Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Salt Spring Island, 64 year old

Date someone special from Salt Spring Island, Canada. I am cheerful, kind, even tempered, and like to laugh. I am looking for a man with similar temperament. Honesty is essential, as well a sense of adventure, affection for animals, and pleasure in the simple things of life. If you like to cook, that would be wonderful, I will wash up! I have been alone for 8 years, by choice, but now I am ready to try a relationship again. I have an independent nature and would need someone who would allow me space and not be intimidated by that aspect of my personality. I have a great relationship with my children and my grandaughter, they are an important part of my life. I love to be near the ocean and prefer a rural lifestyle.My perfect man would be handy, love to garden, have a great sense of humor, no chips on his shoulder and a positive attitude. I have zero tolerance for any kind of drunken or crude behaviour and I try to treat people with respect and compassion. I do believe that chemistry or 'the spark' is important, I know from experience that things just don't work without it. I like the North, I volunteered at the Yukon Quest in 2008 and my best friend has a place on the Yukon river. I am not a 'joiner' of groups or a devotee of gurus of any kind, but I am interested in all kinds of ideas and philosophies and I am always learning.