to music, enjoying a glass of Merlot or simply watching a good movie with a bowl of popcorn, is my way of relaxing. When I am restless,and weather permitting, I garden or take long walks. Other times I bake or cook something special. Entertaining friends and family with dinner parties or bbq's is a must. Charity work is also high on my list and I try not to miss an opportunity to be of encouragement to the less fortunate. Then there is the country air and all the many fragrances that beckon to me. I love being near or on the ocean. I live pretty close to the ocean and like to walk the beaches as much as possible. As far as exercise goes, the walking and gardening and keeping my home up to my standards is about it but realizing every day the benefits of an exercise program. I do enjoy watching sports like hockey, baseball and football whether it be on TV or live. I haven't been on a cruise which is something that I must do, but I would like to experience that with someone I trust and love, someone who will always be there, looking out for me. What could be better than that. No one gets through this life without having to deal with sorrow, or battle through stormy times. I have had my share along with the victories and failures. But I have also had many blessings and joys of which I wouldn't change - not one. ( well maybe one ) Being single (for the past 7 years) has it's perks but I know it is not for me. I've made some wise business choices, years past, which now allows me time to do what I want and when I want, within reason, enjoying every moment as it comes, and I believe I deserve it! Be it by air, ship or shore I want to do more traveling. My family, friends and pets, give me much contentment and happiness for the most part, but never the less, to laugh, to love, to cuddle, and to share pleasures with someone you care deeply for, is long overdue. This I know, love isn't only a feeling but also an action, which sometimes speaks louder than words. The following may turn you off, and so be it, and that is to say that I am a Christian and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior and I purpose everyday to walk the talk and even though I am not always successful I know He loves me, beyond my understanding and is faithful to forgive, when I ask. I covet integrity, truthfulness, faithfulness, openess, humour and laughter.