Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Richmond, 63 year old

Date single man from Richmond, Canada. I think I am a good find for that right lady who is seeking a man with humor, sensitivity, warmth, good health, fit, adventurous, passionate with the right woman and willing to commit to someone that is now ready to do the same. For me its walk before we run, no one wants to spend the rest of their life alone or with the wrong person, so take a chance and contact me when your ready. Please have a couple of pictures posted as a picture tells a thousand words and is critical in making that all important first contact. We are too late in life to waste time chating only to find out later that there is no initial chemistry.  It's all in your hands. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for being interested in this guy from the the lower mainland of BC.

Meet someone special from Richmond, Canada. Holding a Patent and grateful, that I am still alive. Three times cancer and still can do some traveling. Had a laryngectomy 9 years ago but cope well with it.
She has to be an intelligent, professional and has to have a great sense of humour. some sarcasm won't heart neither.

Date a soulmate from Richmond, Canada. Those who know me would describe me as warm, thoughtful, honest, literate, intelligent, humourous, masculine, physically active, inquisitive, creative, adventurous, enterprising........ Just looking for a warm, thoughtful, honest woman who sometimes enjoys travel and the great outdoors.

Meet a man from Richmond, Canada. sincere and a good guy my friends say/cool wit / any success wherever is by Gods grace/ ggratitude is an imperative of basic essentials/ someone who enjoys work and golf/ playing golf and going to meetings is a cool social life and going to entertaining movies - as in peoples choice movies/cool wit is pretty funny/ someone to have fun with/ my spiritual condition, work,my 2 daughters,golf, my dog .I have 2 daughters -have faith- dont smoke nor drink

Date people from Richmond, Canada. i am honest and don't like playing games with people's feelings and i want to meet new people and make new friends who are like that too...
i enjoy spending time with my family ,, and friends and also enjoy going to the beach ,, doing some snorkling and walking, hiking and going for a niice long bike ride at the beach or the park and if everyone is too tired to go out then i'll just go,, cause nothing is going break up my stride ,, nobody is going to slow me down, ohh no!! i've got to keep on, love that song!! also i enjoy dancing, love all types of music, from salsa to hip hop ,, love that song by Drake called : find your love,, also the video is pretty good..

Meet men and women from Richmond, Canada. I am a clean living person, don t drink or smoke, enjoys all sports both playing and watching, plus I enjoy the arts, concerts and also the outdoors especially during the summer months both in canada and also in asia..
As well I enjoy the winter sports such as bowling, ice skating, skiing and also walks in the snow

Date single man from Canada. i am a loving person. my motto is to love and be loved.
i wish i could find a loving, lovely and loverly lady.
if we both could find the right partner. its gonna be like paradise. life is too short. so, we have to make the most out of everything. and we must live our lives to the fullest ~~!!
i play badminton 5 days a week. cuz its a triple F .
fun, fitness and friends.
usually, i watch TV and listen to music in my spare time.

Meet someone special from Canada. sports,sports and more sports-love everything inlife that is offered
cooking is great,sports,sports and more sports-love everything inlife that is offered specially in vancouver-love to snuggle and watch a movie or just suggle on a couch and do nothing

Date someone special from Canada. My friends describe me as being youthful in looks and spirit. I believe age is a state of mind and always being open to learn new things or have new experiences keeps you youthful. I am grateful I have been blessed with good health and have a kind, compassionate, fun loving personality. I love nature and gardening, animals and the ocean are some of my favorite things. I love and appreciate art and beauty in all its forms, either natural or man made. I am the kind of person who is just as happy walking along the edge of the sea in my bare feet as dressing up and going out on the town. I am very easy going and am a people person. I love to socialize with interesting, fun loving people of like mind. I particularly enjoy smaller groups or one-on-one conversations. I call myself a spiritual person rather than into organized religion.
What about you? Are you easy going but responsible, social, financially comfortable with a good sense of humour? Are you flexible and open to new ideas? Do you love nature and animals and love to have fun and explore? Do you appreciate women and the arts? Love to travel? Are you just as happy having a quiet night at home as going out? If so, let's talk!

Meet a woman from Canada. here i am needing some love. please contact me soon please. I need some love ...I really need some love. I am needy of love. please please hug and kiss me to death ....i want you in my life...l.......

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. People describe me as a good sport, easy to talk to and fun to be with; quirkly sense of dry humour, and always ready to enjoy the finer things of life such as being outdoors, a good movie, sitting by the water, walking the dyke, enjoying a good meal, a fine bottle of wine.
I am looking for a friend, companion, lover, who is willing to accept me for who I am; willing to share their life with me and let me accept them for who they are.
Not into games, have baggage but who doesn't? Let's concentrate on today, not yesterday and plan for all the tomorrows to come!
To describe me. to know what effects my life, is to know that I have a stressful job, but stick it out because I'm lacking the necessary retirement plans to move on into a quality financial retirement, "however", that being said, I have qualities you can't buy!
I have an abundant amount of love to give to the right person, am very loyal, dependable, have good manners; I am even presentable enough to introduce to your friends and family. I take care of myself yet do not spend hours doing so. I like to be spontaneous, am adventurous, while stilll into doing the at home kind of chores, even willing to pick up a screw driver or hammer a nail if need be, but most of all, I am me, no pretenses, no idealitstic promises of sailing into the sunset without a care in the world. I have my ups and downs, have my setbacks, just like most other people.
Oh, I should mention my background; I am originally born and raised in Quebec, by British parents, was married, though it didn't last, but that is a discussion for another time. I moved here almost 10 years ago and knew this was my home!
So when all is said and done, and, if I haven't scared you off, and there is a chance you are willing to take a leap of faith, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. Average yet interesting, ordinary with imagination, fun-loving with a serious side. Love to love, cry at old movies, travel, stay home - figured it out yet? I haven't but I have a great excuse - Yes, I'm a Pisces! in my 60's ready to meet my soulmate.I'm interested in meeting a great kind and caring guy who is sure of himself, knows whatI he wants out of life and is ready to meet someone - a new bestfriend - a soulmate and is open for friendship, relationship and happiness, with lots of fun added. Are you the one?

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am an Asian (Chinese) lady from Singapore, attractive, youthful-looking, very active and adventurous. I previously worked as an admininistration manager in an investment bank. I have migrated and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for a long term relationship leading to marriage if sparks fly with the kind of chemistry whereby words are beyond description. Enjoy reading, music (especially, slow pops, country western), movies, dining out, cooking, drives in the countryside, nature (mountains, rivers, woods), homelife, walks and travelling. Have travelled to Europe, Asia and North America. As a friend/mate I am kind, caring, loving, understanding, honest, loyal, faithful and a romantic at heart! I ll be most happy having a romantic candle-lit dinner or, holding hands and strolling along the beach or, sitting by the fireplace sipping wine with that very special someone! Attraction is easy, but the elements of a relationship that keep it going are mutual respect and appreciation of what that person stands for. I think it is very difficult in this day of "grass is greener , prettier, richer, more powerful, sexier" to have a lifelong partner unless both are really committed to making it work.There is an old Chinese saying which literally goes like this: the one your eyes behold you may not be the one for you... if the one from the distance is the one fated for you both shall be destined to come together... Are you the one...? Looking for a special man who is kind, caring, honest, affectionate, loving, compassionate, generous, loyal, a romantic at heart with a good sense of humour to spend the rest of my life with.