Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Quathiaski Cove, 64 year old

Date a woman from Quathiaski Cove, Canada. I am 63, however people guess me at 45 or 50, probably because I am young at heart. My friends say I am the best hugger in the world, and I always have a smile on my face. I am an artist and I have earned my living as a sign painter, poster maker and chalk- boardist since 1977. I started painting in oils, for me, in 1994. Sometimes I go through phases of being too busy to paint and it is always wonderful when I get back into it!
I live on Quadra Island in British Columbia. I moved here in 1985 with two of my daughters and had a third, and now I have a grandaughter. I love it here. I have been single for several years, and as my oldest daughter says: Quadra Island has a small dating pool, which is why she doesn't live here. There can definately be slim pickings around here. I am hoping to meet someone young at heart who sports a smile most of the time, too.....someone who is honest and open hearted, loves to laugh and willing to communicate.
I have several good friends I hang out with when I am not working.....going for walks, sharing meals. going dancing, attending concerts, art shows and workshops. These days I take my youngest daughter's two dogs on a trail down to the beach most days before I hit my studio.
I love to laugh. I like being around humorous people, light hearted people....people who take you by surprise when they say funny things out of the blue.
I am looking for someone willing to forge a friendship first before jumping in immediately.
Someone I can feel comfortable with, share time with, someone with a positive attitude.
What are the things in life I am most passionate about? Being creative, laughing, dancing, walking, being creative, hugging.