Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Surrey, 65 year old

Date someone special from Surrey, Canada. About to retire (for the 2nd time) in a year or so I find myself in the positon of knowing lots of people, having lots of "aquaintances" but short on close friends. Hoping to attract a person that can be a friend and can easily put people at ease because I'm sometimes shy. I'm probably not the guy for a long term committed intimate type of relationship if that's your search. That said, I do appreciate women as the artwork they are, created by someone, (depending on your beliefs). So I'm not really a dirty old man if my eye contact slips. Just appreciate what I'm seeing. Maybe thats why I enjoy people watching, coffee, travelling, casual foods.

Meet single man from Surrey, Canada. Someone who is content with their life but wants that special person to make it complete.
Honesty, Loyalty, laughter and must like to Cuddle and be affectionate, and open with their feelings.
Likes to travel around B.C. seeing the wonders that this province has to offer. I've done five Cruises and nothing beats this province for beauty.

Date a man from Surrey, Canada. I am HONEST, educated, imaginative and hard-working. I am big on almost anything that is legitimately fun, enjoyable, positive. I am also unconventional, independent, analytical and not very impressed with, nor attached to, all things money and status. To me, everyone is equal, spiritually.
I feel that the so-called solid realty our minds show us is just one aspect of our overall being, or existence (and it is not as solid as it appears). In addition, each of us has a strong, positive spiritual aspect, or soul (mine is my inner core). Our minds very often overlook or forget about our spiritual aspect. However, my life experience has convinced me that it is real, very much right here, right now, very positive, equal in everyone, and not in any way linked to any religion or deity. I (almost) always try to live my life straight from my heart, what feels right to me IS RIGHT for me! It is a heavenly way to live. I am committed to putting this ...feels right IS RIGHT... life philosophy out there for anyone who may be interested.
My negatives: I have had, and continue to deal with, several serious health problems. I'm now sticking to my meds, staying clear of booze and non-prescription drugs, get enough sleep, eat properly, exercise regularly and manage my levels of stress.
What I’m looking for in a woman is fairly wide-open in my mind right now. Physical attractiveness, while intellectually trivial, is nevertheless emotionally important to me (what can I say, I'm a man, its hard-wired into my system). Courage, honesty, autonomy, equality, healthy servings of curiosity, persistence, and maybe a bit of patience and humor, plus a reasonable level of fitness and activity are all attractive to me.
I would especially love to find someone who is genuinely interested in achieving conscious awareness of her own spirituality.

Meet a soulmate from Surrey, Canada. Him a happy go lucky guy and hope the lady hi meet will be somewhat the same . But can spell better then me lol.That she would like to go boating
alot and fishing crabbing and enjoy life as i do hope there is a lady like that that still exist in this world thank you for listening to me bye xxoo

Date someone special from Canada. I am a positive energetic fun-loving guy who would like to have someone who has the same interests and open to adventure.
I seem to have time on my hands to hopefully find a path that includes another person that will help me fill these moments.
I love to travel and my favorite spot of late is Mexico, although I do enjoy Austarlia, New Zealand and Asia.
Golf and skiing are my favorite sports although warm climates seem to suit me more so golf is
my main outing.
This is new for me, so hopefully I will be able to meet someone with my interests and we both can fulfill what is left in life.

Meet single man from Canada. Succesful, retired self employed male, who has travelled, and enjoys being impulsive and adventursome. Does like life in the fast lane, although is now slowing down to just over the limit.
Beleives in giving back to society and does particpate in voulenteer work. Faithful to friends, enjoys the water and fishing.

Date a man from Canada. someone with no baggage, easy going, with a good sense of humour, no drugs prescription type anyway. i am easy going, i am average looking and you should be too, i don't mind if you are pretty, but not too pretty or vane hoping to meet a special lady