Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Sechelt, 62 year old

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am most grateful for my lifestyle. My family and friends are important to me. I love my work and enjoy meeting new people. I am looking for a true relationship with a special guy who will share adventures and be best friends.
To continue.... Life is adventure when you participate. No sitting on the sidelines.
Where to start?? I would like you to know me. So here goes some facts.
My favorite color is red. Red cars. Red shoes. A little bit of red is usual with me or on me. I like the 'red' energies. Fire and Mars. Red makes me feel alive.
My hair is naturally curly. It has good days 'n bad days. I wash my hair, apply a good conditioner through the strands and Go. It will be... what it will be. It's who I am.
My eyes are blue. They are kind and caring. My eyes are my asset. I am detail orientated. My eyes take in many details, compute and analysis. I like balance. When things have balance
I feel calm. My eyes will notice when things are out if balance. When you know me, my eyes tell you how I am.
Some of my favorite things are Asian. I have collected, decorated and coveted many Asian objects, since I was in my teens. Art, books, dishes, and games that have an oriental fair or origin. I have travelled to Shanghai, Japan and Thailand. I would like to see more.
My daughters laugh at me. I laugh back. It is funny. I am not Asian. However, maybe I another lifetime. That's another conversation for another time.
My family is important to me. However, they do not dictate my life or my choices. I respect their wishes and lifestyles. They respect mine. I like to visit them on special holidays, if possible, like Christmas. They like to visit me for some love, nuturing and pampering when they have time. I have been invited to share holidays and be present for the births of their children. I am blessed.
That is the beginning of a beautiful story.
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