Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Silverton, 66 year old

Date a man from Silverton, Canada. what you have already read is probably enough to make a decision on don't you think? I would just like to be able to relate to someone who is not tyed into the more,more,more society around us. The more we take care of ourselves and our own the more chance we have of an overall quality life. Appreciative of where we are on the planet and the opportunities we have compared with those who haven't. I basically have the old back to the land mentallity don't trust the government and never pay retail if there is the chance for "gently Used",grow your own,avoid wierd chemicals,the golden rule,take care of yourself and yours and believe in the strength of independance.If you got this far without hitting delete there may be a chance of discussion!! My oldest daughter tells me I am the new 50 of the 21st century,I leave that for someone else to judge as she is always being nice too nice to me!!