Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Port Coquitlam, 64 year old

Date someone special from Port Coquitlam, Canada. I sum my personality as "WOW", (woman of worth)! My inner roots are plentiful of energies, heart and positive. I am a happy person, young at heart and happiest when it beats for others. I choose a life of grace (pleasing and thankful), a life of gratitude. I am not materialistic, very down to earth, and I wear a smile of confidence, warmth, playfulness, good listener, understanding and forgiving. I sum my character: with small dose of introvertive (shy but confident); senses, with thinking. Senses are practical, sensible and realistic; thinking is logically, analytical and reasonable. Respect for facts. I am motivated by wisdom and impelled by love. Others see me as calm, serious, orderly and value loyalty. I would be honoured to be a best friend there could be, a friend to laugh with and run after rainbows with, there may be this chemistry of a best felt times in my life.