Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Sechelt, 62 year old

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am involved with the community. I volunteer. My feelings about life are that you enjoy it and the people around you enjoy it also. It is meant to be lived to the fullest, but there are people out there that haven't had that chance to enjoy life, so let's meet and live life to the fullest.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I am most grateful for my lifestyle. My family and friends are important to me. I love my work and enjoy meeting new people. I am looking for a true relationship with a special guy who will share adventures and be best friends.
To continue.... Life is adventure when you participate. No sitting on the sidelines.
Where to start?? I would like you to know me. So here goes some facts.
My favorite color is red. Red cars. Red shoes. A little bit of red is usual with me or on me. I like the 'red' energies. Fire and Mars. Red makes me feel alive.
My hair is naturally curly. It has good days 'n bad days. I wash my hair, apply a good conditioner through the strands and Go. It will be... what it will be. It's who I am.
My eyes are blue. They are kind and caring. My eyes are my asset. I am detail orientated. My eyes take in many details, compute and analysis. I like balance. When things have balance
I feel calm. My eyes will notice when things are out if balance. When you know me, my eyes tell you how I am.
Some of my favorite things are Asian. I have collected, decorated and coveted many Asian objects, since I was in my teens. Art, books, dishes, and games that have an oriental fair or origin. I have travelled to Shanghai, Japan and Thailand. I would like to see more.
My daughters laugh at me. I laugh back. It is funny. I am not Asian. However, maybe I another lifetime. That's another conversation for another time.
My family is important to me. However, they do not dictate my life or my choices. I respect their wishes and lifestyles. They respect mine. I like to visit them on special holidays, if possible, like Christmas. They like to visit me for some love, nuturing and pampering when they have time. I have been invited to share holidays and be present for the births of their children. I am blessed.
That is the beginning of a beautiful story.
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